Stray Kids "I am YOU" M/V

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  • Sumoboy
    Sumoboy 9 saat önce

    me : listens to this for the first time

    also me : wait, IS THIS PART 2 OF MY PACE?!?!!?

  • Montse Vázquez
    Montse Vázquez 17 saat önce

    This song is super underrated :c

  • hxllie _
    hxllie _ 19 saat önce

    I think I'm going to be stuck in this fandom for a long time...

  • Ashley Yang
    Ashley Yang 1 gün önce

    go go go 30M

  • Rie Rainbow
    Rie Rainbow 1 gün önce

    I can choose my Bias because it's very Hard :<
    Does anyone like me ??

  • felixfreckles
    felixfreckles 1 gün önce

    aaaahhh i want to be mad we’re freaking slow why tf other stays don’t appreciate this masterpiece

  • felixfreckles
    felixfreckles 1 gün önce

    aaaahhh i want to be mad we’re freaking slow why tf other stays don’t appreciate this masterpiece

  • Sangita Gurung
    Sangita Gurung 1 gün önce

    Their each and every song,lyrics music,concept and all the other things made me stan Stray Kids.
    ❤Stray Kids❤💪

  • Isis is tha name
    Isis is tha name 1 gün önce

    For all the people saying han is the best . There is no fucking best . They are all talented asf . You should appreciate all the member not just one. 😔 that’s all folks ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mishaela DL
    Mishaela DL 1 gün önce

    21/08/19 ----> 29.559.315M

    ALYSSA ROSLI 1 gün önce

    the whole time I just kept thinking..

    I wAnT cHaNgBiN's ShIrT sO bAd

  • iM fINe thANk yOU aNd yOu

    I hate how underrated I am you era is, like this song is how I found skz and honestly how could you sleep on this beautiful song

  • Adachi Alex
    Adachi Alex 1 gün önce



  • isa snow gamer
    isa snow gamer 2 gün önce

    Félix + linhas= não existe

  • Xander Thirk
    Xander Thirk 2 gün önce

    Stay, we're so close to 30m
    Please stream <3

  • Ashley Yeung
    Ashley Yeung 2 gün önce

    When Chan’s voice come out at the beginning, I am going to cry 😭

  • Sorrapong Suwanna
    Sorrapong Suwanna 2 gün önce


  • Say San
    Say San 2 gün önce

    I am you era is the best era

  • Khushbakht Durrani
    Khushbakht Durrani 2 gün önce

    Felix : I need you right by my side now..
    Me: I'll be right there! MA, I NEED TO GO SEE MAH BABY!!!

  • felixfreckles
    felixfreckles 2 gün önce

    is it hard to str3am this masterpiece? we’re still stuck at 29M and this is the only MV of stray kids that’s have lower vi3ws :( come on stays str3am harder and don’t forget miroh and side effects too

  • dean isnt my name
    dean isnt my name 2 gün önce


  • La Nimi :'3
    La Nimi :'3 2 gün önce

    We're very close 30M!!!
    Come on :'(💕

  • Milah Ramón
    Milah Ramón 2 gün önce

    This is random but I just noticed that at the end when everyone turns around and is looking off of the building, Hyunjin is the only one not wearing a plain white t-shirt under his shirt; but everyone else has one hanging down. For some reason that bothers me lol

  • selin koçer
    selin koçer 2 gün önce

    bring hyunjin's mullet back..

  • Ceci Fer
    Ceci Fer 2 gün önce

    My Baby Binnie always Killing Me.

  • Ceci Fer
    Ceci Fer 2 gün önce

    My favorite Stray Kids album: I am you.

  • Mishaela DL
    Mishaela DL 2 gün önce

    Stay I put a challenge, to see how capable we are to meet it.
    Let's make massive reproduction of this MV I am YOU, it consists of making one million per day.

    pdt: it would be great to do the same for Hellevetor that two months after the start of Stray kids in their pre-debut will be fulfilled.

  • ελλεν V.
    ελλεν V. 2 gün önce

    As I realise how good the song is I realise how underrated it was/is
    Honestly the MV isnt that good compared to other MV concepts and producing

  • C h u u ' s c u t e n e s s


  • jeongins
    jeongins 3 gün önce

    i am you was EASILY one of their best albums idk why no one talks about it smh

  • skzelf srt
    skzelf srt 3 gün önce

    this era is superior for me

  • crystal
    crystal 3 gün önce

    this era deserved better fight me if you disagree

  • le F
    le F 3 gün önce

    this diserved better😭😭😭😭😭

  • sleeping is my *JOB*
    sleeping is my *JOB* 3 gün önce

    Offically dead

  • Aulia Safitri
    Aulia Safitri 3 gün önce


  • wiwin putra
    wiwin putra 3 gün önce

    30M SOON

  • Helen Cristine
    Helen Cristine 3 gün önce

    My fav era ♡

  • Starrie The gamie
    Starrie The gamie 4 gün önce

    This song is so underrated... It deserves more V13WS!😢

  • hyunnie 1
    hyunnie 1 4 gün önce

    Arab stay 💛💛

  • jiminie have jams
    jiminie have jams 4 gün önce

    2019 and it's still the most beautiful thing I ever saw