How Lakers can trade for Anthony Davis | First Take

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  • Don Lee
    Don Lee 1 hafta önce


  • Wild Bill
    Wild Bill 1 hafta önce

    My prediction: NY Knick get the 1st round draft pick and trades it to Boston for Kyrie. So, Pelican makes three way deal for 1st rd. draft. Because, they want a franchise player and everyone's end up happy including Kyrie.

  • Michael Spruell
    Michael Spruell 2 hafta önce

    I'm a Lakers fan so hearing this news about AD got my mind racing I cant lie. It's a longshot but it would be cool as hell to get him n Bron on the same squad. I think them two alone makes us a true contender. I like all the young talent we got now but ya gotta give to get so honestly noone on the squad would be untouchable outside LBJ if i was GM. I mean those two combined with the vets on the squad plus a couple of the youths they'll be able to keep would make em a real contender immediately...I'm a big KD fan and i would love to see him n Bron on the Lakers but it dont sound like KD is a fan of that so yea bring on AD lol hell Kyrie come on back home too..really though Warriors are tough and somebody gotta get together a monster squad to beat the Champs so why not the Lake Show? We due!

  • Xclusive El Chamaquito
    Xclusive El Chamaquito 3 hafta önce

    He will aks for a trade this morning he told me already 👀

  • Martijn
    Martijn 1 ay önce

    How wrong was Max about Ingram being the crown... Kuzma is the real talent in LA

  • JustCallEmHowISeeEm
    JustCallEmHowISeeEm 1 ay önce

    Lifelong Lakers fan:

    There is ZERO percent chance the Lakers are able to trade for Anthony Davis this year. No GM in history can justify trading a top 3 or 4 talent two seasons before he’s a free agent unless it’s for an obscene package (which the Lakers don’t have). Only one team can offer such a package without giving up a superstar or young player with superstar potential (the Celtics) and they can’t trade for Davis until the offseason (barring a scenario where they include Kyrie Irving in a deal or trade him to another team). Either way, Pelicans would be foolish to do any deal involving Davis without the Celtics being able to jump in the bidding war unless he comes out and says he wouldn’t be willing to resign with them. The Celtics have a plethora of young talent and picks. Plus, there’s not a strong indication Davis is unwilling to resign with the Pelicans until he declines a max extension in the summer. If anything, at this point, they should be looking to make deals to surround Davis with talent to give a glimmer of hope of turning them into a contender this season or next (unlikely) or free up massive cap space in the hopes of bringing in a 2nd superstar next year or the year after to pair with him (and if that falls apart they’re in a perfect position to go into full tank mode, including having the cap flexibility to absorb bad contracts for high draft picks). If they really want to bet the farm on trying to keep Davis by bringing in talent immediately, they could dangle an unprotected 1st rounder for the season after Davis is set to leave for a Bradley Beal or Demar Derozen type (either a 2nd or 3rd tier star on a bad team, or a team that can remain competitive without a “star” player) in the hopes that such a team would jump on it because they’re willing to gamble Davis is out and the Pelicans will be terrible.

    If the Knicks brass had any brains or forward thinkers, they are probably the ONLY team in the league that could acquire Davis in a trade this season and have a realistic shot of keeping him when he’s eligible for free agency (particularly if they wait until as close to the deadline as possible, keep Porzingis out until then, and both teams simply continue on their current trajectory). They could offer Porzingis and an unprotected 1st rounder in the next draft (and possibly an additional 1st rounder in a couple of years). That would give the Pelicans a young superstar that they have for a MINIMUM of 3 more seasons after this one, 2 likely high lottery picks in the upcoming draft (which gives them a great shot at getting Zion Williamson and another high draft pick, or at the very least, two high picks if they don’t get the #1). That’s the only thing comparable to anything they could expect to get from Boston. The Knicks would get Anthony Davis and additional cap space, which would give them an INCREDIBLE chance of landing Durant or Kawahi to pair with him in the off-season. The Knicks could really roll the dice and go all in on this plan by dealing Hardaway ASAP for nothing and REALLY tanking the next few weeks leading up to the trade deadline. This would sweeten the deal by increasing the Pelicans odds of getting a better pick in the draft, as well as give the Knicks $18 million in additional cap room to make a run at Durant AND Kawahi to pair with Davis

  • AP AP
    AP AP 1 ay önce

    I am so done with the NBA. Fixed games, fixed drafts, setting up certain teams. No competitive balance why would anybody want to watch this? Whatever happened to two stars per team?

  • Adi 24
    Adi 24 1 ay önce

    Why AD will be a Laker:

    First of all, AD likely wants to end up with the Lakers:

    >L.A. is generally considered one of the most desirable destinations for lifestyle and brand-building.
    >The Lakers are generally considered the most notorious, elite, historic, and prolific organization in basketball.
    >The Lakers have highly competent leadership.
    >The Pelicans haven’t demonstrated that they can get AD the help he needs… even after five years.

    The money situation:

    >It would seem like turning down the supermax leaves $40+ million on the table. However, AD has a trade kicker in his contract. So if AD is traded, the Lakers can’t give him the max but they can give him a lot. The difference works out to about $15 million.

    >If he signs a 2+1 like LeBron and KD, when he hits 10 yrs. in the league, he’ll be eligible for the biggest contract in NBA history. So he can very realistically make the money up in the long term.

    >There’s a lot of money to be made in L.A… Rich Paul and LeBron know something about that…
    >AD recently said that his legacy (winning rings) is more important to him than any amount of money.

    The LeBron situation:

    >The one superstar that won’t be overshadowed by LeBron is AD. KD is too sensitive and reactive; Kawhi comes off as too quiet to speak out. However, AD has a strong voice and has often called himself the best player in the NBA. He also has the generational talent to match LeBron as he enters his prime (not saying he’s as good or better, but his talent is in the same elite category as LeBron’s).

    >As LeBron ages, he’ll need a young talent to shoulder most of the load. AD is perfect for this. LeBron can evolve into an off-ball scorer and continue as a playmaker; AD can continue as the dominant low-post force that he is.

    >LeBron is smart. He knows he can’t be the #1 scoring option forever (he’s hinted at this in recent interviews). Although he’ll never publicly admit it, you KNOW that he and AD will sit down and work this out. LeBron knows he NEEDS to allow someone like AD to be the #1 option as he ages.

    >As LeBron ages, the Lakers will become AD’s team. When LeBron retires in around 4 years, AD will be 29 and in his prime. He can lead the Lakers to several championships and be the foundation of future Laker dynasties.

    The reality:

    >Both AD and LeBron know all of these facts. They have undoubtedly had this conversation several times with mutual agent Rich Paul. They even reportedly met for dinner after the Pelicans played the Lakers on Dec. 21.

    >Given these facts, AD can force his way to the Lakers by publicly stating this summer that he will sign with the Lakers in 2020 no matter what (yes, he will be vilified but I believe AD has the mentality to persevere, unlike KD). This will make teams like the Celtics incredibly hesitant to lose all their assets for a 1-yr rental. Yes, PG13 stayed in OKC… mostly because of Russ. But with Rich Paul as his agent, AD is unlikely to be influenced into staying with a team like Boston.

    From an objective standpoint, AD will most likely be a Laker and a champion by 2020/21 at the latest. He could retire as a greater Laker than LeBron.

  • J-radzx The Ballerz
    J-radzx The Ballerz 1 ay önce

    Trade Ad and ingram,kuzma,hart and zubac like if you disagree!!

  • sergmgert85
    sergmgert85 1 ay önce

    Anthony Davis isnt better then garnett

  • S Spurs
    S Spurs 1 ay önce

    AD not on the same atmosphere as TD

    He's just a multi skilled 6"11 stretch 4 that plays in an era where franchise players have so much power their allowed to stat pad their stats RW, HARDEN, AD, Booker, KAT are perfect examples of that

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 1 ay önce

    ESPN, get started early. Start your trade propaganda for Luka Dončić right now. Go after every superstar to help your Lakers. It's disgusting how biased you all are.

  • Jose Rios
    Jose Rios 1 ay önce

    Everyone gives Durant a lot of crap but bron always getting hella super star players one on one davis would beat lebron I like to keep it traditional so I would build my team around davis or a shooting guard but just cuz bron is a family man people want to praise him when this is not a family sport it’s about basketball

  • Shakester71
    Shakester71 2 ay önce

    The only viable trade scenario for the Lakers to land Anthony Davis would be Kuzma, Caldwell-Pope and Lonzo Ball for Davis. I like those players, but Davis is worth much more than those three players combined.

  • teezy miisi
    teezy miisi 2 ay önce

    makeup or not that's some herpes on max's lip


    I can definitely picture Davis being a laker we need a player like Davis who’s fast and blocks shots yeah we have LeBron but we need another player. Davis will go to the lakers in 2019 trade deadline or free agency.

  • LA Clippers
    LA Clippers 2 ay önce

    The most realistic trade destination for AD is Boston. The most realistic FA signing for AD is LA. The LA Clippers. $120M cap space by 2020.

  • delon revels
    delon revels 2 ay önce

    I only listen to max when he speaks on Boxing he smoking something that ain't weed if he think porzingis is almost as good as AD

  • Honey Crisril Calimot

    Dont forget magic johnson

  • Moebetter
    Moebetter 2 ay önce

    they need a shooter Agreed. Bradley Beal would be able to help them out., But when you have a chance to get AD you get him at all cost. Lonzo, KCP , Brandon Ingram and a first round draft pick is a steep price but the Lakers must pull the trigger on that. They still would have enough cap space to get a shooter and a point guard on the draft or another veteran. AD is a game wrecker. And much needed for the Lakers to have a shot at a chip . If Lebron is damn near good enough to take any 4 players in the league to the playoffs at least, then adding AD would definitely put them in the finals at the very least. And i'm sure that's how Magic Johnson is thinking. AD can be to Lebron what Kareem was to Magic and what Shaq was to Kobe. And they still have Kyle Kuzma.... that's a PROBLEM other teams in the west DON'T want to see.

  • chosen 1
    chosen 1 2 ay önce

    Lol pelicans have two way star jrue, sharp shooting stretch 4 Mirotic, power house 4 Randal, BIG point guard who can easily get triple double Elfrid, E'twan Moore who is extremely underrated he is a floater God And hits threes and although he is not the biggest he plays darn good defense. Hill for defense who just started getting back in the groove hitting threes. Tim Frazier who just came back to the pels and is doing a nice job stepping in for Elfrid. Frank Jackson looks good and he still has potential and a lot of experience to gain, also Diallo young but full of energy and getting better , 6'7" wesley Johnson 3 and D when we need it and I forgot Miller the sharpshooter not a lot of defense but deadly from 3. Ok so elfrid is out , Moore has been a little injured, Mirotic was sick lost 6 pounds In two days. So team has had a few injuries missing very important PG, Jrue is doing his best on both ends. And pels are 15-15 and beat okc. PLUS WE HAVE A TOP 3 PLAYER IF HIS 3 POINT WAS A LITTLE BETTER HE WOULD BE 1. WTF AM I MISSING HERE. NOT TO MENTION TRADING DAVIS IS A FRANCHISE SUICIDE LMAO SO IF WE TRADE HIM THE TEAM WILL BE GONE IN A YEAR OR TWO NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. NOT TO MENTION HE HASN'T MENTIONED WANTING OUT[NOT SAYING HE DOESN'T]. GET YALLS SHIT TOGETHER AND STOP WITH THE TRADE BS. just my 2 cents.

  • PaySo the P.I
    PaySo the P.I 2 ay önce

    AD shud just sign 20mil$ one year deals w NEw Orleans and force them to GT him sum help...

  • Nanoblu Lovaolution
    Nanoblu Lovaolution 2 ay önce

    The trade to LA can happen for Anthony. A lot of the LA players feel like role players and want to be superstars. Playing with Pelicans they have a chance to shine without Lebron.

  • savemelofi
    savemelofi 2 ay önce

    If AD is already better than all of these greats why does he need to go play with LeBron...

  • Stephen A Smith
    Stephen A Smith 2 ay önce

    AD is not a realistic signing right now. The best player we could get at this moment is Bradley Beal. Get him in and we have LeBron, Beal, Lonzo, Hart, Kuzma, McGee, Chandler etc. That team will make playoffs no doubt

  • citi24
    citi24 2 ay önce

    No 1 sann plY sit lepussys ass lebitch. Even daddy delonte

  • Valin
    Valin 2 ay önce

    Can the NBA evolve beyond the Lakers and the Celtics... At least in the NFL even small market teams have a chance to win the Super Bowl...

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  • Sheba Carolina Pitbull

    A.D. need to go to the bucks

  • Ty Heir
    Ty Heir 2 ay önce

    NY would love A.D.. biggest thing since Ewing

  • Au Jun
    Au Jun 2 ay önce

    I'm afraid they will end up only got Melo. 😂

  • Au Jun
    Au Jun 2 ay önce

    Wow the Laker gonna get everyone. Are they planing to make a Jump Force team?

  • G23Farrakhan52
    G23Farrakhan52 2 ay önce

    I really think the Lakers should forget about targeting for Anthony Davis. They should take what they know they can have right now in Bradley Beal. It is going to be too hard to get AD. The Celtics have a better package to trade for him. I would take the bird in the hand than trying to wait to get the one in the bush. AD will not be a free agent next year. So he does not have control over his destiny. The Hornets do. The Lakers can be a very good team with a Bradley Beal. And they will not have to give up their whole roster to do it. It looks like Kyle Kuzma is going to be a all star type player. Forget AD Los Angeles Lakers. Just make your team better right now.

  • Denzelwatch
    Denzelwatch 2 ay önce

    Feb will tell if bos will really go to the finals without AD. Coz TOR are for REAL. Clock is ticking for ainge.

  • Riccardo B
    Riccardo B 2 ay önce

    He is what the lakers need! Any trade just for him

  • warren Bryant
    warren Bryant 2 ay önce

    It going too happen lebron agency yes rich Paul marwick pushing this

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen 2 ay önce

    celtics should trade kyrie and hayward for davis.

  • Tiger25NYC Brooklyn
    Tiger25NYC Brooklyn 2 ay önce

    Durant isn’t coming to the Lakers so this is the best choice, AD is great.

  • Barbara Johnson
    Barbara Johnson 2 ay önce

    Good reminder Max! Nothing is WORST than fortune telling people saying What Can't Happen! Magic and Jeanie believe if there's a will
    then there's a way. No Naysayers!

  • MrOunce3
    MrOunce3 2 ay önce

    AD is better than KG, Duncan and Malone????? STFU Max!!!!! Somebody slap this dude.