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  • 123 GO!
    123 GO! 1 hafta önce

    Thanks for watching! Want to see more beauty hacks? Let us know in the comments!

  • Karma Inioka
    Karma Inioka Biraz önce

    2:08 to 2:10. Ouch.

  • Llama Vlogs YT
    Llama Vlogs YT Biraz önce

    1:35 THEY UNDERSTAND 🤩!!!!!!!!

  • Maryam Hussain
    Maryam Hussain Biraz önce

    4:36 how did her hair magically get fixed?

  • Taylor Jade
    Taylor Jade Biraz önce

    6:00 ,or you can brush your hair

  • Samantha Harris
    Samantha Harris 3 dakika önce

    Please make more videos please

  • Zamora Daycare
    Zamora Daycare 3 dakika önce

    Can u guys make hacks for chapped lips

  • Lakisha Colbert
    Lakisha Colbert 4 dakika önce

    How to make a hair dye🤔

  • Loser Crew
    Loser Crew 15 dakika önce

    I love dissssss😍😍😍😍😍💋💏💏💏

  • Star Gaming Gacha
    Star Gaming Gacha 15 dakika önce

    I thought this was 5 minute crafts

  • Jacob Glover
    Jacob Glover 20 dakika önce

    I want to see DIY fashion hacks.

  • Aubrianna Boulet
    Aubrianna Boulet 25 dakika önce

    This isn’t convenient at all, take the hair one for example... she broke the aloe plant and took like 5 hours just to make, wait for it to settle in, and then shower. When she could have just used ten minutes to get detangler...

  • HowiePlays Moo
    HowiePlays Moo 28 dakika önce

    No one has time to do there hair like that in the morning

  • Unicorn Gamer
    Unicorn Gamer 36 dakika önce

    This is the best channel ever I love your videos ❤️❤️

  • Rejha Zunic
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  • Unicorns_ Rule123
    Unicorns_ Rule123 40 dakika önce

    Do you know when the girl gets into the shower and wash her hair well I could’ve brush my hair in 30 minutes

  • Athena Amethyst
    Athena Amethyst 43 dakika önce

    NoW gO USe iT On SoMEoNE SpeCIaL

  • Bibiana Verdejo
    Bibiana Verdejo 50 dakika önce

    Plot twist it's troom
    The good version

  • Elise Hatchet
    Elise Hatchet 53 dakika önce

    Make a hack video for tomboys

  • Alexis Bailey
    Alexis Bailey 53 dakika önce

    about the hair no tangles cant you just brush your hair instead?

  • Gennie
    Gennie 1 saat önce

    This is like a much better version of troom troom.

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor 1 saat önce

    1:05 don’t do drugs kids

  • MySolarMelody
    MySolarMelody 1 saat önce

    Your lucky you have short hair! My hair would use the whole plant. Also what about the rest of the gel? There’s still more gel in the half of the plant

  • Isobel Jamieson
    Isobel Jamieson 1 saat önce

    But on 5 min crafts you told us to use all of those cat eye hacks

  • Rowan Nepute
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  • sweet peppers peppers
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  • LunaPotter Quinn
    LunaPotter Quinn 1 saat önce

    For the aloe plant one, she could have just conditioned her hair

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    skincareprove 1 saat önce

    Unbelievably user pleasant content . Immense details readily available on couple of clicks on.

  • Unicorn 101
    Unicorn 101 1 saat önce

    Why is 4:20 satisfying?

  • tiffany jones
    tiffany jones 2 saat önce

    how to paint cats claws.

  • german depena
    german depena 2 saat önce


  • Young Getty
    Young Getty 2 saat önce

    yes and now can you probly putt food

  • drama lama
    drama lama 2 saat önce

    This is so much better dan 5 minute crafts or 5 minute crafts girly. Omg i love 123 go😘

  • TV미론
    TV미론 2 saat önce

    I don't put makeup but it feels like I'm looking at magic when i see these kind of makeup vids

  • Jilly O connor
    Jilly O connor 2 saat önce

    dig slime

  • Altea Malaj
    Altea Malaj 2 saat önce

    Try to make slime

  • Stubborn Sundae
    Stubborn Sundae 3 saat önce

    0:54 I have her mirror ;D

  • Nataliah Smith
    Nataliah Smith 3 saat önce

    can you do hairstyles

  • Comedy_ Sofia
    Comedy_ Sofia 3 saat önce

    6:14 killed me

  • Lilia sparkles
    Lilia sparkles 3 saat önce

    Better than 5 min crafts!!!