We Got Our Makeup Done While Lying Down Like Katy Perry • Ladylike

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  • Ezra of the Rift
    Ezra of the Rift 6 saat önce

    When Jen said "hey Google no more timer" my phone(that I'm using) reacted...

  • a random Sagittarius
    a random Sagittarius 12 saat önce

    Hey Devin.......I nEeD tHaT qUeEn ShIrT!!!!

  • Kelly Blaser
    Kelly Blaser 4 gün önce

    the best Kristens fondation has ever looked

  • Ally Wellander
    Ally Wellander 5 gün önce

    Just thought you should know that I was painting my nails while I was watching this video, and I looked down and noticed that the color name is lady like. I love you guys by the way!! ❤️

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris 1 hafta önce

    Why was Jen so nervous that she covered herself in a blanket? These are her friends.

  • Jæda Kim
    Jæda Kim 1 hafta önce

    I wanna lie on Devin's lap and have her do my makeup. She's such a calming influence

  • emily barreiro
    emily barreiro 1 hafta önce

    can we talk about devins shirt i love QUEEN

  • nickyluvsjesus
    nickyluvsjesus 1 hafta önce

    yahs lime crime liquid lipstick SLAY

  • Taylor Merrill
    Taylor Merrill 1 hafta önce

    @7:25 Jen’s only wearing one sock.... 😂😂😂

  • The Slimentist
    The Slimentist 1 hafta önce

    Oh my gad! Does Deven have a queen shirt and where did she get it.

  • Mr devil 123
    Mr devil 123 2 hafta önce

    Why is it every time I try to drink water Jen comes on and makes me laugh i.e choke on water 😁😁😁

  • adhya
    adhya 2 hafta önce

    Is Devin or chantel pregnant???

  • Madison Drury
    Madison Drury 2 hafta önce

    They should try ASMR

  • Genna Bugeja
    Genna Bugeja 2 hafta önce

    Make up or make down

  • Nandini DRC
    Nandini DRC 2 hafta önce

    omg i do makeup like this..obviously on near n dear ones . it’s easy n comfy for me.

  • Robby Zamzam
    Robby Zamzam 2 hafta önce

    Hey What about Ladylike trying out Drag makeup? Like following Makeup tutorials by Trixie Mattel, Latrice Royale, etc? LOVE when you do something like that... maybe even a Spin That Wheel Challenge where names of the Drag Queens are in the Wheel!!!!
    <3 <3 <3 Love you Girls!

  • Georgia
    Georgia 2 hafta önce

    What's Devins foundation?

  • Kyra Hyatt
    Kyra Hyatt 3 hafta önce

    And at the end someone’s pregnant and we don’t know how it happened -Chantel 2018

  • steph baybiie
    steph baybiie 3 hafta önce

    When Jen said "hey Google" my phone stopped the video n Google popped up 😂😂 cus my phone thought it was me somehow 😂😂😂😂😂 omg that's great 😂💯💖😝

  • Cienna Charron
    Cienna Charron 3 hafta önce

    Wait, I’m confused, didn’t everyone do this at middle school sleepovers? My friends and I always did each other’s makeup and would lay on the ground.

  • Hay_Beary
    Hay_Beary 3 hafta önce

    I actually got tingles from the asmr part😭

  • Mini Fish Studios
    Mini Fish Studios 4 hafta önce

    9:23 the drama got real

  • Dinda Younfa
    Dinda Younfa 1 ay önce

    asians power if it's not A+ it's not good 😂

  • Kailyn Dorn
    Kailyn Dorn 1 ay önce

    Kristen: thank you I grew them they came out of my face😂😂😂

  • melissa langevin
    melissa langevin 1 ay önce

    I'm not sure if any one noticed that they got Jen and Devin's names reversed

  • Kierrarayne
    Kierrarayne 1 ay önce

    My google home went off at 6:15

  • Demigods97
    Demigods97 1 ay önce

    Asmr Devin and chantel was the best

  • Maddi Gudeit
    Maddi Gudeit 1 ay önce

    Was this low key sponsored by limecrime or do the girls just love the brand?😂😂😂

  • Quindlyn
    Quindlyn 1 ay önce

    This video is just one pair hella vibing platonically and another one hella vibing romantically

  • A. Bookmonkey
    A. Bookmonkey 1 ay önce

    Chantel's boobs in the face issue is very relatable

  • Livia Rönnkvist
    Livia Rönnkvist 1 ay önce


  • MIchal Barkai
    MIchal Barkai 1 ay önce

    Cant believe jen activated my phones timer while watching this video!

  • Brooklyn Florene
    Brooklyn Florene 1 ay önce

    This is the most useless video ever

  • Sophie Boisvert
    Sophie Boisvert 1 ay önce

    9:45 I pass this moment of Jen with her mouth like 50 times and I laugh all the time!!!!

  • Ainsley Smith
    Ainsley Smith 1 ay önce

    Waiiiit what eyebrow product does Devon use😱😍

  • Caryn Gibson
    Caryn Gibson 1 ay önce

    I almost rage quit the video when the ASMR started. That stuff has the opposite effect on me. Lol

  • brianna athena
    brianna athena 1 ay önce

    At 12:27 she should have said "thank you next"

  • brianna athena
    brianna athena 1 ay önce

    Omg deven I thought that I was one if the one not peoples to where more than one maskara

  • Renee carter-irby
    Renee carter-irby 1 ay önce

    I love them but tbh
    Jen lowkey was trash....