We Tried Salvador Dali's Strange Egg Recipe

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  • Megan Nguyen
    Megan Nguyen 2 gün önce

    Please do more of these videos!!!!!

  • Pyralis Foc
    Pyralis Foc 3 gün önce

    Dad jokes are the highest form of humor

  • Mila Fuentes
    Mila Fuentes 4 gün önce

    Are they actually dating?

  • Jadwal Cabang
    Jadwal Cabang 5 gün önce

    6:38 Salvador looks like Shane

  • Beth Swearingen
    Beth Swearingen 5 gün önce

    Can we bring this series back????
    I love it so much!!!!!!

  • Hazel
    Hazel 6 gün önce

    I'm loving this series! I like the little facts that they both add, not a complete history or recipe but that's not the point. I love their friendship and love Devin in ladylike.

  • Ella Vaughn
    Ella Vaughn 1 hafta önce

    NEED MORE EPISODES PLEASE!!! I love devin and jared so much!!!! And I actually love these recipes!!!

  • louise petrilli
    louise petrilli 1 hafta önce

    This is fun🤪

  • Dee santos
    Dee santos 1 hafta önce


  • Meya Xiong
    Meya Xiong 1 hafta önce

    U should try a bento

  • Fern Fore
    Fern Fore 2 hafta önce

    When they were squirting stuff, it felt so sexual.

  • Ève Garant
    Ève Garant 2 hafta önce

    When's the next video? :D

  • hola senior209
    hola senior209 2 hafta önce

    It's a family of Instagram Eggs!!!!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 hafta önce

    "a lot of these critics were men"
    "I don't wanna judge because I don't know her" - immediately after saying Gala abandoned her CHILD and husband.

    I think it's pretty fucking safe to say she was a cunt, you can be important historically and still be a bad person.

  • Francisca Piantini - Figuereo

    Jared - if you are looking for fresh ginger go to Hispanic or Latino grocery stores, a lot of recipes taste better with it (like hot chocolate)

  • chris sinnett
    chris sinnett 4 hafta önce

    To get the yoke out of the egg make two holes. blow into one end with
    the other over a container.

  • A. Sanchez
    A. Sanchez 1 ay önce

    Just for future reference, “intents and purposes” > “intensive purposes”

  • roti bakar
    roti bakar 1 ay önce

    I really love this series, please do it more!💕💕💕

  • H. Anouka
    H. Anouka 1 ay önce

    So “european” i love it. As if for example german and Italian where in any way compareable

  • Fzdoomsday97 SuperDoom


  • Lauren Snow
    Lauren Snow 1 ay önce

    I remade and tried the pasta recipie it was soooooo delicious I want more

  • doberbitch
    doberbitch 1 ay önce

    A Jared quote to live by, 'We need to be centered, clear and ready to fail.' ❤️😂❤️4:07

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas 1 ay önce

    I'll take surrealist food over futurist food who included ball bearings and perfume as ingredients. I love this series!

  • Dima Andriyenko
    Dima Andriyenko 1 ay önce

    Gala is pronounced "ghalya" because it's Russian its a soft L and a soft G

  • Shannon Maness
    Shannon Maness 1 ay önce

    I think Devin makes ever video better 😍

  • spockck
    spockck 1 ay önce

    Way to steal this concept from Art Assignment!

  • Matt G
    Matt G 1 ay önce

    I'm gonna take this time to grandstand a little bit about Dali:
    Some of his most famous and we'll recognized paintings were created while he was in an asylum receiving actual treatment for his mental illness. Often when his illness was it's worst he wouldn't paint at all. It wasn't his illness that made him paint, and the stereotype of a "suffering artist" is not only wrong but harmful.

  • Armando Santiago
    Armando Santiago 1 ay önce

    I believe this wasn't a real recipe and it was actually a troll

  • Aliya N Raissa
    Aliya N Raissa 1 ay önce

    this very fun yet informative. keep goin!

  • Was-a-fan usa
    Was-a-fan usa 1 ay önce

    Please do more together

  • Н. Д.
    Н. Д. 1 ay önce

    that's nice job, folks. but it's a little rude, that you haven't even tried to pronounce Russian names.

  • Margarita Fuentes
    Margarita Fuentes 1 ay önce

    I luh devin!!!

  • Massimo Gigante
    Massimo Gigante 1 ay önce

    Gala was such a bitch

  • famorsa
    famorsa 1 ay önce


  • ablurida
    ablurida 1 ay önce

    Gala was his muse, I believe that. But just because you admire someone and they inspire you, doesn't mean they're the love of your life. His impotence in bed with her + the fact he had many homosexual relations makes me think she was nothing more than his beard. I mean he was a Franco supporter, mainly because he was scared shitless of the regime, that's why he denounced fellow artists in hiding, to protect himself and his image. So all in all there are many clues that point out Dalí was probably gay, just not completely out of the closet. Sadly even though he was talented, he was also a coward and a scumbag.

  • Yulia Yade
    Yulia Yade 1 ay önce

    Love this series can't wait for another video

  • Candis Carnegie
    Candis Carnegie 2 ay önce

    THEY ARE A COUPLE??? I thought he was her gay bff! In the Audrey Hepburn video he was yelling, "Show me the men! I want men!!!" - - I am so confused.

  • Hannah Warner
    Hannah Warner 2 ay önce

    Did anyone else think that when she said the sugar and spice thing it she’s the sugar and he’s the spice 😂😂

  • Sephora Zola
    Sephora Zola 2 ay önce

    gosh i wan more of you guys

  • tammycheyne
    tammycheyne 2 ay önce

    Easier to remove the egg from the shell like this if you blow in one hole. My grandmother and I used to do.this when I was a kid and color the hollowed shells for decorations.