Top Five Duos from The Voice USA (Blind Auditions)

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  • f**k this shit I'm out
    f**k this shit I'm out 6 gün önce

    3:35 = if you want to go straight to I've just seen a face, by Dawn and Hawkes

  • BigWorld
    BigWorld 3 hafta önce

    Dawn and Hawkes are the best

  • sherri parra
    sherri parra 1 ay önce

    I’ve just seen a face

  • sherri parra
    sherri parra 1 ay önce

    American girl!!!

  • wayne harrison
    wayne harrison 2 ay önce

    That was a great choice

  • M and M
    M and M 2 ay önce

    wow your personal favorite is the best!

  • Ty Gulick
    Ty Gulick 2 ay önce

    Awesome! Great job. Thank you!!

  • auot ukun
    auot ukun 2 ay önce

    thought that was my ex haha

  • Charles Tecan
    Charles Tecan 2 ay önce

    lol 😂😂

  • marlboroman2578
    marlboroman2578 2 ay önce

    dawn and hawkes are just awsome i would be happy to own a album by them

  • Ruby Shetler
    Ruby Shetler 2 ay önce

    Whitney and Shannon’s cover of Landslide is amazing.

  • t. smith
    t. smith 3 ay önce

    Dawn and Hawkes are really good.

  • t. smith
    t. smith 3 ay önce

    I like the wider of the first two.

  • Hacker Panda
    Hacker Panda 3 ay önce

    3:35 Dawn & Hawkes ❤️

  • deborah thompson
    deborah thompson 4 ay önce

    i love the twins

  • deborah thompson
    deborah thompson 4 ay önce

    dawn and oaks great singing

  • Amy Laura
    Amy Laura 4 ay önce

    💛💛💛Dawn and Hawkes brings love. It's The Beatles' song.

  • turkey jerky
    turkey jerky 4 ay önce

    I'm surprised the line didn't make your list

  • aiborlang nongsiang
    aiborlang nongsiang 5 ay önce

    dawn and hawkes are my fav

  • Mohit Mohanty
    Mohit Mohanty 5 ay önce

    Dawn and hawkes were awesome

  • Racheal Powerz
    Racheal Powerz 5 ay önce

    Wooow dawn hawkes my favourite

  • monkey bug
    monkey bug 5 ay önce

    Dad:i taught him that

  • Angela Galdames
    Angela Galdames 5 ay önce

    Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee encanto como cantaron la segunda cancion me encantooooo

  • 23vidmaster32
    23vidmaster32 6 ay önce

    The I’ve just seen a face song was incredible

  • Fernando H Mtz
    Fernando H Mtz 6 ay önce

    Alaska and Madi!!

  • Hubcio
    Hubcio 6 ay önce

    6:32 Usher haha

  • michael mclean
    michael mclean 6 ay önce

    Usher's like "imma fuck bof dem"

  • Grey Malkin
    Grey Malkin 6 ay önce

    I love Dawn and Hawkes. The way they look at each other is so sweet.

  • Zhal Fahmie
    Zhal Fahmie 6 ay önce

    Ive just seen a face ahayyy

  • SweetDWillie
    SweetDWillie 6 ay önce

    The second group sounds just like tom pretty when they do their harmonies

  • TheLawDemon
    TheLawDemon 6 ay önce


  • tonyroid1
    tonyroid1 6 ay önce

    The last act was fraggin awesome!

  • Ray Cowie
    Ray Cowie 7 ay önce

    I agree with you, squire...

  • Babs
    Babs 7 ay önce

    why does shakira look like shes wearing a bad wig sometimes. who did that to her

  • streamliner86
    streamliner86 7 ay önce

    Marigold Anne
    I know im late but Just Subscribed. This is what we all need" Thanks and please do more.

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 7 ay önce

    US seems to be the only show left, or one of very few, with an abundance of gifted singers! Great! :)

  • Zero Name
    Zero Name 7 ay önce

    Dawn and hawkes ftw

  • placido25
    placido25 7 ay önce

    Great show of Dawn and Hawkes.

    What kind of guitar does she play?

  • Anime Legend
    Anime Legend 7 ay önce

    What happens to duos? Like do the get treated like a normal single contestant?

  • Spliffnut
    Spliffnut 7 ay önce

    those sisters in red daaaamn they were the best.....dawn and hawkes was good too