THE STRANGERS (2008) Ending + Real Life Origin Explained

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  • Jaggle Jiggle
    Jaggle Jiggle 16 saat önce

    It's honestly scary. I lived an hour away from the cabins where the events took place.

  • TheChadWork2001
    TheChadWork2001 3 gün önce

    I wouldn't have come back when she just turned me down for marriage.

  • MAD_ Trobby
    MAD_ Trobby 4 gün önce

    I never knew this existed, I only watched THE STRANGERS PREY AT NIGHT

  • Bunker Sieben
    Bunker Sieben 6 gün önce

    That poorly done bloody knife though.

  • A New America
    A New America 1 hafta önce

    The bystander effect is a bitch.

  • Having Tea With the Devil

    I mean the car wasn’t THAT badly damaged....Could of still drove the fuck out of that car, and never looked back. But nooo they decide to run back in the house. 😑

  • dmm _clownz
    dmm _clownz 2 hafta önce

    Id barricade a door an grab like broom an shit with all knifes an tape..make a spear stand back let them try to tske down Barackade while you harpoon their fkin faces

  • Kram
    Kram 2 hafta önce

    this movie made it so awkward to show up at the wrong house

  • Molten Freddy
    Molten Freddy 2 hafta önce

    They should have left when they had the chance.

  • Robert Dambeck
    Robert Dambeck 3 hafta önce

    I think "The Strangers" and "The Purge" are in the same universe.

  • CJ32 pull2
    CJ32 pull2 4 hafta önce

    We have a hulk... No ? Ok

  • Maekar I Targaryen
    Maekar I Targaryen 4 hafta önce

    F*ck this movie(!!!!) I live alone and I'm glad I live in an apartment and not in the middle of BFN. The reason this movie is scary and effective, especially when she's alone at the beginning, is because it takes the place that is supposed to be safe and turns it into the back alley or dark woods or any other place we associate with danger. Why do I watch these things before have to go to bed, ahh!!!!

  • Drew Mcwhortor
    Drew Mcwhortor 1 ay önce

    Manson thought God was talking to him through the Beatles' song 'Helter Skelter' and calling him to start a race war between blacks and whites to bring about the apocalypse.

  • Cecinder
    Cecinder 1 ay önce

    Moral of the story: Don't propose at other people's wedding receptions or something bad will happen.

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit 1 ay önce

    Helter Skelter your all out of shelter.

  • XRookX .
    XRookX . 1 ay önce

    Strangers 3: New York
    cant stalk anybody because of overcrowding
    gets stopped by a crack head
    gets shot by random black guy

    CAPTAINPRICE79 1 ay önce

    “Why are you doing this!?”

    “Because you were home.”

    Honestly that’s the freakiest part about this movie. This is the very definition of a random act of violence.

  • Zalezagoon
    Zalezagoon 1 ay önce

    Theoretically, she could have survived this all in the end, and her brain could have blocked the event out, still validating the message at the beginning of the movie. Maybe snippets of the that night here and there would emerge, but she might not have ever recovered those memories.

  • Riskay Raven
    Riskay Raven 1 ay önce

    Above the 'up next' video is an ad for the movie 'The Strangers' and it says its PG , like what,how?

  • Neff DeathWatch
    Neff DeathWatch 1 ay önce

    Oh Look Scarecrow wrong movie 😃

  • Operator Xavier
    Operator Xavier 1 ay önce

    The Steangers 2: Russia

    The strangers stalk and attack a russians man house but yogi the bear eats the shit out of them and the russian man comes shirtless with a bottle of vodka and says "good boy."

  • Operator Xavier
    Operator Xavier 1 ay önce

    I always thought she said "because your a hoe" 😂😂

  • HyperZurk
    HyperZurk 1 ay önce

    His name is the man in the mask, that's so unoriginal, that's why I call him Sackhead Steve

  • Raccoon Eyes
    Raccoon Eyes 1 ay önce

    strangers 2 is better and i also love "them" as well.

  • Ben Haring
    Ben Haring 1 ay önce

    I swear in every horror movie the good guys always either forget their phones or their broken/stolen if this was me I’d never leave my phone anywhere a killer could get at it

  • Erich H
    Erich H 1 ay önce

    Good video but you're only a foot from the camera, no need to shout.

  • wolfwarrior 397
    wolfwarrior 397 1 ay önce

    There is actually one murder that comes the closest. It took place during WW1 but is still a mystery even though authorities got a suspect, that was psychopathic, the guy was too far gone to actually stand trial and he was only picked up because he was a prussian soldier and he was out of his damn mind. the only warning anything happened was footprints being found leading to the barn, stuff getting moved around, and whispering but the father of this family just wrote it off. Big mistake because the neighbors arrived extremely worried because no one has seen them in weeks and found a blood bath.

  • King Rivers
    King Rivers 1 ay önce

    because you were home 😃😃🐨. Love it.

  • brandon zhang
    brandon zhang 1 ay önce

    Who is Tamera?

  • Lucemon the pride
    Lucemon the pride 1 ay önce

    Never like it when some doesn't live in these kinda movies it just feels like a let down after so much has happened

  • Unhealthy Obession
    Unhealthy Obession 1 ay önce

    Like wtf are you doing in my Car?!?!

  • Candy Star
    Candy Star 1 ay önce

    My friends always makes fun of me for never allowing my phone to fall below 50% when I’m outside of my house.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 1 ay önce

    Knocked one

  • Aaron Forbes
    Aaron Forbes 1 ay önce

    So anti climatic

  • Parker Snelgrove
    Parker Snelgrove 1 ay önce

    based on real events
    Nope nope nope nope

  • Curtis Williams
    Curtis Williams 1 ay önce

    Terrible film. it's a horrible american remake of the French film "ils" which was much more horrific because its apparently based on actual events.

  • Alicia Wicklund
    Alicia Wicklund 1 ay önce

    Sees axe scene HERE'S JOHNNY!!! oh wait wrong movie... HERE'S THE STRANGERS!!!!!!!

  • Nick Ortiz
    Nick Ortiz 1 ay önce

    Ending explained on house that jack built

  • Childeater
    Childeater 1 ay önce

    Them kids bout to get ptsd

  • Nick Ortiz
    Nick Ortiz 1 ay önce

    foundFlix I’m very persistent I’m sorry but I really want this video by you on The house that jack built by Lars Van Trier