Sneaking in EVERYWHERE for FREE (Yellow Vest Experiment)

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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory 2 yıl önce

    Thank for watching guys, please don't try to replicate this on your own :) Peace and love!

  • TK 4174
    TK 4174 49 dakika önce

    Just do the hitman thing knock someone out and take their uniform just avoid the people with a white dot hovering over their head

  • pybro br
    pybro br 7 saat önce

    Just like Hitman says:people dont look faces but they look to uniforms

  • IronScrap _
    IronScrap _ 10 saat önce

    Five days ago an Italian channel called "the show" just made literally the same thing as you did, so they basically copied you

  • filipas dragos
    filipas dragos 13 saat önce

    The camera at 1:55 r6 intensifies

  • FlashComKid YT GAMING
    FlashComKid YT GAMING 19 saat önce

    I can walk in the musemum withot paying from were im from smh😒

  • Diya khurana
    Diya khurana 19 saat önce

    Hands down... THE BEST VIDEO I WATCHED TODAY.... lmaoo

  • poinked
    poinked 19 saat önce

    aren’t what they’re doing illegal? i mean, it’s entertaining but i’m sure people who are out to cheat the system will follow and take advantage

  • Angeline Teng
    Angeline Teng 20 saat önce

    CCTV: Am i a joke to you?

  • Julio ?
    Julio ? 1 gün önce

    Now imagine actual people who came to do the checkup and they get kicked out.

  • Elijah Koenig
    Elijah Koenig 1 gün önce

    You guys should carry around a latter to make it legit lol

  • Henry Walton
    Henry Walton 1 gün önce

    It's good but you have nothing on Simon Wilson

  • calvinthedestroyer
    calvinthedestroyer 1 gün önce

    LOL, what's this? an Amazon affiliate link to Yellow safety vest: :)

  • Akira Kush
    Akira Kush 1 gün önce

    sorry but i will try this at home

  • Adrian A
    Adrian A 1 gün önce

    Good idea...... Ima gonna try leaving work early with a yellow vest on.

  • notimetowasteprod
    notimetowasteprod 1 gün önce

    What is the track id at 3:10

  • HAIDEN Music
    HAIDEN Music 1 gün önce

    Tried the White House? Please

  • Isham nime
    Isham nime 1 gün önce

    In my head:beware of CCTV

  • Last minute savage
    Last minute savage 1 gün önce

    Game on bitch 😂

  • jlaz83
    jlaz83 1 gün önce

    Ally Law would of been proud of you guys😂😂

  • Mister Scoot
    Mister Scoot 1 gün önce

    Social Engineering 101: Always look the part and know your target

    Social Engineering 102: If you walk the walk and talk the talk, people can easily be fooled, more than you think.

    Well done gentlemen...

  • EmojiMe
    EmojiMe 2 gün önce

    Here to do a routine inspection on the video

  • suoicilatsgnaG
    suoicilatsgnaG 2 gün önce

    Freaking legends.

  • Ziah N
    Ziah N 2 gün önce

    5:20 you seriously walked into the free part of that museum......

  • Adam Schlinker
    Adam Schlinker 2 gün önce

    Have you ever seen a yellow vest in a restaurant? What on earth?

  • the neko engineer
    the neko engineer 2 gün önce

    Hitman in irl

  • Delta Squad
    Delta Squad 2 gün önce

    U guys have to do the leader trick

  • Anuj Verma
    Anuj Verma 2 gün önce

    this video just literally made my dayy i had smile on my face from start to end these guys are super fun 😂😂😂😂 lovee you both 😂😂😍😍 just wanna thank you guys to make me laugh 😂😂🤗🤗🤗🤗 loveee from indiaaaa 😍😍😍☺️☺️☺️

  • Jibis Lakis
    Jibis Lakis 2 gün önce

    Me 9 year I have to buy those jacket I'll fix light bulb 😏

  • Joris W.
    Joris W. 2 gün önce

    “We are not going to take advantage of this“


  • myotheraccount57
    myotheraccount57 2 gün önce

    "We're gonna take these vests off to blend in"

    hangs hi visibility vest over shoulder

  • LFrankenstein11
    LFrankenstein11 2 gün önce

    should also work with ladders

  • Alpha92Tv
    Alpha92Tv 2 gün önce

    Now that everyone is going to exploit it, it's gonna get patched

  • Oehlschlagel ‘s Just us

    Skin Color plays a big part ‘ !!! Make a video of three black friends if y’all have any and y’all shall see what we deal with in life just over skin color !! Top that !!

  • Mickey Noble
    Mickey Noble 3 gün önce

    Good job but electricians don't wear shorts.

  • Quartelife7582
    Quartelife7582 3 gün önce

    Don't try this in France dudes...

  • Mister Guy Dude
    Mister Guy Dude 3 gün önce

    You can basically walk past most security by not changing your speed or trajectory while giving them an upwards nod. Not downwards. Usually doesn't work on female security personal.

  • Everything goes
    Everything goes 3 gün önce

    You should walk into places with a trench coat and sunglasses

  • ɱaiden Ξngland
    ɱaiden Ξngland 3 gün önce

    There will be thousands of people now all walking around in glow jackets

  • Demendra
    Demendra 3 gün önce

    How to bypass security. A guide on how to be a successful terrorist.