FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Season 10 ep 4 "Last Ball on Earth" with Raven and Raja

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  • Cynthia Manuelnunez
    Cynthia Manuelnunez 2 gün önce

    love you raven

  • Tommaso Larghetti
    Tommaso Larghetti 2 gün önce

    i'm here just to listen Raja saying "monae ah chang"

  • G H
    G H 2 hafta önce

    Raven you look royal. Love all your wearing.

  • Dalsemien
    Dalsemien 2 hafta önce

    To me, Aquaria's looks are often wearing her, she is not that adapt at selling them. And I'm sorry, but a superhero is not giving me Mars. Not bad looks, but not gagging over them either.

  • Fatima Paucar
    Fatima Paucar 2 hafta önce

    we need raven back plzzzz

  • VBiya
    VBiya 2 hafta önce

    Raja is serving me progressive Indonesian auntie who donates tons for orphans and women laborers and buys her batik from local designers

  • Andor
    Andor 2 hafta önce

    Rewatching this after being disappointed with the ball looks from Season 11 lol

  • B Davidson
    B Davidson 3 hafta önce

    I MISS RAVEN......hurry the F back to Fashion Photo. 💋👅 p.s. Mayhem (Miss Sally Walker herself) killlllled it.

  • Willatastic
    Willatastic 4 hafta önce

    Raja is serving glamorous Pontianak realness...

  • Lunar Eclipse
    Lunar Eclipse 1 ay önce

    Mizz cracker is overrated

  • cooktheant
    cooktheant 1 ay önce

    And it was this episode here I knew Aquaria was gonna win. That Lucha Libre look was shoot-worthy.

  • Star Wars Club
    Star Wars Club 1 ay önce

    Homophobic kamerons bathing suit was boot

  • Neem S
    Neem S 1 ay önce


  • Erika Angela Tumaliuan

    Living for Raven's impatience

  • R.Askin
    R.Askin 1 ay önce

    Raja: Monah a Chanj

  • Kody Bingen
    Kody Bingen 1 ay önce

    Every time a boot happens
    Raven: BOOT
    Raja: WHHAAAAAT?

  • E T
    E T 1 ay önce

    I see the crack in Ravens face looking to someone off screen when Raja starts to describe the look when Raven wanted to get through the first two looks quickly. Lmao

  • Bethany Christensen
    Bethany Christensen 1 ay önce

    Omg raven that sweater is so much better with a jacket over it, thank god....

  • postin17
    postin17 1 ay önce

    How Mayhem didn't receive top for this challenge is BEYOND ME!!!

  • Kellyjean
    Kellyjean 1 ay önce

    I love Raven’s look in this episode. Come through Rich Bitch! 😍

  • Lil Pinch
    Lil Pinch 1 ay önce

    Raja is just too cute trying to do “speed” but cannot....made Raven looks like she’s about to burst. Too uptight honey. Luv u both.

  • aniyha forgs
    aniyha forgs 2 ay önce


  • Cecília Marques
    Cecília Marques 2 ay önce

    I love how they didn't even said aquaria's name when they tooted thenfirst outfit

  • Sam Rummer
    Sam Rummer 2 ay önce

    Raven still giving me "Boulette brothers" realness with make up. Is that the same old hat he was rocking at the Drag Con season 2 panel video?

  • Onias Lopes
    Onias Lopes 2 ay önce

    AND NEXT we have Miz... BOOT lol

  • kinky mermaid
    kinky mermaid 2 ay önce

    If these bitches are toots, then Aquaria is a shoot!
    All day, every day.

  • BrokenExcalibur
    BrokenExcalibur 2 ay önce

    So Monet's Plastique Fantastique look in AS4 is very similar with The Vixen's.

  • Mikal Black
    Mikal Black 3 ay önce

    RAJA gives woman realness 😍😍😍😍

  • Bipolarweasel
    Bipolarweasel 3 ay önce

    I miss you mom (Raven) & grandma (Raja)💕

  • Johnny Truong
    Johnny Truong 3 ay önce

    I CANNOT WAIT to say exactly this (8:47) to SOMEBODY.

  • Feirce Majora
    Feirce Majora 3 ay önce

    Wait for the vixen to tell raven shes racist for the boot

  • Ann Mendoza
    Ann Mendoza 3 ay önce

    Me on Straight models on instagran wears fur: That is animal cruelty, I hate it.

    Me on Drag queens wearing fur: Yaaaaaaaas

  • sweatpantsprincess
    sweatpantsprincess 3 ay önce

    Wish Eureka wore this for the hat challenge.

  • gabbi3
    gabbi3 3 ay önce

    And that boot, look at that boot..EEEWWW

  • Claire Willow
    Claire Willow 3 ay önce

    Great advice “when you’re 21 and talented, bitch wear nothing” 😏

  • Mr. Cool Blue
    Mr. Cool Blue 3 ay önce

    Mayham is soooo so robbed on this episode! Didnt even reached top like wtf???

  • will merp
    will merp 3 ay önce

    Where was aquaria in the alaskan winter


    Miz Cracker as Nausicaa

  • αɴαнαтα love
    αɴαнαтα love 3 ay önce

    i LOVE eureka's robe. it's so blanche deveraux!!

  • not valentina
    not valentina 3 ay önce

    Raven giving us REALNESS