Freddie And Devin Go Through Each Others' Bags • Ladylike

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  • Naomi Partridge
    Naomi Partridge 1 hafta önce

    I feel like Devon is channeling Jonathan van Ness here 'and I'm here for it!' 'Loove!'

  • Pia Michelle
    Pia Michelle 3 hafta önce

    I’m just like devin I have pill bottles that spill in my bag, (it’s allergy medicine and ibuprofen lmao) and like 20 lipsticks

  • Ally McGuffee
    Ally McGuffee 3 hafta önce

    devan: are you running away?Freddie: YoU nEvEr KnOoOoW

  • Sarah Lamatsch
    Sarah Lamatsch 1 ay önce

    Freddie is like my idol

  • curious cat
    curious cat 1 ay önce

    They feel like they're both nervous

  • Destiny Julien
    Destiny Julien 1 ay önce

    I have the same glasses of fred

  • Lily Emmett
    Lily Emmett 1 ay önce

    My 2 favourites!!

  • Emily Joy
    Emily Joy 1 ay önce

    They go
    Just for Emily in the back, and I was still likeee?

  • Hae Khu
    Hae Khu 2 ay önce

    I thought "bf" ment "boyfriend " but then i realized it ment "buzzfeed".........

  • Alijah Urquidez
    Alijah Urquidez 2 ay önce

    anyone else see the waxpen on the table?

  • Maritza Ramirez
    Maritza Ramirez 2 ay önce

    Im surprised that they don’t have period products 😂

  • Americanberry Edits
    Americanberry Edits 2 ay önce

    Freddie had clouts before they were cool.😂😂

  • ?????
    ????? 2 ay önce

    Is it me or when Devin went through Freddies bag and put those sun glasses she looked like sia

  • Emily Cox
    Emily Cox 2 ay önce

    Devin looks so 1950s its adorable

  • Creamy Queen
    Creamy Queen 4 ay önce

    I love that lip color on freddie!

  • Ammarah Akram
    Ammarah Akram 4 ay önce

    Freddie’s face in the thumb nail is a moooood 😂

  • thirdvxv
    thirdvxv 4 ay önce

    trasy gir-

  • Minyoongi Genius
    Minyoongi Genius 4 ay önce

    Freddie: You got money
    Devin: Shakes Head
    Devin: I have receipts I haven’t cashed in yet
    Me: Falling of my bed from laughing to hard

  • Beth’s Artworks
    Beth’s Artworks 4 ay önce

    Fred has clout goggles? I already knew she was a queen... but gurrrrrlllll yes

  • mor3060 Mor3060
    mor3060 Mor3060 4 ay önce

    I have the purse to Devon's wallet

  • leah.trembley
    leah.trembley 5 ay önce

    devin got clout😎😎

  • Vianna Strandholdt
    Vianna Strandholdt 5 ay önce

    No pads or tampons?

  • Leah Grace
    Leah Grace 5 ay önce

    this was made the same day as Freddie Goes Through Devin's Search History • Ladylike

  • PeachyxDays
    PeachyxDays 5 ay önce

    Their lipstick is poppin 😍😍

  • phoenix fire productions

    Dont have birthcontroll or period items

  • Queen'Ra iok
    Queen'Ra iok 6 ay önce

    Devin and Freddie are such a cute bestie combo

  • Lindsay Ward
    Lindsay Ward 6 ay önce

    I love Fred but I feel like she hasn’t been putting her heart into the videos lately

  • SariSerpent_5789
    SariSerpent_5789 6 ay önce

    Could you guys please support a new youtuber called Erika staine

  • sidsid 95
    sidsid 95 6 ay önce

    I'm Freddy at parties with the bottle opener. You're welcome guys!

  • mashh. potato
    mashh. potato 6 ay önce

    "We have our drugs"
    - Freddie

  • Ellie Gordon
    Ellie Gordon 6 ay önce

    @ladylike please post more! It says new videos 3 times a week, but you only post monthly!

  • coline the one who motivates

    Y all so adorable

  • Awele 24
    Awele 24 7 ay önce

    Freddie can you please do hair and wig videos?

  • AeVision
    AeVision 7 ay önce

    I want a Freddie and Devin travel video!!!! Like Kristen & Jen's empty suitcase series and a mix of the mystery destination video! A third party should pick a place to send Freddie and Devin so they arrive at a mystery location with just what they'd packed for a normal day of work and with a little bit of cash to buy what they need to survive (do one specific activity in the mystery location, i.e. go hiking and find a mystery geocache, go out to a club & have to find a hidden item. They could also have like a spy metal briefcase with unknown "survival" materials to be used like a "phone-a-friend" lifeline if they fail to purchase everything they need for the location and activity with the cash they have.

  • Jazz Stew
    Jazz Stew 7 ay önce

    I think I have the lipgloss Freddie's wearing. Also, Carmex actually dries out your lips so you have to keep applying more. Lip products that have camphor in them, like carmex, dry out your lips.

  • lana lana
    lana lana 7 ay önce

    i also have bottle opener on my keys i feel exactly like you described it when someone needs a bottle opener 😂

    CHEERS! 7 ay önce

    The description has a typo

  • TheDisguise
    TheDisguise 7 ay önce

    Guess you won't be getting a Blistex sponsor 😂

  • Leyla Vera
    Leyla Vera 7 ay önce

    Was it just me or did Devin look like Hayley Williams from Paramore with Freddie’s sunglasses?

  • Hella Green
    Hella Green 8 ay önce

    I too am a Carmex girl. Miss me with that Blistex nonsense.