What Are the Different Types of Pothos Ivy? : Gardening Tips

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  • Hiten Gohil
    Hiten Gohil 10 ay önce

    Hi, can i use cocopeat along with compost for propogating marbles queen or use soil.which one is better. What it should be if its neon pothos

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz 1 yıl önce


  • YManCyberDude
    YManCyberDude 1 yıl önce

    You forgot to mention that as far as we know no Pothos has ever turned on its caretaker . . .

  • Queen Chelle
    Queen Chelle 1 yıl önce

    Thanks I have a golden pothos

  • Florence Perez
    Florence Perez 2 yıl önce

    I have all of these + Neon Pothos 😁

  • @c30f$p@d3z
    @c30f$p@d3z 4 yıl önce

    For those interested, the varieties of Pothos are as follows:

    Jade (solid green)
    Golden (Green & yellow variegated)
    Lime (bright green)
    Jade & Pearl (multiple green tones & off white. Smaller foliage than most other Pothos)
    Marble Queen (Green & white marbleized variegation) 

    In my experience, those with more green tend to grow at a more rapid rate. With the exception of Jade & Pearl. This particular (man made) strain tends to grow MUCH slower than the other types of Pothos. 

    From typically fastest growing, to least rapidly growing:


    Marble Queen (noticeably slower than the 3 above)

    Jade & Pearl (even more noticeably slow in development than the Marble Queen)

  • MamaGraphica5
    MamaGraphica5 6 yıl önce

    kool thx