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  • HI SISTERS! For today's video, we're taking the blindfolded makeup challenge to the next level. I filmed with one of my favorite people, Molly Burke who has been blind since the age of 14. She's an amazing motivational speaker and youtuber who has not let her disability get the best of her. Enjoy our convo as she does my makeup... completely blind! MOLLY'S VIDEO » MOLLY'S CHANNEL » LAST VIDEO » SISTER'S APPAREL » SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL » for new videos! __ ♡ LET'S BE BFFS INSTAGRAM » TWITTER » SNAPCHAT » jamescharless __ ♡ COUPON CODES: MORPHE BRUSHES » Use code "JAMES" for 10% off all products UBER » Use code "SISTERJAMES" for $5 off your first 3 rides! LAURAS BOUTIQUE » Use code "JAMES" for 10% off all items LILLY LASHES » Use code "JAMES" for 15% off all lashes SKINDINAVIA » Use code "JAMES" for 25% off all products OFRA » Use code "JAMES" for 30% off all products ** All of the above links are affiliate links! I do make commission off of code uses. You don't have to use them, it's simply there to provide a discount for you guys! __ ♡ GRAPHICS Michael Rusakov ♡ EDITING Kelly Rocklein
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  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke 10 ay önce

    Love you, sister! <3 xo

  • Emily Hill
    Emily Hill 5 saat önce

    you rocked it

  • Petra Lynn
    Petra Lynn 9 saat önce

    Omg her hair is so long

  • Alyssa Borlace
    Alyssa Borlace 11 saat önce

    she is better at makeup than me and I am not blind

  • Alyssa Borlace
    Alyssa Borlace 11 saat önce

    love that she can still see a serton way........LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Joe is amazing
    Bobby Joe is amazing 14 saat önce

    Did anyone else notice that Molly used both hands?

  • Bobby Joe is amazing
    Bobby Joe is amazing 14 saat önce

    James, what r those wigs for

  • Raiders Nation
    Raiders Nation 20 saat önce

    you are beautiful never dought yourself

  • Helena Pamela
    Helena Pamela 21 saat önce

    I saw this video at the time that got upload, and today youtube suggest me, i was like..who is she? And then "omgg is molly!" Miss her beautiful hair, but prefer now hahaha

  • Kalani Singz
    Kalani Singz 23 saat önce

    How does she know where u are

  • Olivia Roessler
    Olivia Roessler 1 gün önce

    Wait Molly’s Canadian that’s so cool if so cuz I am

  • Ashley Douglas
    Ashley Douglas 1 gün önce


  • Millie Whittaker
    Millie Whittaker 1 gün önce

    I love molly don’t get me wrong, but when she was picking out the concealers and said ‘are these tarte’ she looked straight at the camera and pulled a face to say she knew, idk...

  • Cas Ross
    Cas Ross 1 gün önce

    She's such a queen she's so gorgeous, smart and isn't afraid to be open about her differences Ugh I love you so much girl @mollyburke

  • The Lonely Artist
    The Lonely Artist 1 gün önce

    Her hair is so long in this!

  • April B
    April B 1 gün önce

    My god i love to be james there listening in person with Molly her words are very meaningful 😭

  • Renee B
    Renee B 1 gün önce

    I swear in the thumbnail she looks like Ashley Rickards

  • B
    B 1 gün önce

    this is so cool! i love it!!

  • Eve Rennette
    Eve Rennette 1 gün önce

    She is so good at eyebrows in my opinion ❤️😋🙂

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith 1 gün önce

    Absolutely inspiring!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Eden Shiers-hawkins
    Eden Shiers-hawkins 1 gün önce

    Really not trying to be rude in any way but how does Molly type comments if she was blind or does she get her mum to help

  • Emma Isaman
    Emma Isaman 1 gün önce

    Molly we’res your dog

  • Angela Rubio
    Angela Rubio 1 gün önce

    at least she'd survive in birdbox

  • Alexa aa
    Alexa aa 1 gün önce

    Is she really blind?

  • Arianna Carulli
    Arianna Carulli 1 gün önce

    Molly is sooo beautiful!!!! I love her

  • Akshay Gowrishankar
    Akshay Gowrishankar 1 gün önce

    She would be a great comedian as well as a sister amazing makeup artist.

  • Dawn Jones
    Dawn Jones 2 gün önce

    I love everything about this!!!!!! Love you both! I want Molly to meet Jeffery Star! =D

  • jazzy cruz
    jazzy cruz 2 gün önce

    Every one does a video with molly now days I LOVE it

  • The1stonemonkey
    The1stonemonkey 2 gün önce

    at first I thought she wasn't because she was so good at picking making and knowing the brand I thought she wasn't blind but now that's when she looks at the camera fro a couple seconds her eye lashes or eyes wiggle a little bit and that's not a normal thing(no harm) (I mean like as a cool thing) so she basically is blind but unice (I cant spell)

  • Jabami
    Jabami 2 gün önce

    Is she... really blind?

  • Bobbi Equestrian
    Bobbi Equestrian 2 gün önce

    I love James (and it's not just him), but I find it kinda insensitive when people name their videos "blind girl" and then something else... just my opinion, don't come for me, lol

  • Zaina Ansari
    Zaina Ansari 2 gün önce

    The most positive person I've seen!❤️

  • ElyKaye muzik
    ElyKaye muzik 2 gün önce

    I got a lil confused.. But waw shes real cool..

  • Savannah love
    Savannah love 3 gün önce

    Hey next time you go on tour can you please go to canton Texas bc I really really want to see you

  • Lifelong Studios
    Lifelong Studios 3 gün önce

    Why does it seem like she can see

  • Lifelong Studios
    Lifelong Studios 3 gün önce

    She knows his makeup better than he does

  • Stevany Pearce
    Stevany Pearce 3 gün önce


  • SiennaPlayz123 4
    SiennaPlayz123 4 3 gün önce

    Love you Sister molly! Don’t believe anything people say about you. You are amazing and you have fought for your life this whole time and a little thing can stop that. But that is not you love you xx

  • Kelsey Starling
    Kelsey Starling 4 gün önce

    James! This video is the best, I am the same way when it comes to trying to do my normal day to day makeup,lol...usually whinds up being at least an hour😑😂👌💘

  • Taylor Murphy
    Taylor Murphy 4 gün önce

    Molly you are pretty do not worry girl!