Is Leaded Fuel better than Unleaded? Let's find out!

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  • Is leaded fuel better as than unleaded gasoline? 100 octane low lead aviation fuel (100LL avgas) is tested in several engines: Wankel rotary, see through piston engine, fuel injected generator, small engine for lead build up, and Predator 212 for top speed performance. A special thanks to Matt from the Warped Perception YouTube channel for loaning his rotary engine to me! Please check out his channel. His videos are absolutely amazing!!! Also, thanks to all the viewers that requested this video. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
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  • skandigraun
    skandigraun 20 saat önce

    Sooooo... is it better? Or what?

  • Frimmbits
    Frimmbits 3 gün önce

    Have not seen the video yet but I have to comment.
    Lead was taken out of gasoline because of it's adverse health effects on children and the vulnerable. Actually lead has very good antiknock property by "denseing" the fuel.

  • Rafael Teixeira
    Rafael Teixeira 3 gün önce

    avigas on a diesel engine

  • Wendell Greenidge
    Wendell Greenidge 4 gün önce

    But also keep in mind the point of leaded fuel is to raise the octane level and you need to actual tune and add timing or force induction to actually benefit from the added octane to resist engine knock

  • Wendell Greenidge
    Wendell Greenidge 4 gün önce

    You must have a lot of free time to do these videos lol

  • Trevor Janes
    Trevor Janes 4 gün önce

    Dude I don't know how you ain't rich already. You're testing has led to some really conclusive evidence on a lot of topics on oil and fuel. I say time for you to cash in on your knowledge. And thank you for giving me some ideas of my own.

  • Mr awesome
    Mr awesome 4 gün önce

    Great video can you make your engine run on hydrogen I bet you could

  • Holden FFA
    Holden FFA 5 gün önce

    When you did the 400 watt load you put a fan and 2 heaters are you hot or cold

  • Joe K
    Joe K 6 gün önce

    These tests you're doing are you relevant. spark plugs were made differently for lead gasoline versus the non-lead gasoline in the current spark plugs we have today. This whole thing is invalid

  • ChessMasterNate
    ChessMasterNate 1 hafta önce

    Dude this lead stuff is very bad. Even small amounts raise your blood pressure, which then damages your kidneys, then you die early. It can also cause heart disease: "Using these data, the team calculated that blood lead levels higher than 1 μg/dL are responsible for around 412,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. Of these, around 256,000 are from CVD."
    We are blaming drug overdoses for the reductions in life expectancy, but it is not that simple.

    There is permanent damage to self control and IQ it causes when exposed before birth or as an infant. This is what caused the elevated crime form the 1960's into the late 1990's. They can see this damage on MRI.
    As this early lead exposure damages self control, it also greatly increases addiction and drug overdoses. If you look at the ages of the overdoses, you will see a lot of people who are not young. People born when lead exposure was at its height.

    They were all set to get rid of this crap in avgas in 2016, but Trump...
    They already formulated and fully tested new fuels. Some even gave more range. Now it will cost more when the change is made, because all these companies have the refineries sitting idle for 2-3 years that were supposed to make this.

    I also believe the reason we were spinning our wheels in the 1980's and 1990's on lots of tech including the Space Shuttle was that the brightest of the bright just did not exist in the US unless they were imported because everyone had been exposed to lead. Virtually no new US born chess grandmasters for quite some time. After leaded car fuel was banned children began to be born without the damage. Now we are making Grand Masters almost every year, and there are 4 American chess players in the top 20 in the world including the #2 spot. 5 Russians. The Russians never used the lead additive. They knew it was poison. There was a gap where lead went up again because of increases in smelting. Gladly that is now behind us. Sort of. Some could be coming from just across the boarder in Mexico where they moved all the smelting. And I mean just across the boarder. It is expensive to ship car batteries, so the recycling is as close as they can get. The right solution is to ban the sale of new/replacement lead acid starter batteries (over 70% of lead smelting is for starter batteries). Lithium can replace these and last 3+ times as long for roughly 3x the price. Actually, likely to save you money, as there are often other costs beyond just the battery towing. And sometimes you damage your alternator as the battery slowly dies...and it has to work harder.

  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson 1 hafta önce

    You can make more power with aviation gas by increasing compression ratio and advancing ignition timing.

  • zool201975
    zool201975 1 hafta önce

    wait you can still get leaded fuel in the US? that is insane!!!!

  • друг
    друг 1 hafta önce

    wow that probably the first time I've ever seen a rotary engine work in real life

  • Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes 1 hafta önce

    Leaded tastes much better.

  • 37kgb02
    37kgb02 1 hafta önce

    The main reason for Addding lead into full was to publicatie the valves and to prevent nocking.
    Nowerdays the full and the internal combustion engines are a lot better and is the very toxic no more needed.

  • Chris Price
    Chris Price 1 hafta önce

    Do higher octane fuels damage small engines?

  • Clyde Calamity
    Clyde Calamity 1 hafta önce

    Both are great. Burned down each of my ex girlfriends’ houses with ease. Big stamp of approval. 🤘🏻

  • Daevyd Jae
    Daevyd Jae 1 hafta önce

    Thomas Midgley is infamous in the scientific community because of crappy inventions like lead in gasoline and CFC's. Kids were having high levels of lead in their systems, and there is a link between high lead content and violent behavior.
    To cap off his life, he became disabled with polio, and it was hard to even get out of bed. He invented a complicated pulley system to lift him from his bed. However this plan backfired and he got caught up in the ropes and strangled himself.
    Both tragic and hysterical.

  • Thomas Neal
    Thomas Neal 1 hafta önce

    Man I wish I had that much land

  • Power Surge
    Power Surge 1 hafta önce

    He must buy his head gaskets by the case

  • INTO_IT_ALL_ HOBBY_ enthusiast

    You should try to run a engine on nitro rc car fuel !

  • mark marcinik
    mark marcinik 1 hafta önce

    I hope you had ear protection for the wankel test. It’s has got to be the loudest and most horrible sound ever.

  • Kevin Danger Powers
    Kevin Danger Powers 1 hafta önce

    Another great video! You're really getting good with all the camera work. keep the videos coming!

  • N Gauge England -Synthematix-

    Thanks, now i want a petrol go-kart! that thing looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

  • HolaSoyAlejandro
    HolaSoyAlejandro 2 hafta önce

    wtf is leashed fuel

  • Diego Pacheco
    Diego Pacheco 2 hafta önce

    Diesel vs leaded fuel vs unleaded fuel

  • flyinwalenda
    flyinwalenda 2 hafta önce

    I been running avgas in my RC plane 2-stroke gasoline engines for years and my carb rebuilds were practically eliminated versus when running on pump gas. I've been running my weed eaters and chain saws on it for two years and not a carb rebuild yet. The gas/oil mixture stays fresh for over a year plus there is no eye/nose burning stench .

  • Vivian Eubank
    Vivian Eubank 2 hafta önce

    If you get a chance to try Mechanic in a Bottle. It's sold at Home Depot. I have seen it do amazing things.

  • StopThemNow08
    StopThemNow08 2 hafta önce

    AVGAS has NO detergents in it. That’s why you have more carbon build up..

  • Marshall Warden
    Marshall Warden 2 hafta önce

    I use this stuff in my generator & lawn mower for winter storage. Actually just started a old honda cb200 motorcycle last week that I had stored for 8yrs with 100ll in it. Fired right up & ran good as it did when it was parked. Fuel still smelled fresh....some fuel injected engines don't like it some run just fine on it. Carburetored engines typically seem to run better.

  • bcgrittner
    bcgrittner 2 hafta önce

    Well, here’s a can of worms. Volatility factor (Reid Vapor Pressure) is limited in avgas to a factor of 7. This mitigates vapor lock at high altitudes. Many light aircraft have gravity feed fuel systems. Auto gas can have an RVP as high as 12 during colder seasons. The lead in the avgas will cause problems with modern automotive engines. Avgas cannot be dispensed directly into your car. As an octane booster for an older high compression engine it works pretty well. The big disadvantage of avgas is its price. As of 2016 its price had a nationwide average of $5.75 per gallon.

  • bobwatters
    bobwatters 2 hafta önce

    Valve seats used to be made out of unhardened metal and the lead acted as a cushion between the valve and valve seat. When they removed lead from fuel they started making valve seats out of hardened steel so the lead was no longer needed. There shouldn't be any difference in performance in the short term, other than possibly messing up some catalytic converters on cars. You will also see no performance gain from higher octane fuel without advancing the spark timing.

  • LanceTheInvader
    LanceTheInvader 2 hafta önce

    Yes, leaded gas is better. But, norms have changed and we have the next best thing. In the long run we are all winner thought. The easy way out aint always the best.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 hafta önce

    Leaded gas "was" better years ago for many reasons. Most importantly, it helped stop friction in the valves. Now, it doesn't really matter due to how the motor is made. It may even hurt an engine.

  • alex.mail123
    alex.mail123 2 hafta önce

    I need more that Wankel engine!

  • Ryan Hogan
    Ryan Hogan 2 hafta önce

    Over time they will short the electrodes to the ground strap., in flight training for private’s lisence they teach you to know when it’s happening, and how to help resolve it in flight, by leaning the engine building some heat, some guys have told me they will make a heavy climb or decent to tip the engine to help move it, not sure if that’s a wives tail , I don’t like to dive because my engine is running rough, unless I’m 100% sure it will solve the issue, I’ve only dealt with the issue during run up thus far.., I’m sure my old 290d2 will get me one day..

  • Paul Davidson
    Paul Davidson 3 hafta önce

    Leaded gas is a lethal cumulative toxin ,so no.

  • evanplanas
    evanplanas 3 hafta önce

    "Don't use jet fuel as a skin cleanser...." someone messed up big enough to make it necessary to actually have that be written down.

  • Clark Pitts
    Clark Pitts 3 hafta önce

    Ton of work making these videos.. Great work. A++

  • Jack T
    Jack T 3 hafta önce

    Cars had a lot of issues with valve guides initially. However, roller valve train and compensating other ways did away with the issues in time. What killed lead for cars was the catalytic converter.
    In aviation a couple things happened. Traditionally, airports had to inventory both 100/130 and 80/87. 100LL was approved for use in 80/87 engines enabling them to inventory only one type of gasoline. However, 100LL has much more lead the 80/87, which caused plugs to foul very quickly, which from a practical standpoint required 80/87 engined aircraft to add EGT meters to lean out the engines so the plugs wouldn't foul so quickly. Today, some airplanes and engines are approved for lead-free car gas that more an more airports are stocking, and it's cheaper. Worldwide, gasoline at airports is no longer universal. Many only have gas turbine fuel. (kerosene with a few additives).