Hip Thrusting My Way To A Healthy Knee | Recovery Time w/ Zac Efron

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  • Mary A. G. H
    Mary A. G. H 1 hafta önce

    I love u so much zac

  • Ava’s Avocados
    Ava’s Avocados 3 hafta önce

    I love you I’m your Biggest fan ever !!!!!! 😀

  • Austin Goolsby
    Austin Goolsby 3 hafta önce

    I tore my PCL this summer and I had to do the same PT it sucks so much lmao

  • IndiaJosephine Stone

    I had mine done with my hamstring tendon. My recovery is gonna be even longer because I just have no muscle anywhere 😅

  • Mel Westcott
    Mel Westcott 2 ay önce

    My acl was graphed from my hamstring. And this therapist seems awesome. Mine strapped my knee to an automatic chair that bent it at weird angles.

  • Gabby L
    Gabby L 4 ay önce

    This mustache! My gosh 😍😍😍

  • Felipe Nobrega
    Felipe Nobrega 5 ay önce

    Muito bom o vídeo, seria melhor ainda se tivesse legenda em outros idiomas como espanhol ou português ou até Alemão e francês :).

  • GymnastJaycie
    GymnastJaycie 5 ay önce

    You need to be my moms husbend so you can be my dad

  • Eden Ruthenberg
    Eden Ruthenberg 5 ay önce

    I hope you get better soon. I will been thinking about you too.

  • chardenae j
    chardenae j 5 ay önce

    I'm not suppose to be here 😊😉but I'm watching and everything looks good except from my end ,I can't see enough action and goodness yet. Looks like things are gonna soon work it's own miracle.

  • Melema talili
    Melema talili 5 ay önce

    next week going to home in Louisiana rn I am in Beaumont tx pam rehab since last year dec 1st I went in to hospitals my whole body was shutting down and shook been in bed for months an I couldn’t walk so I did Pt from different hospital then went to rehab now I getting better...
    Thanks zac for sharing this now i am work harder

  • Ellie Pollo
    Ellie Pollo 5 ay önce

    Thank you for sharing this personal journey with us.

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali 5 ay önce


  • nadine graves
    nadine graves 5 ay önce

    Lmao a lot of people are going to be stroked about this video...... literally

  • Divine 1111
    Divine 1111 6 ay önce

    Iv just had a Zachary David alexander claiming to be you (@Zacefron) saying his account will be deactivated soon and is connecting with fans to see their input on your channels ... 😴😴 I wish people will just grow up and get a life and stop pretending to be certain celebrities. Your videos are awesome by the way

  • Akanksha Prasad
    Akanksha Prasad 6 ay önce

    You are such a motivation Mr. Efron 😊!!

  • Deborah Palmer
    Deborah Palmer 6 ay önce

    Somehow I accidentally unsubscribed! Gutted. Resubbed but its not the same. Was here from the beginning

  • Haley Caldwell
    Haley Caldwell 6 ay önce

    This title is click bait.

  • Kylie ian Reyes
    Kylie ian Reyes 6 ay önce

    Hi babe😍😘😍😘😍😍😘

  • 1 Suzy W
    1 Suzy W 6 ay önce

    Sorry feel better

  • Liv Productively
    Liv Productively 6 ay önce

    As someone who's torn both their ACLs I know this pain. Excited to see your journey!!

  • Gavin Hoy
    Gavin Hoy 6 ay önce

    been watching Zac's videos but came back to make sure im subscribed

  • Philip Claas
    Philip Claas 6 ay önce

    Just come out of surgery on MY ACL. This is the motivation I need. Good work Zac. Keep this mini-series going!!!

  • Jessa Lil Crazy
    Jessa Lil Crazy 6 ay önce

    Hey Zac, I can be your next therapist! LOL

  • Alicia Williams
    Alicia Williams 6 ay önce

    You and one of my friends had the same surgery at the same time.

  • Dakota Boda
    Dakota Boda 6 ay önce

    When I describe you I say Troy from high school musical or that dude from hairspray and he's in the corny Collins show lol

  • Work Out
    Work Out 6 ay önce

    Hace calistenia

  • Brandy Walters
    Brandy Walters 6 ay önce

    Did anyone else slow the video down to 0.25 during the hip thrusts? So hilarious!!!

  • The Queens
    The Queens 6 ay önce

    Just as a recommendation, (for Zac) you should try skipping, for twenty minutes of it equal 1 hour of sprinting. It is one way to get loads of exercise.

  • The Queens
    The Queens 6 ay önce

    Also, that looks tough to do. Even I don't workout that much (if it is more than 1 and a half hours)😏

  • The Queens
    The Queens 6 ay önce

    Good! Zac's recovering well!!!

  • Wrangle McDangle
    Wrangle McDangle 6 ay önce

    wish i could afford this shit for my torn lcl and acl :^)

  • Ashlie KK
    Ashlie KK 6 ay önce

    Looking good zac!!! Keep up the amazing work!

  • David Vasquez
    David Vasquez 6 ay önce

    That mustache making my boy zac hella Mexican 😂 🇲🇽

  • A Clockwork Fangirl
    A Clockwork Fangirl 6 ay önce

    Hi! Hope whoever reading this is having a great week!
    And random question, where ru guys from? I'm from Thailand!

  • Aimee Garcia
    Aimee Garcia 6 ay önce

    Do a #GYMTIMEWITHZAC with connor

  • shaye the pear
    shaye the pear 6 ay önce

    do you edit your own videos i am super interested

  • er1038
    er1038 6 ay önce

    I'll getting my left knee done soon. Also have an ACL complete tear. This was reassuring. Thanks for the upload. Cheers

  • Kacey Williams
    Kacey Williams 6 ay önce

    ZAC EFRON UR MY IDOL OMG !! I’m about to faint !

  • Lisa Kilroy
    Lisa Kilroy 6 ay önce

    Ahhh I done the same thing 5 months ago! A LOT more painful and inconvenient than it looks! Even bending your toe hurts 😳