SUNNY FAMILY CULT Ending Explained (Seasons 1+2)

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  • FoundFlix
    FoundFlix 10 ay önce

    What's gonna happen to Taylor?? Subscribe to Crypt TV now so you don't miss the next season of Sunny Family Cult:

  • Cashwad
    Cashwad 2 gün önce

    White people.

  • Nathan Wainwright
    Nathan Wainwright 3 gün önce

    I wanna start a cult

  • Chanel Tartt-Minor
    Chanel Tartt-Minor 1 hafta önce

    Taylor looks like actress Camila Mendes to me:)

  • Just Justus
    Just Justus 1 hafta önce

    Ok, I'm totally giving a like for the always sunny reference in a series with sunny in the title


  • Aquamelon 008
    Aquamelon 008 1 hafta önce

    When the feds find out about dozens of killings in a small town and bring a giant army of law enforcement down upon the town

  • Fred Krueger
    Fred Krueger 1 hafta önce

    Season 3 is out

  • Weedlord Bonerhitler
    Weedlord Bonerhitler 2 hafta önce

    Lol pepe silvia would be proud

  • gavin kailey
    gavin kailey 2 hafta önce

    This cult reminds me of the court of owls for some reason

  • kevintheradioguy
    kevintheradioguy 3 hafta önce

    So only I connect the family to the Look-See? With ow their masks look like the eyeless image of... what was the cheating husband's name again? David? - The fact that there's a drawing of it in a diary might be just another connection.

  • Disney Mocker
    Disney Mocker 4 hafta önce

    14:22 28 STAB WOUNDS!

  • mookiez18
    mookiez18 4 hafta önce

    Do season 3

  • LavaLine
    LavaLine 1 ay önce

    Are the sunny family cult heroes or villans?

  • EdgyName.ExE
    EdgyName.ExE 1 ay önce

    Wait...when they killed the 17yr old, technically killed a kid...a thing they said they would never do. I don’t know about the other 4 if they’re 18 yet.

  • 2024 Nina Lane
    2024 Nina Lane 1 ay önce


  • joonheart 03
    joonheart 03 1 ay önce

    but how do they not get caught? also, wasn't their concept to only kill bad people?

  • Ded Mosh
    Ded Mosh 1 ay önce

    You know at the end of season 2 the FBI and the goddamn national guard would've showed up with the amount of people getting killed.

  • Logan Kemp
    Logan Kemp 1 ay önce

    Man I love your family there
    K I L L E R

  • Max Oh yeah
    Max Oh yeah 1 ay önce

    Aint this on snapchat and twitter

  • Chenoa H.
    Chenoa H. 1 ay önce

    Hold on. I haven’t seen this I just watch your vids. What if the person that left the cult wasn’t roger but alias? He left and made his own where he could be the leader and make his own rules, those that differ from the originals and he felt more comfortable. Which still goes to your theory. Taylor then joins Roger under false pretences that his would be different and goes up against her dad despite him saying she could be normal... he’d just have to pay for it.

  • CallaLilly
    CallaLilly 1 ay önce

    I'm so glad this show seems to be going well!! I've worked with the actress that plays Karen and she's great! I can't wait to see where the show ends up :)

  • Thunderclap421 _
    Thunderclap421 _ 1 ay önce

    I'm team neither. Neither of them do "justice" like was said earlier on.

  • Dasian Langendorfer
    Dasian Langendorfer 1 ay önce

    So if they only kill bad people why are a bunch of teens get killed. I find it hard that they would have such horrible sins under their belt unless they go hardcore.

  • KRJ N/A
    KRJ N/A 1 ay önce

    Their mask's remind me of the movie "The Strangers" the daughter look's like Pheobe Tonkin!

  • buckley cloud
    buckley cloud 1 ay önce

    7:24 "...the possibility of her maybe having a real friend, instead of just spending all of her time with her killer family."

    That makes it sound like her family is awesome ;)

  • FBI Agent
    FBI Agent 1 ay önce

    7 minutes of heaven... Yeah, he'll be spending a lot than 7 minutes up there...

    MRUDHULA MOHAN 1 ay önce

    What is with American series and violence, gore etc etc..??

  • ForestofTooMuchFood
    ForestofTooMuchFood 1 ay önce

    Two different cults

  • SpartanPikachu
    SpartanPikachu 1 ay önce

    Just as this video was wrapping up I was thinking how these psychos were essentially a hive mind and then he mentioned how the cults essentially that.

  • SpartanPikachu
    SpartanPikachu 1 ay önce

    So what did the kids the girl before do that justified their killing?

  • DragonPony 2613
    DragonPony 2613 2 ay önce

    Psychophatic family

  • Six Beer Math
    Six Beer Math 2 ay önce

    "A few years later" *shot of girl taking her shirt off before "when she's almost 17"
    'yay boobs, years later must mean SIXTEEN?! No! no no no no no.' Don't care how old the real actress was, the idea. Wrong

  • hulk hogan irl
    hulk hogan irl 2 ay önce

    yo is that the stone mask from majoras mask

  • no_internet
    no_internet 2 ay önce


  • no_internet
    no_internet 2 ay önce

    Why join this cult when you can just join any religion

    BANANAH SPREAD 2 ay önce

    For once im glad im in the mob

  • Solar Prophet
    Solar Prophet 2 ay önce

    "We only kill the bad people!"

    Proceeds to kill some dude on the road (who, fair enough, may have done something bad), some poor teenage guy, and a group of four teenagers who were obviously guilty of... err... being horny?

    What's that smell?

    ... oh yeah, BULLSHIT.

  • rymor
    rymor 2 ay önce

    After the first season this plot kind of turned to shit

  • Pink Starburst
    Pink Starburst 2 ay önce

    Ypu know taylor and daddy fucked in the making of this show

  • Brennan Finney
    Brennan Finney 2 ay önce

    I love family bonding