Belichick Breakdown: Patterson on the run, the double pass & more top plays vs. Packers

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  • elfofcourage
    elfofcourage 4 ay önce

    Everyone pay attention to the master strategist.

  • The Replay
    The Replay 4 ay önce

    bRaDY iS thE SysTEm

  • Mike Vrabel
    Mike Vrabel 4 ay önce

    Bill, you traded me away in my prime. I shall have my revenge Sunday.

  • QuickDraw McGraw!
    QuickDraw McGraw! 4 ay önce

    Stop encouraging Brady to block, Zo!

  • bargain bob
    bargain bob 4 ay önce

    Brady runs faster on slow motion replay

  • Brent Dowland
    Brent Dowland 4 ay önce

    New England Patriots - Can Josh McDaniels come on some time and explain why and when he calls some plays?

  • Derrick Road
    Derrick Road 4 ay önce

    I can just see the happiness in his face when the other guy tells bill the defense did well fucking finnally cause they played like shit😂😂😂💯

  • Steph Curry
    Steph Curry 4 ay önce

    The greatest coach of all time

  • ClavisRa
    ClavisRa 4 ay önce

    Bill is practically giddy. This was a really, really well executed game by the Pats in all phases. Never been harder to play good defense than today's NFL, and the Pats have handled every scheme thrown at them this year. I think they are in great shape to counter the Rams, Chiefs and other dynamic offenses trying to create unfair advantages with a lot of space and misdirection.

  • Omar Farias
    Omar Farias 4 ay önce

    Anybody else get Nauseous watching film lol that rewind throws me for a loop.

  • William Carroll
    William Carroll 4 ay önce

    The offensive line is beast mode

  • 1TrumpFan 02121
    1TrumpFan 02121 4 ay önce

    At the end of this clip. Who was that guy and poor excuse of NFL player (GOAT QB TB12). Looked like a field GOAT that couldn't figure out how to get in the way of a defender so JW28 could walk in for a touchdown. GOAT HC BB should bench that guy. My goodness, I have no idea why a GOAT was even on the field, if he can't at least practice how to block in open field. No wonder the NFL ratings are down. They have a GOAT in open fields, stinking up the joint. Fans don't want to pay for that crap.

  • Riveriux Phenom
    Riveriux Phenom 4 ay önce

    "4linemen plus Brady". The goat can't block.

  • Natanel Arnson
    Natanel Arnson 4 ay önce

    Coaches and parents can learn from this....Bill uses positive reinforcement constantly.

  • Peter
    Peter 4 ay önce

    Brady "blocked" someone for 1 second lmao

  • Shiva Ho
    Shiva Ho 4 ay önce

    Its so amazing to see when players who are so use to losing coming to the Pats & finally realize their full potential that was being squandered & the joy you can see in their being from winning. Also you see how they are also coached not to over indulge or show off about it to the media. They're learning how to be true professionals at their craft which is something you never see on almost every other team.

  • Eman Paul
    Eman Paul 4 ay önce

    We will be back here after we beat theTitans

  • A Dream Condition
    A Dream Condition 4 ay önce

    Love the weekly BB breakdowns 👍

  • D Cons
    D Cons 4 ay önce

    I really wanna see trent brown pick up a fumble for a touchdown

  • Lashawn McConago
    Lashawn McConago 4 ay önce

    Go PATS 🔴 🔵 TB12 🐐 Patriots Nation 🏈