Jasmine Scenes | 1080p Logoless

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  • xunmasked
    xunmasked 1 yıl önce

    ugh I just realised I forgot 2 scenes smh

  • lil_bad_BABY
    lil_bad_BABY 2 hafta önce

    She is so funny
    She should be a main character
    Olivia needs to go
    She’s so boring

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 3 hafta önce

    Danggg Ruby i see you and im down with it😂😂

  • fe fe
    fe fe 1 ay önce

    0:20 yo jasmine lowkey did the woah 😂

  • Julius W.
    Julius W. 1 ay önce

    Jasmine is the best, and she sexy 😩😍

  • Sashmitaa Anbazagan
    Sashmitaa Anbazagan 1 ay önce

    I love how confident Jasmine is about herself😂

  • TJ Mitchell
    TJ Mitchell 1 ay önce

    Out of all the characters Jasmine by far has had the character development

  • Jennifer Gallardo
    Jennifer Gallardo 1 ay önce

    COME ON ....... Jasmine even shaved her cho cha for
    this people 🧖🏼‍♀️💃🏻!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁

  • Brandon Singh
    Brandon Singh 1 ay önce

    Someone know the tune at 1:56 ?

  • nanny xoxoxo
    nanny xoxoxo 1 ay önce

    She one of my faves💀💀💀😂💕💕

  • Faatua Noa
    Faatua Noa 1 ay önce

    0:29 I can’t 💀😂

  • Esme Life
    Esme Life 1 ay önce

    Pop them titties

  • Ivy_ Queen__
    Ivy_ Queen__ 1 ay önce

    1:32 look at ruby🤣😭 I feel so bad

  • iiparadised
    iiparadised 1 ay önce

    pls do spooky!!

  • Leonard Burrell-DaSilva

    Lol replay 0:0 alot ;-; . ..

    TASHA PERSAUD 1 ay önce

    Jasmine is very funny 😆

  • 99miyah
    99miyah 1 ay önce

    it's Willow

  • Dalissa Thibodeaux
    Dalissa Thibodeaux 1 ay önce

    I was looking for whole different sound that was on tik tok and then I found this one that was also on tik tok

    That shocked me

  • Denisse Solis
    Denisse Solis 2 ay önce


  • Tyleek WILLIAMS
    Tyleek WILLIAMS 2 ay önce

    ThE TaLeNt BiTcHes

  • Dane Salanoa
    Dane Salanoa 2 ay önce

    1:20 sec dat hyna talkin next 2 jasmine is fine as hell daaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnn

  • Millie Wynne
    Millie Wynne 2 ay önce

    Can you please do ruby?? ❤️❤️

  • omelette
    omelette 2 ay önce

    What a queen

  • K’s World
    K’s World 2 ay önce

    I love jasmine ! Tbh I would really be her friend lol

  • Shayna Pace
    Shayna Pace 2 ay önce

    Her inhaler kills me every time 😂😂😂

  • Saimah
    Saimah 2 ay önce

    what episode is 3:21

  • Melany Meyo101
    Melany Meyo101 2 ay önce

    When I saw her I’m like she’s from liv and Maddie then when I realized she was 31 in real life I’m like just like oh!!!!!!! Wow

  • Kaitlyn Mitchell
    Kaitlyn Mitchell 2 ay önce

    Fine smash you to then I'd kill you

  • tirzahhh fowlerrr
    tirzahhh fowlerrr 2 ay önce

    No one is gonna talk abt scene 1:41??

  • im_nbc
    im_nbc 2 ay önce

    I freaking love Jasmine!!! So underrated

  • Yani Boo
    Yani Boo 2 ay önce

    who else knows real life jasmines 😂😂 i do

  • Milomondo
    Milomondo 2 ay önce

    I died for each one of her scenes, she is just so fauny, I would actually love a Jasmine in my life.

  • Life as Ness
    Life as Ness 2 ay önce

    Is it just me or was Olivia a bitch from the start?

  • Life as Ness
    Life as Ness 2 ay önce

    Jasmonse fosho

  • Glen CoCo
    Glen CoCo 2 ay önce

    "in that Doo Doo outfit"

  • Mizumi Sama
    Mizumi Sama 2 ay önce

    Her peeing in the sink tho

  • Sister snapped
    Sister snapped 2 ay önce

    Honestly jasmine is underrated character,

  • Ariel Cristina
    Ariel Cristina 2 ay önce


  • skye stt
    skye stt 2 ay önce

    Egg booty coughs

  • El chico del apartamento 512

    I actually started On My Block just for Jasmine