Announcement of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2019

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  • Wendell Chiang
    Wendell Chiang 1 ay önce

    I like the way the announcer spoke fluently in four languages ...

  • PC Zhang
    PC Zhang 2 ay önce

    I hope that one day I will have a nobel prize, it may be a long time!hahah

  • Farva Ali Khan
    Farva Ali Khan 2 ay önce

    the coffee explanation was really good .

  • Navid Ghaffarzadegan

    And from now on, my morning coffee will never be the same...

  • total90
    total90 3 ay önce


    "You should enter it for the love of the science"

    Beautiful advise

  • Knut Harald Evensen
    Knut Harald Evensen 3 ay önce

    When do they stop talking about this Disney-fantasy Big Bang. The Universe (or universes) are limitless in space and time, and had no beginning and has no end. You have to be a human being to think a thought like beginning and end. Where did this pea (or these peas) of matter with indescribable gravtitation come from? Nowhere? There is no nowhere! There is eternity. Start thinking!

    VISHWAS P 3 ay önce

    6:30 Big Bang Theory theme song!

  • Koustubh Avachat
    Koustubh Avachat 3 ay önce

    That's how things are tangled

  • Edukiyuki
    Edukiyuki 3 ay önce

    Thanks for the bbt reference <3

  • afzal akbari
    afzal akbari 3 ay önce

    Congratulations to all that work in this.

  • Subhajit Dey
    Subhajit Dey 3 ay önce

    Who else came here to hear the" The Big Bang Theory" theme song??

  • Ashutosh Singh
    Ashutosh Singh 3 ay önce


    HARISHANKAR NATH 3 ay önce

    Thanks! 🎉

  • hugo _
    hugo _ 3 ay önce

    Are there English subtitles?

  • CK Online Tv
    CK Online Tv 3 ay önce


  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 3 ay önce

    In 27:45 “The whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started. “ I thought he was singing this lyrics. lol

  • Nur Uddin
    Nur Uddin 3 ay önce

    Congratulations Sir...

  • #sa8die
    #sa8die 3 ay önce

    fantastic!! ,.,.

  • Abdoullah Gazzou
    Abdoullah Gazzou 3 ay önce


  • pigguo
    pigguo 3 ay önce

    The big bang theory theme song starts at 27:46

  • mlrmu68
    mlrmu68 3 ay önce

    I wish the Barenaked ladies are invited to perform at the gala.

  • JohnnBlade
    JohnnBlade 3 ay önce

    Kinda Ironic how small things gets one a Nobel Prize

  • Linh To
    Linh To 3 ay önce

    "The whole Universe was in a hot, dense state. Then nearly 14 billion years ago, expansion started." reminds me of the Big Bang Theory theme song.

  • CharlieBarbarossa
    CharlieBarbarossa 3 ay önce

    The professor is dropping the opening line from The Big Bang Theory theme at 27:45.

  • Ziang Yan
    Ziang Yan 3 ay önce

    'Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state. Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started.' OMG this is the lyric of TBBT opening! I can hardly recognize it when this guy read it plainly lol

  • Jonah
    Jonah 3 ay önce

    How does someone "Discover" the universe, why isn't the first cave person looking up at the night sky before these three were born "Discoverer" of the universe? These three "Discovered" the universe and Columbus "Discovered" America.

  • Isaiah Armstrong
    Isaiah Armstrong 3 ay önce

    🇨🇦Canada 🇨🇦

  • Vivek Das
    Vivek Das 3 ay önce

    I can never be as great as them

  • fundou
    fundou 3 ay önce

    27:47. “The whole universe was in a hot dense state. Then 14 billion years ago, expansion started”. Prof Danielsson with a Bare Naked Ladies/Big Bang Theory reference FTW.

  • Uttkarsh Sharma
    Uttkarsh Sharma 3 ay önce

    6:30 he literally quoted the opening theme of "The Big Bang Theory"

  • Anugrah Mathew Prasad

    Inspiring insights from James Peebles

  • Jack
    Jack 3 ay önce

    Aleksander Wolszczan should have won for discovering the first confirmed exoplanet in 1992... it was also the only known rocky exoplanet for 20 years. He didn't win just because the exoplanet orbited a pulsar??

  • 挑刺的猫
    挑刺的猫 3 ay önce

    I hope that I can live long enough to know what the universe exactly is.

  • Lidens Cheng
    Lidens Cheng 3 ay önce

    Finally Peebles. Should have happened awhile back.

  • Prashant Tiwari
    Prashant Tiwari 3 ay önce

    How these research going to help mankind at large?

  • Hasna EL-GLALEF
    Hasna EL-GLALEF 3 ay önce

    Congratulations to the laureates!

  • Lakshmi Narashiman
    Lakshmi Narashiman 3 ay önce

    Congratulations Great Minds

    ALVIN LARIDA 3 ay önce


  • prathamesh mayekar
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  • JimJoness619
    JimJoness619 3 ay önce

    It got sad and revealing when he said the "universal truth" that is that .. it could be that there is life in one of these exoplanets. but well never get to actually "see" this life...