STEPHEN KING'S 1922 (2017) Ending Explained

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  • Da_underscore _boi
    Da_underscore _boi 5 saat önce

    You should do the exorcist

  • Chaika Gaz
    Chaika Gaz 19 saat önce

    It wasnt even his land to begin with.

  • Hosen
    Hosen 22 saat önce

    wow that was a weak movie compared to S k's other works... wheres the horror?

  • CranE6490
    CranE6490 22 saat önce

    This movie seems like an excellent adaptation Of Crime and Punishment...

    The lead character rationalizes and gets away with the perfect murder, but not psychologically. Ultimately crumbling because of his own choices

  • iAmGio ™
    iAmGio ™ 1 gün önce

    Remember kids.. use condoms.

  • KC Fang
    KC Fang 2 gün önce

    You made it sound better than it when I was watching the film ;)

  • 32帧
    32帧 2 gün önce

    Rats in the wall? Sounds lovecraft

  • Layne Warner
    Layne Warner 3 gün önce

    Or Vikki and Vance.

  • tu pimp a caterpillar
    tu pimp a caterpillar 4 gün önce

    The conniving man

  • conka096
    conka096 6 gün önce

    To be honest the wife was kind of a bitch

  • Whiplash337
    Whiplash337 6 gün önce

    Silent hill

  • StrawHat Renzo
    StrawHat Renzo 6 gün önce

    Silent hill!

  • Pixies Ostrich Duster
    Pixies Ostrich Duster 6 gün önce

    The guilt ate him alive. I watched this movie with my new (at the time) boyfriend, after eye surgery, when it was really cloudy and cozy, on painkillers whilst half blind. Vision was super blurry. Top experience. I didn't sleep that night....would do again.

  • Star-Child
    Star-Child 1 hafta önce

    In the book his writings turn out to be unreadable as he just scribbled on paper a bunch of nonsense. And he complains of the rats biting him, but the reports say he was found with self inflicted bites, showing he'd truely lost his mind.
    I like the ending of the book better, including the scribbled writing. It's not only a better show of his insanity that he was punishing himself by his self biting, rather than some cheap zombie-ghost death, but it makes his final act all for nothing. He was writing as a way to repent his sins and tell the world what really happened, so he could be blamed on for the death of his wife and so the actions of his son were more understandable, but in the end his final wish wasn't granted.
    His wife will never get a proper burial or death and will never be laid to rest. His son will always be remembered as a criminal. His final act of repentance was for nothing.

  • American Maniac
    American Maniac 1 hafta önce

    In case you haven’t seen this movie yet, go watch it. You can find it anywhere. Even though I watched the Ending Explained version first, I still enjoyed the movie.

  • Noah Cavazos
    Noah Cavazos 1 hafta önce

    Silent hill

  • Noo dle
    Noo dle 1 hafta önce

    Slice hill

  • Nate Deplue
    Nate Deplue 1 hafta önce

    Thomas Jane....Still the best Punisher.

  • Jamila Juicey
    Jamila Juicey 1 hafta önce

    You wear the koolest T shirts....
    One love from Kingston Jamaica

  • xc5647321 xc5647321
    xc5647321 xc5647321 1 hafta önce

    It seems as far out as he lives and having crop lands, it would have been easy to dig a hole somewhere to effectively bury her, but then there would be no movie.

  • - theDONamo
    - theDONamo 1 hafta önce

    Those rat scenes were terrifying

  • Ty Caines
    Ty Caines 1 hafta önce

    amazing story; amazing film adaptation.

  • Jon Ryan
    Jon Ryan 1 hafta önce

    The cow should have been standing behind them in the hotel room. That would have added a funny moment to this otherwise bleak movie. ;)

  • Bailey Lee
    Bailey Lee 1 hafta önce

    Lmao if this ain't ratatouille

  • Payton Jones
    Payton Jones 2 hafta önce

    When rats taste human flesh they start to crave human and become extremely agitated

  • #1 Atlantian
    #1 Atlantian 2 hafta önce

    you should do alien or predator

  • Aaron Roan
    Aaron Roan 2 hafta önce

    Please explain this movie Called Cameron’s Closet @FoundFlix

  • Brian Surber
    Brian Surber 2 hafta önce

    Very good book btw

  • suzukablade
    suzukablade 2 hafta önce

    Do Session 9!

  • Lotus Jewell
    Lotus Jewell 2 hafta önce

    One question, how can wounds be 'self-inflicted' by rats? That statement makes no sense

  • Lotus Jewell
    Lotus Jewell 2 hafta önce

    This slightly reminded me of the Tell-Tale Heart from Edgar Allen Poe (The main character killed his 'master' but couldn't deal with the guilt thanks to the ever-beating heart of the old man he believed he could hear)

  • Uveni
    Uveni 2 hafta önce

    Farmer resorting to drastic measures to save his land? Try a woman's husband and son murder her for her land to stop her from selling it.

  • Hugh James-Berry
    Hugh James-Berry 2 hafta önce

    if only he didn't have such a hard on for corn

  • Hugh James-Berry
    Hugh James-Berry 2 hafta önce

    'the moral is don't do what he did' but he was going to lose everything he wanted anyway so why not go out on his own terms???

  • the DEAL with ALEX
    the DEAL with ALEX 2 hafta önce

    Cant wait for the sequal to this dope movie

  • Crispy Cookie
    Crispy Cookie 2 hafta önce

    Am i the only one that thinks Henry is cute?

  • Mphazi Nambao
    Mphazi Nambao 2 hafta önce

    i read the book a while ago, i was so happy when i saw this. i didn't know there was a movie.

  • Sumner Swanson Shaner
    Sumner Swanson Shaner 2 hafta önce

    Can you do carrie

  • scarlet witch 20013 star maxomoff

    Hey guys how about this foundflix vs dead meat

  • Cod Brothers
    Cod Brothers 3 hafta önce

    I swear to god I’ve seen a movie just like 1922 but somethings are different but I swear it just like it. It was less paranormal. But I can’t find it, it annoys the fuck out of me and I swear I’ve seen it