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  • Matthew du Toit
    Matthew du Toit 1 gün önce

    what the hell Sabrina

  • Noddiga norpan
    Noddiga norpan 5 gün önce


  • Noddiga norpan
    Noddiga norpan 5 gün önce

    worshiping sejhtn SEJTN?????+

  • ml
    ml 6 gün önce

    This channel is so perfect! I hate watching horror movies but I’m interested, so I just listen here and leave haha

  • OldReaver
    OldReaver 6 gün önce

    2:43 100% Clavicus Vile

  • Laura Shuford
    Laura Shuford 1 hafta önce

    what about a pupers

  • The Devil’s Magpie
    The Devil’s Magpie 1 hafta önce

    Keirnan plays the WEIRDEST roles

  • kinkajuu1
    kinkajuu1 1 hafta önce

    she looks like hila,

  • xSupaku
    xSupaku 1 hafta önce

    Damn i didnt get this when i watched it i just thought it was a shit film 😂 turns out it's really smart and interesting and I'm just retarded

  • Send Nukes
    Send Nukes 1 hafta önce

    The beginning sounded like the start of still DRE just without the piano

  • Paggos Ichor
    Paggos Ichor 1 hafta önce


    Could you cover Rest Stop?

  • Erika Csoriova
    Erika Csoriova 1 hafta önce

    I just want to now what the movie is about but idfc and idek but i still love you and your videos

  • Hazel sunderstood
    Hazel sunderstood 1 hafta önce

    In the end, she could have been with the parents of the daughter she killed. That would have been harder for her, but apparently more likely than the demon coming back. Sad.

  • heyitsmaisy
    heyitsmaisy 1 hafta önce

    i was just rewatching this when i realised that it’s called february on netflix! like why?

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 1 hafta önce

    I wish if they had hired a much older actress for Emma's role, because Emma, Keirnan and Lucy look like they are around the same age.. I thought that Joan was a lonely copy-cat that desired to have what Katherine had, but failed to do so at the end... I'm very grateful for this explanation

  • MiiSCHAx
    MiiSCHAx 1 hafta önce

    So Sabrina was always attracted to the devil 🤔

  • Almighty Egglord
    Almighty Egglord 1 hafta önce

    Imagine being stood up by satan

  • CJShorts
    CJShorts 2 hafta önce

    I think the demon went into the other girl at the hospital

  • von bacala
    von bacala 2 hafta önce

    Why does the actress of Katherine always star in demonic movies/shows XD first this movie then Sabrina.

  • suzukablade
    suzukablade 2 hafta önce

    Session 9!

  • djchinatown
    djchinatown 2 hafta önce

    Weird. IT's called the Devils Daughter here in Canada.

  • Mentor Arash
    Mentor Arash 2 hafta önce

    I liked this movie but I think it woulda done better with a different name lmaoo

  • YourBoyRoar
    YourBoyRoar 2 hafta önce

    Usually films like these involve people who’ve lost their faith in God when they felt God abandoned them in a time of need, but never have I seen a film where someone loses their faith in demons. Very interesting stuff.

  • Mr Grandi
    Mr Grandi 2 hafta önce

    moral of the story satan is a doushebag

  • Martin Mooney
    Martin Mooney 3 hafta önce

    Wasn’t Perkins gay?

  • jade-louise dobson
    jade-louise dobson 3 hafta önce

    I was convinced I've seen this film but the name rang no bells until I realised I saw this under the name September??

  • Christine Wilson
    Christine Wilson 3 hafta önce

    Ironic that the character of Katherine worships Satan when the actress herself portrays Sabrina the teenage witch who worships Satan

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 3 hafta önce

    My mum got annoyed because of how many times she heard “Kathrine” and “rose”

  • Future_Hikikomori
    Future_Hikikomori 3 hafta önce

    I FeEl LoNeLy. ImA GoNnA KiLl PeOpLe To FeEl NoT aLoNe

  • Zerox
    Zerox 1 ay önce

    I think there was no demon at all. She was just sick.

  • Mina Sljivic
    Mina Sljivic 1 ay önce

    Can you make video about Satanic 2016

  • ThiccBunnyBoi
    ThiccBunnyBoi 1 ay önce

    HAHA bitch you alone!

  • bloody mary
    bloody mary 1 ay önce

    Thanks to found flix i dont have to watch such at time wasting nonsense movie such as this one =)

  • mike Lowry
    mike Lowry 1 ay önce

    review spongebob the movie 😂😂

  • Vivian Wong
    Vivian Wong 1 ay önce

    Wow, Sabrina just can’t get away Satan...

  • Jkayppobox
    Jkayppobox 1 ay önce

    Well starting off,
    The boiler burning is a symbol of the charred car.
    The demonic calls were made up by her own delusions trying to tie the absent knots of her parents absence.
    The beheading was part of the ritualistic conduct she understands as wrong, she would place them next to her as if the heads would no longer belong to the body itself, but to the entity she was "worshiping" all in all, an entity in HER HEAD.

    She was brought up in a christian school, quite understandable the negativity of her symbols is associated with an image of demonic source, which is why, while being conscious during the exorcism she felt as if the demon was leaving.

    The whole forgetful part is a defense mechanism, in denial for the guilt she felt after killing people.There was no demon, it was all in her head, and she wasn't willing to accept reality.

  • captloki13
    captloki13 1 ay önce

    Bitch's crazy

  • gavin kailey
    gavin kailey 1 ay önce

    The demon and kats relationship reminds me of venom and Eddie brock

  • horror movies rock
    horror movies rock 1 ay önce

    The look-see

  • Thomas Lurey
    Thomas Lurey 1 ay önce

    These movie reviews are a godsend. I don’t like jump scares or long stories, but you manage to melt it down into a video no longer than 20 minutes with all of the important scenes and all of the deaths. Perfect!