What Plants Talk About (Full Documentary)

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    Thank you for taking your time

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    It's funny to hear the stupidity of people who decide to eat meat mocking vegans.

    Let me tell you something, we vegans know that the plants are alive, we know that plants suffer. But eating plants don't destroy the planet, don't cause misery and poverty, don't give us cancer, and we don't torture living organism like meat industry does.

    People driving their Prius or Teslas fapping to the mirror and fooling themselves when cattle emits more contamination that cars, typical poser hypocrisy. Instagram fitness posers eating meat at every meal, and people starving in the world when it's a fact that all the calories fed to cows could stop world hunger.

    Thing is that a KG of beef should be expensive AF, because it should be a commodity, plants give way more nutritional value without massacre, soy fields, and contamination. People who eats meat because "it's tasty", acts like a spoil brat who says no mommy I don't like broccoli and then his stupid mother manipulated by the kid's nutrition gives him a slice of pizza.

    People in USA eats the worst kind of cheap meat, because YOLO, TV says meat is essential to build muscle, FFS, you eat cow muscle, tell me, does a cow eat meat by evolution to build muscle? I know evolution bla bla bla I don't have multiple stomach bla bla bla, but you have a fucking brain, science and medicine who tell you what should you eat to be healthy.

    I recently read a comment about a guy asking why bodybuilders eat lentils who have way more protein than meat, well the meat eater said I ate lentils one day and next day took a massive shit. Well, lentils have lots of fiber, which meat don't have, but if you like to be full of shit and have a clogged asshole be my guest.

    Vegan haters reach 30 overweight, can't get a boner because clogged arteries and what does the doctor say? Eat less meat, eat more fruits and vegetables. By the end of 60 they are so scared about dying soon that some change their diet, so... That attitude of mocking vegans it's just a bully immature kid who wants to drink soda and candy all day. Real mature guys real mature.

    We make our own reality, it's your fucking life you can eat your own balls in you want, but what would be nice for everyone it's to have consideration, people are hungry, some lost his country and food production because on the burger you eat at McDonalds. We are killing the planet, and getting sick with each bite.

    Vegans eats fruits and vegetable that are produced by slaves and they pose like they're better than meat eaters. We must be responsible, we have the brain and we live with opportunities to make things right, but most of people only care for posing in Instagram and Twitter like they're better than others. Like a midget driving biggest SUV, or the midlife crisis man who gets a sports car and tries to get a girl younger than his daughter.

    Honestly, vegans know that it's impossible to tell an ignorant spoiled brat what to do, but I don't care, you'll die soon with all bacon and cheese :)

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    TreeHugger🌳Dave 2 gün önce

    🌞💟🌳🦉👀👥💀 do the humans desire to listen to the wisdom the animals have learned from their experience

    Do they have discernment to comprehend where those animals began to even learn (think 💭) in the 1st place... 🌱wasnt it digestion of the vibrations of light trapped in the plants 🌱
    And 🍄 just where did the brave ones 🌲☝️ begin to see 👀 the dreams of of the dreams

    Just where did that light 🌞 come from
    How dis its love 💚 ever begin to be trapped 💫
    🌹 knows 💋☕️🖤💭💋🌊

  • jerome kugan
    jerome kugan 2 gün önce

    Does this mean that weed plants get high on their own fumes?

  • Edward Newman
    Edward Newman 2 gün önce

    When I read the comments on this video I was struck by the conspicuous lack of "nay Sayers".
    This is refreshing.

  • Angel5
    Angel5 3 gün önce

    Plants have feelings vegans!.

  • Brandy Echeverria
    Brandy Echeverria 3 gün önce

    Love my nature!

  • Brandy Echeverria
    Brandy Echeverria 3 gün önce

    Thank you for sharing, enjoyed!

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    rosa lara 3 gün önce

    We must protect nature and shut down monsanto, nestle, du pont etc it is an emergency!

  • rosa lara
    rosa lara 3 gün önce

    possibly the best video i've ever seen, fascinating!

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    Is Ian Baldwin related to Rick Steves from PBS? He looks and talks just like him!!! Maybe they are half brothers?

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    Analiza j 3 gün önce

    Jeez!!! This is a very cute and heartwarming documentary! I can't believe what am seeing. Am not sure but on the early part of the vid seemed like the little tomato plant is trying to avoid the tiny sucker and that's extremely fascinating!!!! So Mama's right,! gonna talk to my plants now! 💗💗💗💗💕

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    They didn't read your papers. They watched Fern Gully. A cartoon was years ahead of you.

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    Hell no, you couldn't pay me to sit in the dark with a light to wait for moths...

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    TheTractorjaws agreed. We can all agree that the industry is ethically wrong and economically unsustainable. Also, as a species we are realizing the therapeutic benefits of animals in our lives - from dogs and kittens in family homes to social bonding and emotional healing programs (elderly homes, prisons, veterans with PTSD, office dogs to public animals like library cats etc). So we know that animals do have feelings and that these feelings are at the core of all animal life, including human life. Feelings/emotions are at the root of all human civilizational structures (from the economy to culture). To deny them is ignorance born of a culture of ultra masculinity and militarism that ensconced Europe during the 1880s-WOrld war one.

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    My crabgrass sent me here.

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    Mike Custom Creations 4 gün önce

    I cant believe anybody would even consider eating these poor things, at least animals have a chance to run away.... Go Carnivorous!!!

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    David Mathews II 4 gün önce

    Good flick

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    Julie K 5 gün önce

    And people think all of this was just a happy accident. It's obviously too complex to be an accident.

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    frisconinja 6 gün önce

    EVEN if they change the pollinator, they still can't avoid the pollinator that are not to their liking to come and rape them over and over again. Unless they hire security consultants which is what nature have no idea about since they need to figure out the ROI of things between the beneficiaries. Things could get heated when it comes to who gets what. Most of them are just pricks who thinks they are entitled. Common wisdom can only get so far until they succumbed into fruition nothing will ever achieve the perfect balance until the equilibrium of Magenta 20198 gamma ray reach a certain distant towards Hkl4e45 black hole in the outer ream of Spenular Galaxy 938.1

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    Simeon Dawkins 6 gün önce

    im vegan and hope they dont suffer when they r eaten mannnn empathy sucks lol

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    Brent tripp Thomas 1 hafta önce

    I’d say absolutely they communicate in a different way

    DDRAIG 1 hafta önce

    As long as their not talking about me I’m fine 🤣

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    This nap weed dud got me all tensed up 😂 it reminded me when i first learned about bacterial resistance in high school i had the same reaction.

  • Ms. Rae
    Ms. Rae 1 hafta önce

    This documentary is Amazing!!! I can't believe I am just now seeing it. I always kind of suspected there has to be some kind of extreme action to give us the food we eat. Nothing just happens.

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    That fatty bear. 🌿❤🔥🌳

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    they don't just talk to you....plants are watching you...waiting...

  • Robin Hollis-Oestereich
    Robin Hollis-Oestereich 2 hafta önce

    July 26th....tornado Carr fire took out so much.....cremated the house and all in it..melted a truck...lost 30 trees. I noticed two evergreen trees that have always been outside the dog area fencing survived and they actually appeared as if they moved close to one another. Months later they have scooted back apart. Poor things look so bad but they made it. I would have loved to see them moving...they did..but would have loved to see it happening🌲

  • ATaurian
    ATaurian 2 hafta önce

    What are vegans going to eat now.

  • Trevor Or
    Trevor Or 2 hafta önce

    Well d'oh! Plants have only been on the planet tens of millions of years longer than us. Like it said at the end we're the dumb ones and the way we are going as a species soon to be extinct unlike the plants

  • Damian Dos Santos
    Damian Dos Santos 2 hafta önce

    dude i was tripping on a double dose of acid years ago and i saw this one plant that was releasing like pheromones or something that looked like that space between a flame and smoke.. it really freaked me out cause it was the only one that was doing it.. crazy story but its true, but in my defense i didnt claim to see god though

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    Those pesky vines! They're a pain in my derriere! Lol

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    tell me more

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    Wow !!! Who engineered that ?!? hmm... 🤔

  • Dave Ton
    Dave Ton 2 hafta önce

    Everything alive has a spirit, only human ignores it!

  • Isosceles Kramer
    Isosceles Kramer 2 hafta önce

    Of course plants behave and communicate and eat. That doesn’t mean they’re conscious. It’s a reflex.

  • Black Opal
    Black Opal 2 hafta önce

    It's all the mushrooms. Mushrooms are the oldest life on the planet, 2 billion yrs, nothing else comes close. They think better than us. Mushrooms had hundreds of millions of years to evolve things like plants, trees, animals and human beings as survival mechanisms; all to facilitate their dominance over the earth! … But they didn't anticipate an animal becoming self aware so now we're dominant, temporarily. Our plan is ridiculously infinitesimal compared to theirs, as we will be long gone and they will still be here.