Why Machines That Bend Are Better

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  • Compliant mechanisms have lots of advantages over traditional devices. SimpliSafe is awesome security. It's really effective, easy to use, and the price is great. Check out SimpliSafe here: https://simplisafe.com/veritasium I visited the Compliant Mechanisms Research group at Brigham Young University and spoke to Professor Larry Howell: https://www.compliantmechanisms.byu.edu At the above link, you can download 3D-print files to make some of the objects in the video, plus learn more about compliant mechanisms. What I learned about compliant mechanisms I summarize in the 8 P's of compliant mechanisms: 1. Part count (reduced by having flexible parts instead of springs, hinges) 2. Productions processes (many, new, different enabled by compliant designs) 3. Price (reduced by fewer parts and different production processes) 4. Precise Motion (no backlash, less wear, friction) 5. Performance (no outgassing, doesn't require lubricant) 6. Proportions (reduced through different production processes) 7. Portability (lightweight due to simpler, reduced part count designs) 8. Predictability (devices are reliable over a long period of time) Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd Animation by Alan Chamberlain
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  • David Messer
    David Messer 36 dakika önce

    Mechanical systems can be much more reliable than electronic ones. I wouldn't be surprised if nuclear bombs have many mechanical devices in them.
    I heard of a missile that used a spring-wound gyroscope instead of motor driven. It didn't use a battery that could go bad or need to be replaced. It only needed to run for a minute or so, so using mechanical energy made since. It could be stored for years without worrying about replacing the battery.

  • Wellful Goodness
    Wellful Goodness 1 saat önce

    I thought this was a new Aphex Twin song since that thing looks like his logo.

  • Iian
    Iian 2 saat önce

    "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist."

  • Gamikom
    Gamikom 3 saat önce

    You are excited about weapons of mass destruction... Unsubscribed!

  • Carlson Darlson
    Carlson Darlson 3 saat önce

    Hi! Michael, here.

  • Rodolfo Gonzalez Rivera

    I can see compliant mechanisms implemented in car engines sometime in the future

  • SgtRevan
    SgtRevan 5 saat önce

    Begs the question, why are these not mainstream yet?

  • Gaming Casualties
    Gaming Casualties 6 saat önce

    bending parts will break easily

  • Christopher Moye
    Christopher Moye 6 saat önce

    Mind beyond blown

  • scanlime
    scanlime 6 saat önce

    flexures are cool; too bad about the nuclear weapons tho

  • Roberto Smith
    Roberto Smith 6 saat önce

    Stop trying to be a comedian and interrupting the guy. Makes it too annoying to watch.

  • Zareth Wilson
    Zareth Wilson 7 saat önce

    AMAZING. I'm truly staggered. I screamed myself hoarse and wept tears of joy.

  • sunshineo23
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  • Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface

    9:50 people don't seem to realize how similar many properties are of metals and plastics.

  • Mauricio Ahumada
    Mauricio Ahumada 8 saat önce

    0:30 the chair in the back is so happy to be on camera

  • LogicalOne
    LogicalOne 8 saat önce

    this is so amazing.

  • Lizard Mann
    Lizard Mann 8 saat önce

    Let's classify random informaton we definitly will not use^^

  • Bastiproton
    Bastiproton 8 saat önce

    Am I the only one who thinks the thing in the thumbnail kinda looks like two people in the missionary position?

  • Roko Lazić
    Roko Lazić 9 saat önce

    I thought I was going to see a video about machine pressing. This is much better

  • Sanzo
    Sanzo 10 saat önce

    I was thinking how silimar he and physics girl was at presenting. And there they were.

  • Ben The Shrubber
    Ben The Shrubber 10 saat önce

    super foward thinking applied materials science.. wonder what happens when i stick my finger in that there
    but anyway i thought the problem wasnt 'how can we get flexible materials into things/ how can flexible material work for us' but ' how can we make flexible materials reliable and what engineering and material science is required to produce the material that can do this and withstand and tolerate it'

  • Syam Ahmad
    Syam Ahmad 10 saat önce

    hoo, i guessed the same... 4:45

  • wiebe V aken
    wiebe V aken 10 saat önce

    I got a veritasium advertisement on this video... Nice

  • Genesis Gaming
    Genesis Gaming 10 saat önce

    Am I the only one that thinks the thumbnail looks sexual?

  • Dom Arseneault
    Dom Arseneault 11 saat önce

    Wild Prusa @11:40

  • XHAD
    XHAD 12 saat önce

    You would need to replace the entire system if even one section of it breaks thou

  • deepblueyonderspage
    deepblueyonderspage 13 saat önce

    I totally got the elephant!!! Man I'm feeling smart today. Take that holiday inn express! lol

    TAKIZAWAYAMASHITA 13 saat önce

    ok seeing this stuff reduced to no wear hmm why not use these complient mechnisims to replace the moving parts of a car engine i can easily see them replace cams and pistons

  • Bady89
    Bady89 15 saat önce

    Are you happy now YouTube ?

  • WC 1A
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  • Ligma Nutz
    Ligma Nutz 15 saat önce

    That clutch is so cool

    BENJAMIN GANDUS 16 saat önce


  • Arwyn Evans
    Arwyn Evans 16 saat önce

    1:10 italian boys.

  • smherczeg
    smherczeg 17 saat önce

    I was very satisfied to see everyone going "ooohhh!" just like how I am sitting here now.

  • Bacon Gravy
    Bacon Gravy 18 saat önce

    One step closer to surgical nanites.

  • mark grissom
    mark grissom 18 saat önce

    I can't stand it....
    Let me put my finger in there lol

  • Neet
    Neet 18 saat önce

    Rude, distasteful interview 0/10

  • Dylan V
    Dylan V 18 saat önce

    Its great to see people are starting to use flexibility as an advantage in designs (even though I personally never use it). My concern is that when using flexible materials in designs like the WMD activation device, you would have to really see how long thin pieces of whatever material they would use can last without input for years. From my experiences, when things are just sitting out, events in a temperature controlled room, they're going to degrade, plastics especially.

    I'm not trying to sound like an ass but that switch test is definitely flawed. Sure you can take a freshly molded/printed plastic switch and it works as he said over a million times without breaking, but that was also in an environmentally controlled room. I would like to see how well it works after going through heating and cold cycles, in different humid environments, and after just sitting for extended periods of time. If it can do all those better than traditional switches then you've got yourself a good design.

  • Abhinav PV
    Abhinav PV 19 saat önce

    I break my heart when he said the information is classified😭

  • doopliss21
    doopliss21 19 saat önce

    Aphex Twin thumbnail