Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal In A Coffee Maker?

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  • Agie On Loop
    Agie On Loop 3 saat önce

    How to be cheap

  • Olivia Yeson
    Olivia Yeson 6 saat önce

    Please make more of these... And that’s a thing considering I watched this and the iron cooking vid like a MILLION times... please Tasty!

  • ranvijaysinghthakur
    ranvijaysinghthakur 11 saat önce

    Dishwasher please !!!

  • rosa pem
    rosa pem 15 saat önce

    Putting beans in the coffee pot should be totally normal… Because it could be coffee beans...

    Im Really sorry I have terrible terrible jokes.

  • sassy alacer
    sassy alacer 21 saat önce

    Pasta? Handmade pasta?

  • Alan Chen
    Alan Chen 23 saat önce


  • sallah fenty
    sallah fenty 1 gün önce

    Am in bad mood that made me feel better ❤️

  • Ann Janelle The Noob *bruh idc*

    who watched the iron before this??
    just me??

  • Patriz Aynne
    Patriz Aynne 1 gün önce

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Alix is soooo cute! 😆😆😘😘 and once again a talented Alexis reigns 😘😘😘

  • Jamie-anne Dorvilus
    Jamie-anne Dorvilus 1 gün önce

    6:15 no one will ever know
    Me: unless they watch this video

  • BLINK ARMY's KPOPPERS Everywhere

    She just made history by only cooking with a coffee maker and a Clothing iron. I hope this series wouldnt end.

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 2 gün önce

    * College students lean in *

  • XxxGachi-GummixxX 101
    XxxGachi-GummixxX 101 2 gün önce

    #coffeemakerQueen 🔥🔥🔥

  • Unicórnio Musculoso :3

    She's too cute aargh

  • Caaarteeer
    Caaarteeer 3 gün önce

    I can‘t do all of this with pans

  • Meray Ghar Ka Khana
    Meray Ghar Ka Khana 3 gün önce

    what camera gear you use

  • Jake Garcia
    Jake Garcia 3 gün önce

    me cooking ramen in a coffee maker

  • Hunter Freder
    Hunter Freder 3 gün önce

    I can’t even cook on a oan

  • Zach Marco Louise
    Zach Marco Louise 4 gün önce

    She's so funny!!! Ghhaaddd hahahhaa

  • astro jecca_
    astro jecca_ 4 gün önce

    Miss Yeah could've nailed this. 👍🏽

  • Patricia Dianne Sandridge

    Love this! She's great to watch, so relatable and relaxing... and now I want shrimp salad 😂

  • Ashley Turner
    Ashley Turner 4 gün önce

    Knife skills are garbage

  • T J
    T J 4 gün önce

    Next Episode: Cooking with a blowtorch.

  • Man Man1243
    Man Man1243 4 gün önce

    Make more cooking videos for kids

  • Tayla Williams
    Tayla Williams 4 gün önce

    Do it in a waffle maker next

  • Saale Maripuu
    Saale Maripuu 5 gün önce

    poor college students have entered the chat

  • A Chen
    A Chen 5 gün önce

    Has She never boiled coffee before or cooked food? :/

  • hanaaxv
    hanaaxv 5 gün önce

    Next Eps:

    Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal Only Using A Rice Cooker?

  • tereza zemanová
    tereza zemanová 5 gün önce

    cooking on top of hot car

  • nano :3
    nano :3 5 gün önce

    when she put the salmon in, at first it looked so good

  • Yousouf 69
    Yousouf 69 5 gün önce

    She fucked up the salmon

  • Caden Lee
    Caden Lee 5 gün önce

    Next a hair straightener

  • Nyamka Nyamka
    Nyamka Nyamka 5 gün önce

    can i love her?

  • pokemon go
    pokemon go 6 gün önce

    I want to put my shrimp in her

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez 6 gün önce


  • J R
    J R 6 gün önce


  • waakeme-up
    waakeme-up 6 gün önce

    She’s so cute.

  • emma Burgins
    emma Burgins 6 gün önce

    Alex: dont try this at home.
    Also Alex: gives step bye step instructions

  • Niahluvsmakeup
    Niahluvsmakeup 6 gün önce

    Poaching the salmon in oil seems to take away from the healthiness

  • Niahluvsmakeup
    Niahluvsmakeup 6 gün önce

    Boiled oil isnt safe, Also why are u dipping the salmon in the oil wtf