How America became a superpower

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  • Vox
    Vox 3 ay önce

    Watch next: Why does the US 800 military bases all around the world?

  • J Z
    J Z 32 dakika önce

    Okay but the Soviet map is not accurate Yugoslavia had a falling out with the USSR and was not under their influence despite the fact Yogoslavia was socialist

  • TheBluePC 5
    TheBluePC 5 13 saat önce

    How America became a superpower

    How china became a superpower

    How India became a superpower

  • Albert Don
    Albert Don 17 saat önce

    USA Is The Best Fight Me

  • rasengan butt
    rasengan butt 21 saat önce

    I've always wondered at this. How is India, thousands of years old (not from independence onwards) still a developing nation while the US became a superpower???

  • Rock Afelo
    Rock Afelo 1 gün önce

    if america is afraid with huawei till they need to spread bad word about huawei before mutual check whether truly huawei good is use for spionage,then America is a supercoward not power.

  • Sheila Feng
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  • The Automaticist
    The Automaticist 1 gün önce

    In other words: we took over moderating the world when Britain got tired of it.

  • The Automaticist
    The Automaticist 1 gün önce

    One of the least biased videos on this channel.

  • Richard Pisano
    Richard Pisano 1 gün önce

    always read the!

  • Osamah Al-mandalawi
    Osamah Al-mandalawi 1 gün önce

    NATO isn't just there for protection, it's making them money too, stealing goods, making sure trades go alright, send them information...

  • ImmortalTyrant2
    ImmortalTyrant2 1 gün önce

    Good show, jolly good show. Now, I think it's about time our colony paid back its taxes that it has boycotted from us for over 200 years.

  • nhân bùi
    nhân bùi 1 gün önce

    Some guys told me China wil over pass American in 2050 , well , i have enough time to see

  • wade wilson
    wade wilson 2 gün önce

    " hold my vodka "
    - russia

  • Richard harris
    Richard harris 2 gün önce

    Who needs alliances and Friends

  • Atika Chafik
    Atika Chafik 2 gün önce

    Morocco was the first country to recognise the independence of America

  • Comic but Serious
    Comic but Serious 2 gün önce

    1)Huge population
    2) early industrialisation
    3) huge territory
    4) Arriving late at the two world wars while profiting of war sales and going out unscathed.

  • Kwangmyongsong 4
    Kwangmyongsong 4 2 gün önce

    Because of ((((((they)))))))

  • Tony Huynh
    Tony Huynh 2 gün önce

    America became a superpower because of its diverse inventions and excellent philosophy.

  • Tony Huynh
    Tony Huynh 2 gün önce

    America was considered the country of the U.S. before the United States were established specifically during the colonization/exploration era.

  • Tanvir Rahi
    Tanvir Rahi 2 gün önce

    Trump is just a jerk+as*hole

  • PeterPedroPaulo
    PeterPedroPaulo 2 gün önce

    What about the big stick politics?? Supporting dictatorships over South America. These are the ones that invaded Iraq to" promote" democracy. (OIL)

  • PeterPedroPaulo
    PeterPedroPaulo 2 gün önce

    US supported a military dictatorship in my country, it lasted 21 years. Im from Brazil

  • Kane Steggles
    Kane Steggles 3 gün önce

    It was pretty much ww1 and ww2 right? Most of the major powers before both of the world wars were concentrated within Europe I.e. Britain, France, Germany. The world wars destroyed their economies, hence America’s relative wealth increased, but America’s overall wealth increased via lending money and selling resources to the European allies - consequently America ushered in its current state of economic prosperity. It also had a brilliant geographical land base at the time - looooaads of resources to sell to warring countries.

  • Blamethefiddle
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  • TheUnknown 123
    TheUnknown 123 3 gün önce

    You mean how USA became a superpower?

  • Dred Scott
    Dred Scott 4 gün önce

    Kind sir you omitted the tremendous wealth created by slavery

  • shirley tompkins
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  • shirley tompkins
    shirley tompkins 4 gün önce

    White power

  • Skyler Kaus
    Skyler Kaus 4 gün önce

    God Bless the United States of America and and God Bless our President Donald Trump. It’s high time that this U.S. country should focus on being a Nationalist

  • Truong Nghĩa
    Truong Nghĩa 4 gün önce

    Very bad if communist whole world...I love USA

  • Levi Daniel Plays
    Levi Daniel Plays 5 gün önce

    what about germany paying $800B+ on WWI
    and if US purchased both Greenland and Iceland it would be biggest

  • FanASStik
    FanASStik 5 gün önce

    At least America speaks English.

  • Tamzid Mohsin Khan
    Tamzid Mohsin Khan 5 gün önce

    USA IS ALWAYS GREAT COUNTRY FOREVER . 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  • Chris Harry
    Chris Harry 5 gün önce

    I could have sworn that the public outrage sparked by the USS Maine exploding in Havana, Cuba is what dragged the US into the Spanish-America war. The lovely William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer capitalized on the fact that the ship suddenly exploded while in a Spanish port in order to sell more newspapers. The famous saying: Blame the Maine on Spain came out of this. You guys didn't even mention the Maine at all, but it was the catalyst.

    Not doubting that there was domestic opposition to this, it's just that every video I've seen on the subject and whatever I have read has always painted Mckinley as begrudgingly bowing to the public pressure brought on by the incident, thus starting the war. Asserting that McKinley started the war based on his own personal imperialist leanings against the better judgement of the American people just doesn't corroborate with the absurd amount of flame fanning that Hearst and Pulitzer had done with the Maine.

    I know that once the war was won and the USA had gained Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, the America public was up in arms about the fact that their army was dealing with the subsequent uprising in the Philippines...but that intense domestic pressure line was used to describe the buildup to the war in a way that makes it seem like the public didn't want to fight Spain. They very much did.

    Not trying to argue here, just want to know if literally every single thing I've read or seen on the subject is incorrect.

  • RLW
    RLW 6 gün önce

    1800년대 유럽에서 미국으로의 인구 유입과 무역, 상업을 통한 경제성장, 남북전쟁 같은 얘기는 없네. 이게 진짜 궁금했는데

  • Cory Clark
    Cory Clark 6 gün önce

    Yes how did America become a tyrannical miliary superpower?

  • Randja !
    Randja ! 6 gün önce

    Not a word about "peaceful" helpings in lets say yugoslavia or any other country that USA "helped" during the hard times
    Lazy, jealousy jerks

  • Paul Enos
    Paul Enos 6 gün önce

    Cast down the stronghold. America is not a super power. All people are dust. We are nothing. God is the real power, and that's the truth.

  • barefoot arizona
    barefoot arizona 6 gün önce

    America; we ain't first class but we ain't white trash