Containerization: The Most Influential Invention That You've Never Heard Of

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  • Jo. Matt28
    Jo. Matt28 5 saat önce

    hi fellow classmates

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 1 ay önce

    20$ a day would have been a fortune back then.

  • Paul Floyd
    Paul Floyd 1 ay önce

    3d printing

  • doopydoop
    doopydoop 2 ay önce

    came for Docker. stayed for shipping innovations

  • Trebor Ironwolfe
    Trebor Ironwolfe 2 ay önce

    ..but why do cars deliver shipments and ships deliver cargo?

  • John Burns
    John Burns 2 ay önce

    Containers were not new. It is just that McLeans version took off.

  • John Burns
    John Burns 2 ay önce

    It is pronounced "root", not "rout".

  • ReyMysterioX
    ReyMysterioX 3 ay önce

    I literally thought this would be about a video about Docker and was like: »When did Wendover start diving into IT-related topics?«

  • carlo caballo
    carlo caballo 3 ay önce

    Simple invention big changes

  • Liam Kalan
    Liam Kalan 4 ay önce

    Me Geography class did watch dis video |: )

  • Ian Norris
    Ian Norris 4 ay önce

    This video is erroneous. Malcolm McClean had the idea of putting non standard containers on the deck of tankers back in the 50s. What we see today with ISO Containers, cellular containerships and dedicated port handling systems was invented in a garage in Tring, England. The four founding companies P&O.S.N Co, British and Commonwealth, Shaw Savill and Ocean Transport and Trading got together to form a new company OCL and develop a way of transporting cargo more efficiently. The first cellular container ship the Encounter Bay (which I served on) entered service in 1967 on the UK ANZ service followed by another five shortly after, the Far East Service was started in 1971 with the US only embracing the system several years later. The rest is history.

    Retired Containership Master

  • WaxestLowa732 R
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  • Geoff Dalley
    Geoff Dalley 4 ay önce

    Really cool video. Right up until you start with the global warming crap.

  • Ricardo Pieper
    Ricardo Pieper 5 ay önce

    wait this isn't a video about docker

  • Max Aggropop
    Max Aggropop 6 ay önce

    sphere packing would be more effective that box stacking. but handling a bunch of marbles is probably not that good.

  • Ramzi AJEM
    Ramzi AJEM 6 ay önce

    Me: I'm mature.
    Also me : Bendover Productions.

  • Scooty789
    Scooty789 6 ay önce

    C H I N A

  • antisony2008
    antisony2008 6 ay önce

    Came here waiting to hear about kubernetes

  • Adi G
    Adi G 6 ay önce

    Your voice lacked the punch it usually has.. one that YouTube is so much in love with..

  • mlc449
    mlc449 6 ay önce

    Globalisation. It works bitchez!

  • prasad koranne
    prasad koranne 7 ay önce

    Containerisation going digital now.

  • Ameha K
    Ameha K 7 ay önce

    50s? Thought it was at least a century.

  • ༺†HK123agario†༻ YT

    i dont like the new thumbnail

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  • Kyle
    Kyle 8 ay önce

    I thought this video was going to be about Docker

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    FltBdN87 8 ay önce

    I just found your channel a few days ago and I just love your work

  • PartiZAn18
    PartiZAn18 8 ay önce

    Containerisation is fundamental to logistics and the supply chain. LOL

  • Reginald Uy
    Reginald Uy 8 ay önce

    Who would win?

    The entire scientific and entrepreneurial community of humanity


    One boi who convinced everyone to pack shit in the same size box

  • Ihatequests Dev
    Ihatequests Dev 8 ay önce

    Why not make a shipping boat that's powered by hydroelectric energy instead of gasoline? 🤔

  • Pramod MP
    Pramod MP 8 ay önce

    Dude, you make so awesome contents... the way you do research is really awesome...

  • Charles Kall
    Charles Kall 8 ay önce

    What do you use to get clips and edit videos?

  • Darlene Hoover
    Darlene Hoover 8 ay önce

    And there you have it, once again greed is the culprit.

  • Alex Benfica
    Alex Benfica 8 ay önce

    Docker ps

    BON3S McCOY 8 ay önce

    Was that Oakland at 4:35?

  • huh hello
    huh hello 9 ay önce

    Doesn't he sound like "Daily Dose of Internet"????

  • faisal khan
    faisal khan 9 ay önce

    How does containers made ships go around north? Ships could have gone around north even if the shipments were loaded without containers.

  • Šimon Macháček
    Šimon Macháček 9 ay önce

    No middleman would touch the cargo. What a nice idea. It would be like nobody is touching your property. Except there are mafias called the states, which don't respect someone's property and which bully everybody dictating what a 'free' man can and can't posses.

  • Jack L.J.K.
    Jack L.J.K. 9 ay önce

    i love logistics

  • Alexander Arnold
    Alexander Arnold 9 ay önce

    So people start to "worry" if the container is going to "work" or not? It's an inanimate object!