From Bad Luck to Beauty: 10 Cool Beauty Hacks

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  • Do you feel like upgrading your makeup routine? You came to the right place! Prolong the life of your cosmetics with these simple DIY beauty hacks. Learn how to use almonds as eyeshadow, customize your lip balm into a stylish pendant and hide those awful pimples. Beauty tips - here we come! If you enjoyed this video you might also like: 00:04 Prepared MakeUp Wipes 01:01 Lip Balm Pendant 02:10 Dual Lipstick 03:13 Almond Eyeshadow 04:17 Eyeshadow Hack 05:17 Prolong Your MakeUp 07:39 No More Dirty Sponges 09:16 Hide That Pimple! 10:21 Craft Wire Curls Subscribe to Crafty Panda: Español: Deutsch: Français: Português: Love the music used in this video? We find our music on EpidemicSound: Top Crafty Panda Playlists: MakeUp and Beauty Hacks: School Hacks: DIY Clothes & Other Fashion Hacks: Like us on Facebook: Visit Bored Panda website: Visit Bored Panda Store: Get Animated Stickers by Crafty Panda: For sponsored content contact us at #BeautyHacks #MakeUpHacks #DIY
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    Hey Gorgeous Pandas! 🐼✨
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    That’s why I prepared a bunch of neat beauty hacks for you to experiment with!💄💅
    Which makeup hack are you going to try first? 💇🙌
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    Much love from Crafty Panda 😍😍😍

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