Amber Heard Cover Shoot - FASHION Magazine

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  • Rodney Collen
    Rodney Collen 5 ay önce

    Amber Heard, one of the most attractive/beautiful and hottest/sexiest ever; but to me, she's the most attractive/beautiful and hottest/sexiest I've ever seen.

  • greciasoleble
    greciasoleble 1 yıl önce

    so beautiful, i love you amber 😍

  • Guillermo Gil
    Guillermo Gil 3 yıl önce

    Love her smile

  • myfirstkissgoesalittlelikethis

    she knows how to move it!

  • PatSch
    PatSch 4 yıl önce

    omg ... pls come to GERMANY!!!

  • Issa Noureddine
    Issa Noureddine 6 yıl önce

    there just '1' who disliked this video ! who are u ,i will find u and i will kill u

  • s p
    s p 6 yıl önce

    the song is by brad sucks-dropping out of school

  • Reynaldo Velasquez
    Reynaldo Velasquez 6 yıl önce

    What's the music name? btw Way to Go Mandy Lane!! xoxo

  • andrew draper
    andrew draper 6 yıl önce

    Baby you are so hot. I loved you in drive angry. Keep up the good work with your acting career

  • Frank Mantei
    Frank Mantei 6 yıl önce

    Amber let me be your slave!!!

  • stubbi1001
    stubbi1001 7 yıl önce

    she is stunning beautiful, sorry god for my crazy minds,i am a girl when i see her i cant think the correct way...turn into lesbian for her

  • FASHION Magazine
    FASHION Magazine 7 yıl önce

    She's something else :)

  • Audrey Sch
    Audrey Sch 7 yıl önce

    i'm in love with that women ! gorgeous !

  • FreeeeS
    FreeeeS 7 yıl önce

    @dj45123 you disgusting fuck keep it to yourself or start a career as a writer. WTF!

  • JustDreamingLife
    JustDreamingLife 7 yıl önce

    She's so beautiful! Is it even legal to be that gorgeous? I'm a girl and gosh I can't deny how freakin gorgeous she is! I'm jealous.

  • falconhead67
    falconhead67 7 yıl önce

    jesus the things i would do

  • 0leeO
    0leeO 7 yıl önce


  • Spashley13
    Spashley13 8 yıl önce

    most gorgeous creature

  • Naomi King
    Naomi King 8 yıl önce

    Amber! So glad she bats for my team <3

  • Aistė Gineitaite
    Aistė Gineitaite 8 yıl önce

    why the hell she's so pretty

  • Ashley Dionne
    Ashley Dionne 8 yıl önce

    Two words: Holy shit!

  • dizzy dray
    dizzy dray 8 yıl önce

    @kimskis Or it the fact that she might not have babies..?LOL,okay,wow,okayyy mom.•_•

  • dizzy dray
    dizzy dray 8 yıl önce

    @kimskis Wow,it's not a waste of female beauty...what are you a girl.are you a lesbian? Cause I'm assuming your a guy,from the way you You act like she joined the alluminati or something vile..she became true to herself and instead of seeing it in a wrong way,embrace it,cause shes still pretty Fcking Hott..

  • kimskis
    kimskis 8 yıl önce

    too bad she's a dyke though...quite a waste of female beauty

  • Nathan Ooi
    Nathan Ooi 8 yıl önce

    I don't mind girl this beautiful going lesbian

  • Adam Blakeway
    Adam Blakeway 8 yıl önce

    she is drop dead gorgeous

  • Komei Truth
    Komei Truth 8 yıl önce

    @TheExpertsInc the magazine was released on my birthday, I wish I could travel back in time, buy the book because of her...I'd ditch the rest of the pages though :/

  • FASHION Magazine
    FASHION Magazine 9 yıl önce

    Dropping out of School by Brad Sucks

  • Jorge Ovin
    Jorge Ovin 9 yıl önce


  • alexis ren fan
    alexis ren fan 9 yıl önce

    ravishing beauty