Halloween Look : Evil Ice Queen

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  • Bloopers at the end. Products Used: Tatcha Water Cream Moisturizer Elmers Glue Stick TooFaced Born This Way Foundation - Cloud Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette - Grey SugarPill Pro Palette -- Black | Blue | Red CC Beauty Flash Palette ABH Glow Kit - Moon Child Graftobian Water Activated Paints -- Black & White Snazaroo Clown Face Cream Ben Nye White Setting Powder Mesh Contacts -- ouch What are you going to be for Halloween? I usually never dress up on the actual holiday, instead I'm just handing out candy....and eating it. B U S I N E S S: For Business and Branding purposes please vanessa@jamesgrant.com For Public Relations please contact vanessa@jamesgrant.com STAY CONNECTED WITH ME: Snapchat: hi.nic Instagram: nicoleguerriero - http://www.instagram.com/nicoleguerriero Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nguerriero19 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nguerriero19 The End.
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  • BeautybyAndreaJ
    BeautybyAndreaJ 2 ay önce

    If i were to see that thing while out in the snow I would run for dear life!! Great look Nicole!!!

  • Emily Karapcik
    Emily Karapcik 2 ay önce

    I love the movie Frozen you look like Elsa ! 💁

  • Jessica Velzy
    Jessica Velzy 3 ay önce

    ha ha ha thats like my everyday face color. pale AF

  • Rachael Battocchi
    Rachael Battocchi 3 ay önce

    The blue lipstick would of worked too!

  • Riri Riri
    Riri Riri 3 ay önce

    With that wig at first you gave the game thrones vibe

  • makeup_mommy_
    makeup_mommy_ 3 ay önce

    I would love to see you review wigs from Amazon I love to change my hair color but i know I'm just hurting my hair 😪 and I want to start putting wigs on and I'm new to wigs

  • Chloe Mcdonagh
    Chloe Mcdonagh 3 ay önce

    Idk i feel like I'd like it more w no drips. It doesn't really say ice Queen to me 🤔

  • Lauren Shepherd
    Lauren Shepherd 3 ay önce

    What about a zombie Disney princess? My daughter was a zombie Ariel 2 years ago for halloween. I think itd be a cool makeup to do you could use some glitter eye shadow. Itd be the perfect combo and glitter and Gore 😊🎃👻

  • Nay Nay
    Nay Nay 3 ay önce

    Queen 👑


    U are so talented

  • Tress C
    Tress C 3 ay önce

    Nicole, what brushes do you use for the small detailing??

  • Blessed Beauty8531
    Blessed Beauty8531 3 ay önce

    You did that!!!!

  • Brianna Hardin
    Brianna Hardin 3 ay önce

    Do a skull look😍

  • Melody Calderon
    Melody Calderon 3 ay önce

    Please do a Mortal Kombat look

  • Zulima Tristancho
    Zulima Tristancho 3 ay önce

    This is SCARY!!! Love it!!!

  • Leslie D
    Leslie D 3 ay önce

    Does anyone else think that she looks like Karol G???

  • CitoMarie Loredo
    CitoMarie Loredo 3 ay önce

    Come thru OG triple OG!!! I love your channel, Been a fan since day 1...#RideOrDie 😍🙌🏽❤️ This look is Amazing!

  • Zoe Holbrook
    Zoe Holbrook 3 ay önce

    Amazing!! ❄️💙

    SUSII 3 ay önce

    I just found your channel nd so faaar im lovingg your Halloween looks , i also followed you on my twitter , you're very talented 👌

  • Stephanie vargas
    Stephanie vargas 3 ay önce

    You are amazing wow I’m speechless I love it 😩😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • StaciRenee
    StaciRenee 3 ay önce

    Your so creative this time of year, I always look forward to your videos for Halloween!!!!!

  • Lori Ruiz
    Lori Ruiz 3 ay önce

    Again and again and again you amaze me! Yes yes yes! I’m here for this!

  • Yelary Matos
    Yelary Matos 3 ay önce

    what brush do you use for the contouring/shading

  • Tatcha
    Tatcha 3 ay önce

    We are so honored to prep your skin in this look! Love how it turned out! 💜

  • glamgirl77
    glamgirl77 3 ay önce

    Beautiful and eerie. I love that you mentioned Kimberly Margarita, I follow her on Instagram.

  • berenise
    berenise 3 ay önce

    you just keep getting better and better from your first Halloween vids! So cool! 🙌

  • Ness H
    Ness H 3 ay önce

    Can you do the Nun !!!!

  • Tia Marie
    Tia Marie 3 ay önce

    White hair looks nice on your skin complexion nic! 💙

  • itssammybae xo
    itssammybae xo 3 ay önce


  • Shameful0101
    Shameful0101 3 ay önce

    if Mr freeze and poison ivy had a baby this is what she would look like! I love it!

  • Angela Vitale
    Angela Vitale 3 ay önce


  • Innocent Saucedo
    Innocent Saucedo 4 ay önce


  • Katelyn Seay
    Katelyn Seay 4 ay önce

    I was thinning, instead of "sweet" looks, maybe sultry, sexy, evil??

  • Kay B
    Kay B 4 ay önce

    Girl I am living for you!!! Halloween look is my favorite!! Im glad you’re doing this!! And I’m glad you’re not part of the Make up guru drama!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ bless you princess. Stay classy 🙏🏽

  • Lindsey Mathis
    Lindsey Mathis 4 ay önce

    I havent been super active on YT recently and came to see your Halloween looks. I was halfway through and though "oh I bet shes got a few new mil subs"...so I checked. I cannot believe you only have 3mil! I swore you had nearly 10 last time I was here?!?! You are amazing and deserve a 100 million subscribers!

    THE GLITTER PIXIE 4 ay önce

    Wish i could dress up proper but bloody kids treak or treating takes over haha next year hes 10 and me and daddy are going to a party #bestgetpractising

  • Jackie K
    Jackie K 4 ay önce

    you deserve way more views for how amazing your artistry is! Keep up the great work with these looks. I think that you should do videos like this all year round and maybe do movie character makeup or something.

    KEVOTLDYASO 4 ay önce

    love it!! I'm you officially inspired by the look & I'm going to be a ice queen for Halloween now for sure

  • Yarisel Delgado
    Yarisel Delgado 4 ay önce

    you're so talented... I look forward to all these halloween looks from you every year!!!

  • Sana'i Taylor
    Sana'i Taylor 4 ay önce

    This look 😍😩 sooooo good! I am completely and utterly obsessed! Nicole you killed it! & those teasers at the end 😂😂