Billie Eilish - bury a friend

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  • Listen to “bury a friend": Pre-order "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?": Featuring Crooks Director: Michael Chaves Producers: David Moore, Michelle An, Chelsea Dodson DP: Tristan Nyby Editor: John Paul Horstmann Follow Billie Eilish: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Email:
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  • Chihuahua Chihuahua
    Chihuahua Chihuahua Biraz önce

    Billie Elish can you make a song called cold blooded

  • Maribel Sandoval
    Maribel Sandoval Biraz önce

    OH GoSh AhHG

    LASZLO HOLICKY Biraz önce

    I had to look up what gender billie eilish was.

  • L.j Gaming 115
    L.j Gaming 115 Biraz önce

    if you r here from tik tok you r sad

  • mobihuj molpoi
    mobihuj molpoi Biraz önce

    MK ultra

  • Dolan
    Dolan Biraz önce

    #1 Horror Movie In 2019
    Little Ceasers:F$CKING CREEPY
    RollingStakeidk:THE CONJURING 3058838

  • Gabriela del Rocío
    Gabriela del Rocío 3 dakika önce


  • Sxbrinx
    Sxbrinx 5 dakika önce

    I like her music but I feel like she needs some therapy

  • Shani ksna is sour
    Shani ksna is sour 5 dakika önce

  • Alejandra Ramírez
    Alejandra Ramírez 8 dakika önce

    hola joaaan

  • Lucky Shot
    Lucky Shot 9 dakika önce

    Giving me the haunting of hill house vibes ❤

  • Horses are the best
    Horses are the best 11 dakika önce

    This needs to be a movie

  • Mocha Martini
    Mocha Martini 12 dakika önce

    There needs to be a whole Wikipeda page explaining this because I have no idea wtf just happened.

  • Camilla Machado
    Camilla Machado 15 dakika önce

    Brasileiros q amam a Billie?? Cadee vcs!?!?!?

  • Cale Quinn
    Cale Quinn 15 dakika önce

    Lil pump +Billie eilish= 🔥

  • Alice Davis
    Alice Davis 16 dakika önce

    people need to realise the serious damage this could do to young minds who are struggling

  • Anubis Diaz
    Anubis Diaz 17 dakika önce

    Its 3am and still listening...

  • lalalala lalalal
    lalalala lalalal 18 dakika önce

    I don t know if you got it but she sold her soul to the devil🤭

  • Azir Kurtisi
    Azir Kurtisi 18 dakika önce

    I hate the clip

  • NotACake33
    NotACake33 18 dakika önce

    Billie has forgotten how to walk

    Billie: * floats *

  • CookieCrumble678
    CookieCrumble678 18 dakika önce

    American Horror Story is that you?

  • Christopher Otero allen
    Christopher Otero allen 19 dakika önce

    I love this song first bille song I ever heard and please dont make scary music videos

  • Azir Kurtisi
    Azir Kurtisi 19 dakika önce

    I like this song

  • Jérôme Matthes
    Jérôme Matthes 21 dakika önce

    I like your art style.

  • Zixea
    Zixea 24 dakika önce

    Holy fuck her concert is less than 40 minutes away from my house.

  • Austin Pittman
    Austin Pittman 32 dakika önce

    Billie elish and lil xan should date

  • Kirsten Ford
    Kirsten Ford 34 dakika önce

    I wouldn’t mind Billie standing at the side of my bed in the middle of the night tbh 🙄😉😏

  • Rabbits GOOGOO
    Rabbits GOOGOO 38 dakika önce

    These lyrics 🤔

  • Desiree Clay
    Desiree Clay 41 dakika önce

    Love it Billie
    This many people that love Billie

  • KarenHaw Jr
    KarenHaw Jr 45 dakika önce

    The injections bounced me off my chair... 😤😂

  • SaMirror Chambers
    SaMirror Chambers 46 dakika önce

    Now this is stuck in my head also adding this to my playlist

  • Cecile van Bruggen
    Cecile van Bruggen 47 dakika önce

    Billie shows that (well-known/mainstream) female artist do not have to portray themselves as sexual objects. She should be praised for that!

  • Sorry In Advance
    Sorry In Advance 47 dakika önce

    I wanna game end myself

  • Lin Johnson
    Lin Johnson 48 dakika önce

    If I ever kill someone, I’ll do it to this song

  • StreamerBT W
    StreamerBT W 48 dakika önce

    She can appear under my bed anytime she wants 😍

  • kalkingdom
    kalkingdom 54 dakika önce

    Bury a friend

  • Gaming Modder
    Gaming Modder 55 dakika önce

    Bro listen with headphones full volume and when she says I want to end me and when the needles go in brooooo I got that from tiktok

  • Canal Eduarda Vlogs
    Canal Eduarda Vlogs 56 dakika önce

    Brasil? KKKKKKKK

  • Srg Ghost
    Srg Ghost 56 dakika önce


  • Mahamotti
    Mahamotti 57 dakika önce

    Yeah that clip scared the shit out of me right at the start... You owe me new white underwear 😂