Meanwhile... Queen Elizabeth's Swanky Escape Plan

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  • 刘宇龙
    刘宇龙 2 gün önce


  • Ian Brannan
    Ian Brannan 6 gün önce

    I hear the Hotel is the Wurst

  • Baby Boto
    Baby Boto 2 hafta önce

    It’s not a castle it’s a palace but yeah, they’re still parasites upon the U.K. tax payer.

  • Alex Guay
    Alex Guay 2 hafta önce

    How she reacted when trump visited...epic. that woman is a legend

  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel Perez 2 hafta önce

    Steven can do a really good posh accent

  • Peter Russo
    Peter Russo 3 hafta önce

    First sausage themed hotel? There’s a gay love hotel down the street that would like to have a word with you.

  • KVV4U7Z7R37SCHK3
    KVV4U7Z7R37SCHK3 3 hafta önce

    Very impressive accents btw!

  • Duribethin
    Duribethin 3 hafta önce

    Anyone else get a Metamucil ad during the queen's evacuation segment?

  • Robert Ric
    Robert Ric 3 hafta önce

    I think hater just click on the video dislike and move on without watching it! This was funny!

  • Sarah Kerrigan
    Sarah Kerrigan 1 ay önce

    was not expecting that meanwhile. sausage hotel sounds like a really bad friday night.

  • TheRealHiboman
    TheRealHiboman 1 ay önce

    There’s our favorite Sondheim fan!

  • NoName James
    NoName James 1 ay önce


  • Solariis TrippleEight

    he should be wearing a purple suit

  • Amelia Garcia
    Amelia Garcia 1 ay önce

    Why does "the helps" name gotta be Maria? You know they don't have Latinos working in the Castle. Well...maybe in the kitchen 😂🤣😃

  • Eun Zhang
    Eun Zhang 1 ay önce


  • Deborah Hoffman
    Deborah Hoffman 1 ay önce

    The Queen should plan her escape on the X-wing fighter. Better plan.

  • hobbicles28
    hobbicles28 1 ay önce

    Hey Claus Böbel, Is that a hotel?
    No, it’s a literal sausage party.
    Uh huh.

  • Alexis Williams
    Alexis Williams 1 ay önce

    I could watch an entire segment of Stephen doing posh British accents.

  • robin2012ism
    robin2012ism 1 ay önce

    Yay for the art history joke.

  • Pat VelVet
    Pat VelVet 1 ay önce

    Escape by yacht? 😁🤦‍♀️ the accent is so cute 😊

  • Adeena Adam
    Adeena Adam 1 ay önce

    Of course, the Royal Family should escape first... why do they care about civilians in the country!

  • Jebooty
    Jebooty 1 ay önce

    Jesus christ the queen is still alive

  • bisquitnspanky
    bisquitnspanky 1 ay önce

    Jean-Michel Basquiat would love to hear about kids throwing cereal on his work!!! They should have left the cereal on there 😃

  • Irodoku Puzzle
    Irodoku Puzzle 1 ay önce


  • XX 24
    XX 24 1 ay önce


  • Remy Jones
    Remy Jones 1 ay önce

    After doing zero research, I can conclude that Jay Z and Beyonce were the billionaire innquestion.

  • William Maurice
    William Maurice 2 ay önce

    How is Delta still in business?

  • James Hubbell
    James Hubbell 2 ay önce


  • Pegasus
    Pegasus 2 ay önce

    Do not feel obligated to the British enterprise. The British plundered and murdered nearly a quarter of the world for their own profit, let's not pass it off as the age of enlightenment?

  • Ivone de Figueiredo
    Ivone de Figueiredo 2 ay önce

    Pointillism! Good one.

  • James Smithe
    James Smithe 2 ay önce

    So when CBS blanks out his finger, do they think no one can figure out what he's doing?

  • hawkeye5955
    hawkeye5955 2 ay önce

    From airborne sexual harassment to a sausage themed hotel in Germany. lol

  • Mark Dowse
    Mark Dowse 2 ay önce

    First World problems............

  • Cheers Queers
    Cheers Queers 2 ay önce

    Killing it with the accents in this video😂😂

    COLOURED LIONESS 2 ay önce

    Dont you just Love him?!?!? 😍😘

  • Em
    Em 2 ay önce

    She's an old wrinkled funky white honky or should I say cave-dwelling caviar eating cracker

  • Caf3in3
    Caf3in3 2 ay önce

    she's still alive ? she was old when i was a child and im 40

  • superhavi
    superhavi 2 ay önce

    4:30 I know he said "Knackwurst" but I understood "Nacktwurst" (nude sausage). Well, I really don't want to pet your nude sausage!

  • Cs Mitchell
    Cs Mitchell 2 ay önce

    Combine the Sausage Hotel concept with the Airline hookup concept and see where that story goes....

  • Dana Bennett
    Dana Bennett 2 ay önce

    That so-called picture of Jean-Michel Basquiat? He died at age 28 (not 54!!!) in 1988!!! Geez, Stephen, wake up your producer!