Video filmed inside Thousand Oaks bar during shooting

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  • At least 12 lives were cut short when a gunman stormed a Southern California bar and opened fire. A video posted on Instagram shows the inside of the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, during the shooting. #CNN #News
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  • Joe Clooney
    Joe Clooney 3 gün önce

    What the actual fuck, lol this is a disgrace

  • Adam Baits
    Adam Baits 1 hafta önce

    Great job playing this tape ,proves us right about MSM,

  • Adam Baits
    Adam Baits 1 hafta önce

    I see cnn recording and takes of running yelling nonsense how about telling us the real reason people died,and staged by fake actors crying,and who's paying cnn to cover this, CNN FAKE AS TRANNY TITS

  • Mr Holistic
    Mr Holistic 3 hafta önce

    its not dark, theres no one there, hundreds cant hide in that small of a space youd see most of them, guy at the bar calm, the camera man remaining to film, the fake scripted exit with camera in hand filming it, etc etc etc

  • phxmarker mark
    phxmarker mark 4 hafta önce

    The actors didn't act too well this time.

  • Eightys Baby87
    Eightys Baby87 4 hafta önce

    He probably couldn't get no pussy in the bar. Wat a douchebag

  • Christian Lords
    Christian Lords 1 ay önce

    that was shocking and horrifying! yawn.

  • Devon Estes
    Devon Estes 1 ay önce

    Rewatching this video now and the comments are absolutely disgusting. I didn't think people could possibly be so insensitive as to believe that this is fake. That is so disrespectful - letting your butthurt political views get in the way of realizing how real this situation is. And before you even try to come at me, tell me about how this is "fake news", call me a libtard, etc, I have lived in Thousand Oaks for my entire life. I knew these people, I know this bar; I see it literally every day. I have friends who were present and on the news that night, fellow school alumni who were senselessly murdered, and you people seriously have the nerve to get your conservative asses all riled up because you assume that, just because a news station is biased and liberal, it means they'd fake a damn shooting video. If you took the time to watch interviews, you'd know that this happened after most people had escaped through every possible exit point, people had been shot, and the dance floor was cleared. The bar is massive; of course people were hiding out of plain sight. You seriously think they'd still be chilling in the middle of the goddamn room?! You can hear the broken glass crunching under the shooter's feet as he walks in the background, looking for more people - clearly proving that the majority of the chaos had already happened. I don't care if you want your guns and view any shooting as a threat to your "personal liberties". I don't care if you hate CNN so much that you feel the need to harass our town even more. I don't care what you think. Show some damn respect for these 12 angels and let them rest in peace instead of trying to claim that what they suffered is "fake news".

  • elaineeyyy
    elaineeyyy 1 ay önce


  • Kevin Franck
    Kevin Franck 1 ay önce

    Another fake ass shooting it is as fake as cnn. Wow pathetic.

  • Charles Rand
    Charles Rand 1 ay önce

    And they don't address the... I don't know... Big giant elephant in the room? Music-less elephant?

  • John 27
    John 27 1 ay önce

    I don't see anyone before the shooting starts.
    Just an empty dance floor.

  • Leonard Chornomaz
    Leonard Chornomaz 1 ay önce

    I see the camera man pan to the right past what looked to be someone casually sitting drinking a glass at a bar, as he really fast turns away. Then you see a person casually walk past a lighted opening, just before the gun shots. When he picks the camera back up, you see smoke wafting in from the right. Which means that the shots were fired from the direction where the guy was casually sitting.
    All while you hear what sounds like broken dishes being swept up.

    None of the interviewees who were showed as being upset and distraught, seemed to have a single tear to shed among them. Even the man who was supposed to be crying over his son's death, had the driest clearest face I've ever seen on someone mourning their child's murder.
    Why was the bar so dark? This place is always colorfully light up, by neon and glowing fluorescent lights. As well as neon beer signs.
    Where did all the people just vanish to? How did those inside remain so calm and quiet as mice on the prowl? Including those who were injured by the shooting?

    The video just doesn't match the narrative of the reporters, or witnesse statements. Which described chaos and mayham. Opposite of the calm quiet scene depicted by the video.

  • HSS 00100101
    HSS 00100101 2 ay önce

    The bar is empty. No music no line dancers. A man standing casuaslly. CNN is fake news.

  • OathOfGod (Lisa)
    OathOfGod (Lisa) 2 ay önce


  • Jeff J
    Jeff J 2 ay önce

    What to learn from this video is that Wolf is lying... This is a propaganda video used to scare the ignorant public into thinking guns need to be taken away from everyone. Look at all the countries that have had their guns taken away; China, Russia, North Korea. Are people that stupid to give up their rights? That's exactly what the government wants to do. The blatant lies in this are just amazing that they think anyone would believe this... What sheriff was shot, and what kids, where is the blood, or proof. ALL LIES! None of those people have any tears coming out of their eyes. They are full of shit..

  • Joyce Johnson
    Joyce Johnson 2 ay önce

    I took this from a friend's Facebook page, her friend was a DJ there. I don't hear any music, and I didn't see people in the video. I do hear breaking glass, but I would expect a few girls to scream. All I know is it makes no sense to me. ((((“I’m sorry if I don’t respond to anyone and I’m sorry if all I can say is thank you or comment with a ❤️. And I’m sorry that all my posts are incredibly long at the moment. Writing is my outlet. I really do truly appreciate the overwhelming amount of outreach I have received since Wednesday. I see and feel every message. I’m still at a loss for words and will live with this heartache forever. I didn’t know all of the 12 beautiful angels that lost their lives but I had seen them all before. I’d seen them on my dance floor while I was playing their music, I’d seen them back at the bar, I’d seen them in the aisle as we walked past each other. Borderline is one big loving family (even through all the pointless drama) and we lost 12 beautiful souls from our family. I have so much I want to write about but I don’t have the words to get it all out. I am thankful for everyone who has reached out. I know I have a huge support team and I love you all.
    Being a Dj, it’s my job to get people on the dance floor and keep them there! It’s my job to play music that people like and make it enjoyable for people who aren’t dancing. For those of you that don’t know, I was the DJ on Wednesday night. I was in the middle of my third line dance set. I wasn’t really feeling my first two sets that night. My dance floor was decently packed but not how it normally was on a Wednesday night. So, as I played what would be the last 2 two step songs of the night and the last partner dance of the night I set up my line dance set. I specially left the “most popular” line dances for this set. The last line dance I called out was “Askin Questions,” one of the bars FAVORITE dances. My dance floor is always packed full for this dance. I am thankful for that! People have told me that they left the bar just to go dance this dance. People were standing in the direct line of fire moments before everything happened and left because I played a dance they like dancing. In the moments between the gun shots I remember hearing the music and glass breaking. Nothing else. It sounded like a ghost town between each shot. I hate that I feel like I couldn’t get the music off fast enough I hate feeling like I could have done more. But hearing people say this, for lack of better words, makes me so happy knowing that they got out of the direct line of fire before everything started happening. Knowing that they were able to get out easier or faster because they weren’t back in the bar.”))))

  • I am I NUFN
    I am I NUFN 2 ay önce

    Did he take out the DJ first. No music to dance to. Lol. So stupid.
    PS. Ahahahahahaha he shot the cashier. 11

  • Amy Bruch
    Amy Bruch 2 ay önce

    It was empty!!!!! #Fakenews strikes again! Lolololol!!!!!


    I smell staged BULLSHIT!!!!!
    See how they put an emphasis on "Extended Magazine"
    Also, the one guy says he shot the door bouncer and the cashier? You see the "gun man" walk in the door in the "inside video" and no shots were fired upon entering!?!?!?
    Its a ploy with crisis actors to give them reasons to take more of our rights away! Other news outlets reports that the bar was packed with hundreds of people! Hummm.... I only see like 3 people in that place. Awake individuals can see the HUGE inconsistencies.

  • Keeley Annabel
    Keeley Annabel 2 ay önce

    Oh son I love u so much. How fucking fake

  • Keeley Annabel
    Keeley Annabel 2 ay önce

    Are you on drugs its a bloody empty bar why do you rotten cnn keep broadcasting this nonsense. I guess the suppose shooter is a trump supporter
    So he had an extended magazine and only shot nine shots. That was a hand gun. Stop with your lying you filth

  • Name Redacted
    Name Redacted 2 ay önce

    Man shoots 9 bullets, a dozen dead.

  • Jessica Williamson
    Jessica Williamson 2 ay önce

    These assholes that call this a hoax (that don’t FUCKING LIVE THERE) can go tell the families it’s all fake. Go to the fake fucking FUNERALS YOU SAD SAD LOSERS. That area had its heart ripped out. I hope you get hit by a car and everyone laughs at you and calls you a fake bullshit liar. Like your bitch “President”and his purchased fake bitch “wife”. All fake as your humanity. Only thing real is your fear of the truth and how YOU FAIL TO HELP. Now - go to church and pretend you’re a real person. Fucking Losers.

  • Gena Wilson
    Gena Wilson 2 ay önce

    Corrupt News Network, Criminal News Network, Clinton News Network, Cabal News Network.....#WagTheDog never a work of fiction it was a warning to the Elites....




    This is real One of the sister sisters was related to the girl that died .

  • Carrie Marc
    Carrie Marc 2 ay önce

    You are the worst propaganda newscast I have ever seen. Omg how horrible. People were so brave the hardly screamed in an empty building. .. lmao

  • yicl jol
    yicl jol 2 ay önce

    What a crock of shit. CNN are so desperate - they clearly are, the c*nt news network.

  • Anthony Carabajal
    Anthony Carabajal 2 ay önce

    There's nobody in the bar no bodies nothing like that so how can you kill any people if it was not full of people horseshit.... liberals just want to find a way to take away our firearms... it's really put the icing on a cake those Witnesses are all fake ectc

  • FKN UuP
    FKN UuP 2 ay önce

    bahaha cnn this is a joke right?

  • jay mcquaid
    jay mcquaid 3 ay önce

    CNN, you are about the dumbest sumbeeches known to man these days. The video contradicts every single word you spoke of this. You should all go get a couple of gallons of bleach each and have a drinking contest, that would be a better news story than you EVER put out. Bunch of dipshits...........

  • Corinne Henry
    Corinne Henry 3 ay önce

    you continue to crack me up cnn,, not as good as your boston marathon bombing clip with the one legged war vet pretending his leg was just blown off, or your sandy hook comedy, but keep creating your own news , laughs like these are hard to find,

  • Gunner Revlett
    Gunner Revlett 3 ay önce


  • Curtis Ellsworth
    Curtis Ellsworth 3 ay önce

    Still dumb as literal He'll and not getting away with much ultimately, CNN! Good idea at the time, eh all implicated dip shits?

  • BiPolarB33r
    BiPolarB33r 3 ay önce

    this seems pretty scripted, especially that "horrific inside video footage". The guy stayed inside the building to continue filming (where was the "busy dance floor"?) after shots were fired, come on..really? Also, I swear I have seen some of the people giving an eye witness account before....its like when you watch a movie and you're like "I know that guy ACTED in another MOVIE before, but I can't remember which MOVIE he ACTED in before " type of thing.

  • Person Man
    Person Man 3 ay önce


  • BlzShop
    BlzShop 3 ay önce

    What are you guys smoking, I only saw three people including the camera man.

  • wolfbandit361
    wolfbandit361 3 ay önce

    I smell FAKE NEWS!! No dead people just a dead bar! Wake up people! CNN=Fake News