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  • ineedSuninmylife JhopeOT7stan

    I know im kinda late but this is some deep and good shit. I really like this stuff cuz i dont know im weird and i know it. I love this soooo muchhh and you too shane.
    Ps. For any armys watching this.... April 11th dun dun dun... ( u know what im talking about if u know the BU

  • Jackie Camacho
    Jackie Camacho 1 saat önce

    2019 anyone?😂

  • Prankish Fox7630
    Prankish Fox7630 4 saat önce

    Where is the Black Daliha murder at

  • Amy's Petersen
    Amy's Petersen 7 saat önce

    I'm going on a cruise in 8 days and now I'm freaked out 😬😂😭

  • Violet Ryan
    Violet Ryan 8 saat önce

    when he showed the weapons there was a flute case that looked exactly like mine. I'm so scared now even tho it means literally nothing

  • Ukulele_Girl 1
    Ukulele_Girl 1 8 saat önce

    Do a story about the Michael Jackson unsolved death

  • SoSo_ Vlogs
    SoSo_ Vlogs 8 saat önce

    Now this is why I scroll through the comments while watching this

  • Shooo Oonta
    Shooo Oonta 9 saat önce

    The first unsolved murder the dude that had the long hair and glasses named Marty, he looked like that dude from open season 🤔

  • Matyika G.
    Matyika G. 10 saat önce


  • puppy_lover :3
    puppy_lover :3 12 saat önce


  • Aníta Nótt Kolbeinsdóttir

    can you pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeeee do a part 3!!

  • BleepBlop42 2
    BleepBlop42 2 13 saat önce

    You should stop cussing in your videos

    CHRISTINA DILKES 14 saat önce

    I was on the the toilet and I’m like looking in line toilet like do not kill me monsters

  • Annie Carpenter
    Annie Carpenter 17 saat önce

    I need to stop watching, but this is so interesting. Whats wrong with my mind😭

  • Kylie Pinkney
    Kylie Pinkney 17 saat önce

    I will add this emoji for every like on the comment 🤗

  • Scorpionstrike7
    Scorpionstrike7 1 gün önce

    0:16 Love that movie. They made a sequel last year!

  • Alyssa Plemons
    Alyssa Plemons 1 gün önce

    Plz! Plz! Plz! Do a video over Black Doliha ( I may have spelled it wrong)

  • Arii Fendí
    Arii Fendí 1 gün önce

    I honestly never liked cruises or ships once I watched Titanic 🤣 & tbh recently I’ve been wayyy more alert than ever since I started binge watching Shane’s theories 🚨‼️ be safe guys, god bless y’all!♥️🙏🏽

  • Čau Ade
    Čau Ade 1 gün önce

    A nice calming bedtime story bofore going to sleep? Naaaaaaa...
    Watching Shanes' video of people dying?
    Hell yeah!

  • G•A•B•B•Y S•B ?
    -Im just binge watching all of these videos :)

  • Buckeye 78
    Buckeye 78 1 gün önce

    You should go over jon benet ramsays murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BigBoyGamer GD
    BigBoyGamer GD 1 gün önce

    🦁🐯🦊 these are guardian animals, if you like they will protect you from all dangers

  • Billy lynch
    Billy lynch 1 gün önce

    fam you don't fuck with cults

  • Jimin’s main bitch
    Jimin’s main bitch 1 gün önce


  • Magdalena Mikulic
    Magdalena Mikulic 1 gün önce

    I am watching this video in the dark and this is so fucking crepy

  • Amy Rubi
    Amy Rubi 1 gün önce

    𝓢𝓪𝓯𝓮 𝓩𝓸𝓷𝓮:




    𝓒𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓷 𝓾𝓹:💄🧶🧵🧥🥼👚👕👖👔👗👙👘🥿👠👡👢👞👟🥾🧦🧤🧣🎩🧢👒🎓⛑👑💍👝👛👜💼🎒🧳👓🕶🥽🌂🧹🧺🧻🚽🚰🚿🛁🧼🧽🧴🎀

  • Caz Butcher
    Caz Butcher 1 gün önce

    these videos are not scary at all, if you can't watch it in full screen... yikes. sensitive much

  • Radka Bieleková
    Radka Bieleková 1 gün önce

    about the first case what if it was their sister who found them

  • Hyper Spud
    Hyper Spud 1 gün önce

    please do more!

    idk i find these things interesting

  • Abby Land
    Abby Land 2 gün önce

    im safe in the comments

  • Angel Fish
    Angel Fish 2 gün önce


    Okay I know This is kind of sad bc she died but imagine going to ask your neighbor for some condoms like

    “ hey neighbor would you mind if I borrow some condoms thanks”

    This is a joke lmao also love you Shane

  • Chaserslayer
    Chaserslayer 2 gün önce

    25 seconds in I’m gone

  • Ginger Coffee
    Ginger Coffee 2 gün önce

    shane d
    shane d

  • Skye Brown
    Skye Brown 2 gün önce

    Booty booty booty

  • W W 2 gün önce

    You should look at the JonBenét Ramsey murder it is also an unsolved murder

  • Myla Madison sings
    Myla Madison sings 2 gün önce

    U should make a video adopt how I seen this on a video how Dorothy from wizard of oz got molested by all the munchkins

  • Dimple Wierdo
    Dimple Wierdo 2 gün önce

    I’m in head phones and I’m straight up crying

  • Martin
    Martin 2 gün önce

    Hack successful and I'm slowly dying.

  • EeeshKoy
    EeeshKoy 2 gün önce

    My Birthday Is April 12

  • K_ya 192
    K_ya 192 2 gün önce

    Why didn’t they do a semen test for lily in the used condom