Chauncey Billups breaks down Luka Doncic film to show why he's so good | NBA Countdown

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  • fitofito1001
    fitofito1001 6 gün önce

    Chauncey really knows basketball. He is smart and underrated as a player who always made his team better.

  • S Stiel
    S Stiel 1 hafta önce

    Hear hear! He makes the whole team look great - he gave them wings! Mavs are right now the most wachable team. Go Mavs💙💙💙

  • Eneko Ramos Erquicia
    Eneko Ramos Erquicia 2 hafta önce

    Such a great vid. Bravo Chauncey!!!

  • dave latumbo
    dave latumbo 3 hafta önce

    Hes not afraid to fail. That is whats good about him.

  • Craig Gagnon
    Craig Gagnon 3 hafta önce

    Doncic is top three in the league at 20.

  • EduSanjuan777
    EduSanjuan777 1 ay önce

    Chauncey has a great groove on this one, I see goatmentator vibes in there

  • Ivan Moreno
    Ivan Moreno 1 ay önce

    I can't WAIT to see Luka Magic strike again....

  • George AP
    George AP 1 ay önce

    bro thats a lie he played pro first when he was 16

  • Žmogus Hibridas
    Žmogus Hibridas 1 ay önce

    Dragic said he be next Goat all said he joking bro who was better in his age he is MJ PETROVIC SABONIS LEVEL in 19 years old

  • Anthoni Jerome Noble

    Paul Pierce: I'm better than this kid when I was young.

  • NormalGuy
    NormalGuy 2 ay önce

    He will never be the best in the league while giannis still playing

  • Vivek Tripathi
    Vivek Tripathi 2 ay önce

    Dude was the mvp of the second most popular basketball league in the world for a reason🙄🙄🙄

  • 6ft 2hunnid
    6ft 2hunnid 2 ay önce

    He is special

  • Sandy Hook
    Sandy Hook 2 ay önce

    And luk is not overrated he can flat out ball!

  • Sandy Hook
    Sandy Hook 2 ay önce

    Chauncey as an analyst is gold!

  • Meredith Leavitt
    Meredith Leavitt 2 ay önce

    Tank commander who shoots low efficiency and plays atrocious defense

    ASDFG 2 ay önce

    but i thought white men cant jump...

  • Engr. Jessy de Castro, CH E

    That's why....Luca's basketball hero is LeBron.

  • Marko Uljancic
    Marko Uljancic 2 ay önce

    Paul Spears...please learn to say Doncic somewhat right, its a must for a TV personality

  • Daud Aria
    Daud Aria 3 ay önce

    Next Kobe

  • Tehui1974
    Tehui1974 3 ay önce

    I really like Chancey as an analyst, but I'm sick to death of hearing analysts re-use the same old tired cliches of "high basketball IQ" and "make his team mates better". Use some other language to make your point.

  • Lukas Helmhart
    Lukas Helmhart 3 ay önce

    I know you americans dont wanna hear it but this guy could be one of the best rookies of all time.
    For sure hes the most experienced rookie ever no doubt!

  • DJuan Brown
    DJuan Brown 3 ay önce

    Didn’t expect to see Robert Covington on that list, props

  • Justin Lucas
    Justin Lucas 3 ay önce

    No Luca defensive plays to breakdown???

  • NVS4k
    NVS4k 3 ay önce

    All I ask is for y’all younger players to learn and take notes.

    These are legit small offensive tools but are so effective.

  • Žiga Povše
    Žiga Povše 3 ay önce

    Slovenian blood

  • Manufan909 1
    Manufan909 1 3 ay önce

    Damn, this MFer is a 6 year very already!?! Jesus H.

  • Nahh Fam
    Nahh Fam 3 ay önce

    It's bad but it's refreshing to have someone with a clear and solid knowledge of the sport be on these shows.

  • domoreresearchyouknownothingabout and so on

    And Robert Covington 😐

  • Saad S
    Saad S 3 ay önce

    If Chauncey approves, then I approve. We love you Chauncey one of the greatest pistons of all time.

  • Alex Moen
    Alex Moen 3 ay önce

    What's crazy is that all of those plays look like they're locked down completely then Doncic does a little footwork and it becomes a bucket. I think lots of people assumed his lack of explosiveness or athleticism would keep him from making it work in the NBA, but his skill set and fundamentals and play making abilities are through the roof

  • Austen Hilton
    Austen Hilton 3 ay önce

    Chauncey is one of the last nba analyst that doesn’t just jump to an extreme as far as I can remember

  • MistaFreeman1
    MistaFreeman1 3 ay önce

    Luka and KP eventually gonna bring a ring in.

    PRIME 3 ay önce

    Sleepin on robert covington smdh😥

  • The Revolutionary Leftist 21

    European basketball at its best

  • Chirag Desai
    Chirag Desai 3 ay önce

    This type of analysis should be the norm. Not like that piece of shit "Max" who just wants to argue all the time

  • Tom s
    Tom s 4 ay önce

    Paul Pierce: Luka reminds me of myself when I played in middle school. When he's in his 5th year he might be as good as I was when I was a rookie

  • Benjamin Peters
    Benjamin Peters 4 ay önce

    I read why he's no good

    TROS SPONSOR 4 ay önce

    Future MVP

  • Evan Stowers
    Evan Stowers 4 ay önce

    Chauncey still working hard at his jib I can see.