Chris D'Elia Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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  • Aluwani Ndlovu
    Aluwani Ndlovu 13 saat önce

    How do u meet all these celebs pls if u can meet messi

  • Ethan Ortega
    Ethan Ortega 3 gün önce

    Am I the only one who thought this was Pau Gasol???

  • Raj Thapa
    Raj Thapa 6 gün önce

    Check it out guys you will love it

  • Chris B
    Chris B 1 hafta önce

    Looks like Pau Gasol to me.

  • Ruben Biswakarma
    Ruben Biswakarma 2 hafta önce

    Bieber should go for sneakers shopping with complex

  • Cormac Devine
    Cormac Devine 2 hafta önce

    Anyone know the shoes at 7:31 they are to the left of the top of the store persons head the multicolour Adidas don’t know the name of them

  • stage-speedy985 Fortnite gameplay and more

    My that is 38 and my grandpa is 70!!

  • julius masiclat
    julius masiclat 3 hafta önce

    My man dropped a diss on mgk when they were talking about his old tweets😂

  • Peter Duncliffe
    Peter Duncliffe 3 hafta önce

    Get Brendan Schaub on this show

  • hafiz adruce
    hafiz adruce 4 hafta önce

    Rick james?

  • Adub
    Adub 1 ay önce

    Joe la puma looking like Liza Minnelli

  • Alan Raju
    Alan Raju 1 ay önce

    Does anybody know what brand or type of shirt chris delia is wearing

  • knop3se
    knop3se 1 ay önce

    Chrid Delilac!

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR 1 ay önce

    5 pairs of shoos cost more than my entire wardrobe.

  • Kaina Kauahi
    Kaina Kauahi 1 ay önce

    Here's an idea:  As part of the intro, let the audience know what Joe and the guest are wearing.

  • Kaina Kauahi
    Kaina Kauahi 1 ay önce

    Here's an idea:  As part of the intro, let the audience know what Joe and the guest are wearing.

  • BuckNasty
    BuckNasty 1 ay önce

    My humble opinion is that Adidas NMDs are one of the most beautiful shoes i've ever seen. As for the Nike's Id say FreeRun 5.0, Roshe run and SB2 Airmax Stefan Janoski model.

  • Lawton
    Lawton 1 ay önce

    7:52 wouldn't make a fuckin DENT! Look

  • Lucas Margulies
    Lucas Margulies 1 ay önce

    Didnt make a DENT

  • Scotch and Tales
    Scotch and Tales 1 ay önce

    We need the Louisiana Rat King here.. THEO VON

  • Jacob Dudley
    Jacob Dudley 1 ay önce

    Is joe wearing like cream white trainers or is it just the lighting and they're plain white?

  • joelybgood
    joelybgood 1 ay önce

    Those Yeezys he's wearing look like grandpa shoes. There is no way anyone would wear those grandpa orthopedic looking shoes if Kanye's name wasn't on them. And Chris is definitely right about those Flight Club prices...same thing with Stadium half size is one price then it jumps up to like 200 plus bucks for a whole size lmao! Still love ya Chris, even in grandpa shoes.

  • Potato Turtle
    Potato Turtle 1 ay önce

    No bapkins? pffs.

  • xOneAudience
    xOneAudience 1 ay önce

    I want someone at the end of the show be like, "naw I'm good today"

    MCM CCK 1 ay önce

    Super obvious dudes wearing makeup lmao

  • Luke Iannone
    Luke Iannone 1 ay önce

    I was really hoping he was gonna get the habanakins

  • Sebastian Böhler
    Sebastian Böhler 1 ay önce

    what are the sneakers chris is wearing? anyone?

  • Mike Floyd
    Mike Floyd 1 ay önce

    Yeezy=bullshit sock with a sole.

  • earthling2007
    earthling2007 1 ay önce

    Chris is officially a douche. You need free sneakers. Right, dick.

  • Zoinkss
    Zoinkss 1 ay önce

    Ngl ur taste is worse than a 70 year old smoker

  • BuildFunction
    BuildFunction 1 ay önce

    you using too many napkins

  • MohYous Productions
    MohYous Productions 1 ay önce

    Chris, that was the gayest intro ever.

  • Jaron Deslatte
    Jaron Deslatte 1 ay önce

    Volts = L

  • PattyJK
    PattyJK 1 ay önce

    OJ goes sneaker shopping

  • Andy Singh
    Andy Singh 1 ay önce

    No dents only babies

  • Casey Stogsdill
    Casey Stogsdill 1 ay önce

    Love Chris D'elia but a show about sneakers is straight fuck boy business lol

  • Bran P
    Bran P 1 ay önce

    Im convinced chris is Em's Brother

  • PCS
    PCS 1 ay önce

    Who the fuck is this Chris Delaila

  • Scotty Sechang
    Scotty Sechang 1 ay önce

    for a second i thought this was Rick from walking dead

  • Peter Vasz
    Peter Vasz 1 ay önce

    He needs to do leg exercises