Sports Betting: Billy Walters

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    This is extreamly interesting! I guess that sports are not more or less random

    THE WOLF 1 hafta önce


    THE WOLF 1 hafta önce


  • Reprogramming Mind
    Reprogramming Mind 2 hafta önce

    After this video he got convicted for insider trading and sentenced to Club Fed for five years.

  • Rodney Pratt
    Rodney Pratt 2 hafta önce

    He's right those fucking God damn fucking Jews up there on Wall Street will steal you fucking blind, and then laugh about it

  • kl. johnny
    kl. johnny 2 hafta önce

    Getting rich in Sports Betting? - FULL of BullShit!!!

  • Richard Neal
    Richard Neal 3 hafta önce

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  • scottab140
    scottab140 3 hafta önce

    "A lot of thieves. They would steal the lord's supper. I can tell yea, percentage wise, I ran into many more with suite and ties on than I have with the gamblers. The hustlers from Vegas got hustled by Wall Street."

  • Randy Bailin
    Randy Bailin 3 hafta önce

    He's now in prison. Whoops.

  • Blake
    Blake 3 hafta önce

    Maybe he has a sports almanac from the future.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 3 hafta önce

    Even the biggest of wolves in the world, get eatin by the wolves of wall street.

  • Anne Shaw
    Anne Shaw 4 hafta önce

    Chicken feed compared to Zeljko

  • floxy20
    floxy20 4 hafta önce

    Jimmy the Greek admitted it was impossible to make money as a gambler. It's all about successfully branding yourself as a successful gambler. Card counters in black jack can defy the odds but they have to be smart.

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  • Alphonse Capone
    Alphonse Capone 4 hafta önce

    The odds on winning team sports bets is usually 50/50. Old Billy was washing his dirty laundry with not much to lose. 'Wonder why he's so chilled about it all? ..Out of jail in 5, retires on the proceeds he's hidden in offshore accounts. Easy living!

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  • B Noble
    B Noble 1 ay önce

    Is this any different from how any major corporation works they constantly address their operating structure, revenue, they use consultants to address how every penny is spent, dividend forecasts, etc.

  • Advan Selimi
    Advan Selimi 1 ay önce

    He probably fixes matches

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 1 ay önce

    Just so we're straight. You have to run five miles. Shoot 18 holes of golf, 78 strokes or under, in less than three hours. And the ball has to be in the cup before time expires for $10,000.

  • Leonid Vatenmakher
    Leonid Vatenmakher 1 ay önce

    I wonder how he can wirhdraw so much money. My account became limited after my third withdrawal of just 400 pound

  • Clyde Barrow
    Clyde Barrow 1 ay önce

    How to leave the casino with $100,000 .........................
    Go in with 1 million.

  • Clyde Barrow
    Clyde Barrow 1 ay önce

    That is one hott host.

  • kyle Miller
    kyle Miller 1 ay önce

    Now he is in federal prison for 5 years. The guy we see in this clip he's golfing with was the one that ratted him out to the police. There's an old saying keep your friends close keep your enemies closer and this one he kept his friend way too close

  • Joseph Saeteurn
    Joseph Saeteurn 1 ay önce

    Docs sport handicappers have documented their year to year earnings and most of them having winning years.

  • playinragz
    playinragz 1 ay önce

    Btw he’s in jail for scamming!! Lolol nice job 60 minutes. Covered the wrong story lol idiots

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business 1 ay önce

    You have to be a Vegas local to really know how big Mr. Walters is. My grandpa represented him in court and he never lost. Not until he passed did he see the inside of a cell. To be as wealthy as he and others are you have to surround yourself with the right people.

  • Khloe Harper
    Khloe Harper 1 ay önce

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    SLOT FEVER 2 ay önce

    Billy Walters profited $43,000,000 Milllion from privilaged information AKA insider trading! Billy is a devious corrupt coniver who laundered money bribed politicians now only goes to camp cupcake like martha.

  • tehgees
    tehgees 2 ay önce

    this is bullshit!

  • Thoughts of a Human
    Thoughts of a Human 2 ay önce

    What kind of accent does the reporter have?

  • Redtops
    Redtops 2 ay önce

    Now that was a soft interview. Interesting that he got to talking about the stock market. And he was convicted more recently for insider trading. He obviously pays for insider info in sports betting and in the stock market. But the interviewer won't get into that. The game > the money, now that is total BS. Look at all his trophies.

  • Micscience
    Micscience 2 ay önce

    He's just an insider. The reason no one knows each other is probably to compartmentalize his secrets. He knows people on the inside.

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  • T Mayo
    T Mayo 2 ay önce

    She looks like she would be one hell of a LAY !!!🤔🤔

  • Mickey Dee
    Mickey Dee 2 ay önce

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  • Mickey Dee
    Mickey Dee 2 ay önce

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  • Ace_Gaming
    Ace_Gaming 2 ay önce

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  • Made in England
    Made in England 2 ay önce

    Kerry packer would have crushed him

  • justice Christopher
    justice Christopher 2 ay önce

    I have been working on something for years now: A more consistent system in sports betting. I am a good mathematician, with an Msc. in theoretical Physics, a nearly impeccable analytical mind, yet making money on a consistent basis from sports betting has been the most frustrating experience of my life. Sometimes I get the feeling that I am wasting my time,yet I know deep down in me that at the end of the day it all comes down to numbers; factoring in every possible scenery and translating them to statistical values, a daunting job for one person without a load of capital to higher hands, but I know it is doable. Today, after watching this guy's story I think I can conclude that I haven't been wrong all along, the bookies are not impenetrable as they make themselves appear to be. The have a lot of machines and man powers, especially man powers; plus they have the added advantage of being the umpires in their own market (they set the rules), but they are not immune. I think the key to success in the world of sports betting are: patience, discipline, focus and a habit of gathering information.

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    She is stupendous