one trait that makes you a better friend

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  • Manuela Lulaj
    Manuela Lulaj 1 hafta önce

    Yes, that is good advice. Asking someone why they feel that way.

  • Javier Avila
    Javier Avila 1 ay önce

    You should read the book codependent no more by Melody Beattie. It’s a life changing book.

  • Guillaume Comeau
    Guillaume Comeau 1 ay önce

    When I have problems, I don’t tell my friends. Unless I lose them like I just did today. And now I want to be a better friend so I can probably have my friends back...

  • Emver Stone
    Emver Stone 1 ay önce


  • saltysis
    saltysis 2 ay önce

    omg i do this too much help

  • millie bby
    millie bby 2 ay önce

    ThAnK yOU for this!

  • Dr Sareeka Physiotherapist


  • Ale
    Ale 2 ay önce


  • - -
    - - 2 ay önce

    don't tell me your problems if u don't need any advice. And if that makes your friends leave, they are not your firends at all.

  • Hayden Howard
    Hayden Howard 3 ay önce

    I tried this and it has made my friendships 10x better!!!!

  • The Silence of Time
    The Silence of Time 3 ay önce

    awesome advice!!!!!

  • Platinum Boii
    Platinum Boii 3 ay önce

    This has been my job for a while and its fun 😁

  • mirukupurin
    mirukupurin 3 ay önce

    People talk about how they wake up and listen to motivational podcasts, but for me.... i wake up and listen to anna 💕💕💕

  • Paul Lo
    Paul Lo 3 ay önce

    i need to watch this at least once a day

  • Jacob Velez
    Jacob Velez 4 ay önce

    Can I have a list of every book you’ve read?

  • Dusty Rodrigo
    Dusty Rodrigo 4 ay önce

    Wow, this episode had really good advice!

  • Geoffrey Reeks
    Geoffrey Reeks 4 ay önce

    Very good advice Anna.
    Geoff. Reeks

  • Sussan Desi
    Sussan Desi 4 ay önce

    Boy did I need this.

  • flip kasela
    flip kasela 4 ay önce

    I don't think I could ever date you. You talk way to much. I mean, to some of your videos, I completely cracked up. But your brain and mouth never stops. Maybe you should start drinking. :) My thoughts are like really simple compared to you.

  • Liam Clink
    Liam Clink 4 ay önce

    0:30 I have Beethoven Symphony 9 movement 4 as my alarm to wake up, so as soon as I heard that I jumped lol

  • How To Vegan
    How To Vegan 4 ay önce

    I hate that people are like that. I offer solutions.

  • Appollochan
    Appollochan 4 ay önce

    I thought I was already a good listener, but you've just taught me a way to be even better :3

  • Pia Azcuna
    Pia Azcuna 4 ay önce

    Everyone is talking about how Anna just gave us unsolicited advice hahaha i mean, you guys, anna can't actually talk to us on a one on one conversation😂

  • Sara
    Sara 4 ay önce

    you are so intelligent

  • DJ Girl
    DJ Girl 4 ay önce

    But what if you do this but they answer with ‘idk’ ?

  • Hashem is King Forever

    I am Hashem's/God's Perfect Prince. Hashem's best trait he gave me. Bless Hashem.

  • TheTheratfarmer
    TheTheratfarmer 5 ay önce

    shut up. you need a man.

  • Pallavi Menon
    Pallavi Menon 5 ay önce

    I'm that friend who gives relationship advice inspite of being single myself. I now know where I went wrong. Thanks Anna!

  • Angelie Leamon
    Angelie Leamon 5 ay önce

    What if your friend is one of those people who doesn't like talking about their problems? If I ask too much then I'll feel like I'm prying and that'll be rude but if I don't do anything then how can I help them or tell someone who can help them?

  • Carys Price
    Carys Price 5 ay önce

    Your advice is always the best

  • Whalien 52
    Whalien 52 5 ay önce

    My problem is I'm always listening and whenever I get the rare chance to talk I have a lot to say :[

  • Misa Kofs
    Misa Kofs 6 ay önce

    555 dislikes xdd, and i will definitely try this

  • ملاك
    ملاك 6 ay önce

    I should rewatch this 10000 time until to understand

  • tracy bovett
    tracy bovett 6 ay önce

    RELATIBLE! I am the promblem solver. Sos.

  • C Sastra
    C Sastra 6 ay önce

    youth and consequences <3

  • Khuê Nguyễn
    Khuê Nguyễn 6 ay önce

    Yeh I love my friend but she would always give me unsolicited advice or relate it to her own problem when I talk about mine and I would feel like I wasn’t listened at all :(( it’s best to let people talk about their feelings first...

  • Javi Octavia Paulina

    dont get this, why would you talk if you dont want an opinion? just using people to relise your will to talk about yourself? nopeee

  • bastille_ stormer
    bastille_ stormer 6 ay önce


  • Charles W Jansen II
    Charles W Jansen II 6 ay önce

    I ditto this. I offer an ear to listen to, a shoulder to cry on and a big hug. If someone asks for advice then I give it. Just not until it is solicited.

  • mariepaulistic
    mariepaulistic 6 ay önce

    You just gave us unsolicitted advice... GOOD ADVICE!