Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Teaser: Happy Birthday [HD] | Netflix

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  • Hkm Saharan
    Hkm Saharan 3 hafta önce

    It’s Riverdale season 3 lol

  • Leandro Antunes
    Leandro Antunes 1 ay önce

    Cadê as legendas em português?

  • HocusPocus Sally
    HocusPocus Sally 1 ay önce

    I am so excited for april 5th will wear my sabrina dress jacket and bench season 2

  • Shane Cordova
    Shane Cordova 1 ay önce

    Get your transgender bullshit out of all movie and shows if u want make a statement be subtle dumb fucks damn! I have know problem with gay transgender just get that shit out the story if a character is trans ok but don’t Constantly bring it up because it’s just lame ass fucking Wayne because you’re trying to be a message into peoples heads that don’t want to hear it make a good story make a good character could being stupid

  • Frances O'Connor
    Frances O'Connor 1 ay önce

    um um um um um um um is that the gargoyle king eksjsksskiba anqi?

  • Kiannita
    Kiannita 2 ay önce

    I LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW❤❤ who is ready for season 2? I am 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Jay 01KC
    Jay 01KC 2 ay önce

    I don’t want to call the person female, so I’ll call the blonde non-binary, so I see her as less human

  • Jay 01KC
    Jay 01KC 2 ay önce

    Jesus loves you more

  • 1234qwer
    1234qwer 2 ay önce

    From what episode is the scene where theyre singing happy birthday and satan is sitting in the table?

  • private cyberqskymerfairy channel

    Hi S R Brant. The answer to your question about my comment on Netflix chilling adventures of Sabrina: go ask yeshua about it in noncatholic jewish jesus of nazareth's holy divine names. Why? Answer: because you might not want me to repetatively failingly attempt to explain unto you what i attempted to communicate unto etc.,! I'm just not very good at successfully trying to communicate explain unto many folks what i attempted to communicate and failed repetatively once &/or more times unto many different folks whom for some reason or another could not yet comprehend what i was attempting to communicate. Yeah... well, it could just be me and my problems of doing so that i have zero other choice but to live suffer from that problem of mine for the rest of my life?!? Currently unknown? Oh well? Sure you could have israeli jewish rabbis at israel's wailing wall help you ask yeshua if you want to do so. Ask yeshua or do not ask yeshua. The choice is yours. Signed respectfully signed meow anonymously....

  • Karolina Nowak
    Karolina Nowak 3 ay önce

    I Love this show 👩🏼🤟🎃🔮

  • Za
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  • Kevin Blitz
    Kevin Blitz 4 ay önce

    Please let there be another gay couple who are not fucking sluts. Embrose and Luke are disappointing after I saw that orgy scene. Do not generalize Bi/Gay people to be sluts.

  • Mikael Pettersson
    Mikael Pettersson 4 ay önce

    The first episode was good except that about doing that shitty BS attention group...

  • Slime Genial beleza
    Slime Genial beleza 4 ay önce


  • Jamison Duncan
    Jamison Duncan 4 ay önce

    Who needs to know about Cronus, the Second Coming, psychic energy that is libido and all that jazz? Your writers sound either very cunning or very uneducated.

  • Reckless Royalty
    Reckless Royalty 4 ay önce

    So no one is gonna talk about how sinister that "Happy Birthday" was? If someone were to sing Happy Birthday to me that way...Honestly I'd be scared shirtless.

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  • 2Bdiscovered
    2Bdiscovered 4 ay önce


  • raphael ramos
    raphael ramos 4 ay önce


  • private cyberqskymerfairy channel

    Hi Netflix and hi netflix chilling adventures of Sabrina: i just need to tell you that i never be really nor truely interested in the evil nor in the satanic nor in the fallen angels versions variants and equivalences of etc folks variants of Their equivalences of Sabrinas! So maybe i also be not really interested in the pagan nonsatanic nonfallen angelic variants of other folks equivalences of Sabrinas! But maybe none of you be interested in my and etc equivalences unto Sabrinas also!?! So maybe all of you folks also potienticially have each thy own equivalences of Sabrinas that you folks might not really be interested in each other's Sabrinas equivalences also maybe?!? So...oh well...?!? I guess?!? Maybe? And despite old and new wars and problems between good and evil equivalences maybe?!? 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  • Anna Vural
    Anna Vural 5 ay önce

    You Are not Sabrina ı am Sabrina

  • Delaney Elder
    Delaney Elder 5 ay önce


  • chloe
    chloe 5 ay önce

    Srsl the Satanic stuff is just pathetic. I mean, it's clear as the driven snow pun intended that that's Baphomet.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 5 ay önce

    Too much Satan worship for me... Pass!

  • Whitney Stout
    Whitney Stout 5 ay önce

    Yes available Sabrina next season 2 hope season 3 and season 4 new season 5

  • Saavan Thethy
    Saavan Thethy 5 ay önce

    This series was dope AF.

  • Oba Razzak
    Oba Razzak 5 ay önce

    So much symbolism and a nod to the occult elite

    I wouldn't watch this if I were you

  • R. Lima
    R. Lima 5 ay önce

    Amazing show

  • Underneath The Moon
    Underneath The Moon 5 ay önce

    I only have compliments to give for this show. Kiernan Shipka? What an actress!!!

  • Canis Major
    Canis Major 5 ay önce

    Sabrina actress looks a lot like Maude Ewing Adams Kiskadden, known professionally as Maude Adams, was an American actress
    1872-1953 Reincarnation??

  • rose
    rose 5 ay önce

    Kiernan Shipka is a perfect Sabrina, wise and dangerous but at the same time she emanates such a touchingly innocent thing.

  • Sergio Díaz Nila
    Sergio Díaz Nila 5 ay önce

    the best teaser for a series ever

    OP-EAA MUSIC 5 ay önce

    How COME i paid a monthly subscription n 1 annual suscrito yet i cant view my own ACCOUNT

  • Amadou Pouloulou
    Amadou Pouloulou 5 ay önce

    what is the music we hear

  • Asif A. Ali
    Asif A. Ali 5 ay önce

    Is that a shorter, and less-smiling-version of Emma Watson? 😐

  • Wheeler's & Baby
    Wheeler's & Baby 5 ay önce

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ericson Nandeibam
    Ericson Nandeibam 5 ay önce

    Guyz Isn't she cute, pretty and adorable? XD. WELL I THINK SHE IS...

  • 44excalibur
    44excalibur 5 ay önce

    They should call this the PC adventures of Sabina the SJW.

  • Holy Gaga
    Holy Gaga 5 ay önce