We Made Our Own Custom Perfumes! (Beauty Trippin)

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  • Dashaun Morin
    Dashaun Morin 3 hafta önce

    Anyone else love the faces Lilly makes

  • Deja Boo
    Deja Boo 4 hafta önce

    13:45 MEEEE 😂😂😂

  • Divlje Kurabe
    Divlje Kurabe 1 ay önce

    A lot of Ddddds ahahahahahah

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg 1 ay önce

    Lol love them so much

  • Erin -challenges
    Erin -challenges 1 ay önce

    Lily: its like a spicy flower 😂 im dying 😂😂

  • Angelina Krahn
    Angelina Krahn 1 ay önce

    Lily- I can't be trusted with China

    Me - relate

  • Mulakie Carroll
    Mulakie Carroll 1 ay önce

    Is it just me or did lily just reject that lady when she went to kiss her on the cheek.

  • sofia
    sofia 1 ay önce

    Perfume that has musk in it is probably not cruelty free, since musk is collected off of a musk deers abdomen after they have killed the deer. Googled how it is collected, and thought you all should know😂

  • Mamalover
    Mamalover 1 ay önce


  • Sanspapy
    Sanspapy 1 ay önce

    why this whole video i was tryin to figure out if the ladys earings r 3d

  • SJ Toons
    SJ Toons 2 ay önce

    Y’all keep talking over her

  • Kendra
    Kendra 2 ay önce

    "Erin. Don't spray it in your mouth." "but that's where I wanna be kissed" I'm dying lol

  • Aiko hamada
    Aiko hamada 3 ay önce

    And i am unsubscribing from this channel just for Erin!! I can't bear her dumbass, annoying behaviour anymore..! 😣😣

  • Aiko hamada
    Aiko hamada 3 ay önce

    Oh man! This Erin is just so annoying and dumb!! I mean her behaviour was so annoying and disrespectful to that perfume lady! It was so hard to bear her dumbass questions and attitude to be honest! 😡

  • Tristan Dunn
    Tristan Dunn 3 ay önce

    erin really knows how to ruin the moment lol

  • Kat Jacob
    Kat Jacob 3 ay önce

    Her voice was so relaxing but if I were there in person i’d feel so embarrassed and intimidated lol

  • Liz Prado
    Liz Prado 3 ay önce

    Erin says 'she had a blast and wants to come back".. as the lady is saying 'absolutely, welcomed to come anytime' as she is shaking her head saying no. Lol. Entertainment.

  • Destinee Torres
    Destinee Torres 4 ay önce


  • Imogen Rawlings
    Imogen Rawlings 4 ay önce

    Does the perfume lady remind anyone else of Julie Andrews? Just me? OK then!

  • Emma Spicer
    Emma Spicer 4 ay önce

    They keep interrupting her and it's driving me nuts.

    TJ SPARKLE 4 ay önce

    Erin didn't tell her her name yet she new it lol

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan 4 ay önce

    I wanna do thisssss

  • Sophiamarie 011
    Sophiamarie 011 5 ay önce

    * sprayed perfume in face and mouth*.... “ERIN”

  • K DubAllYou
    K DubAllYou 5 ay önce

    She is so proper. Did anyone else read this with an accent? Lol

  • Candy Magnet
    Candy Magnet 5 ay önce

    i was drinking water when erin names her perfume 😂

  • unknown persoj
    unknown persoj 5 ay önce

    When they walk in the lady goes to hug Lily and she rejects it with a handshake

  • KristanGraceReads
    KristanGraceReads 5 ay önce

    I love that I actually learnt things in this episode 😊

  • The All Star Challenge

    6:56 @collins key it’s a fleeting fragrance a forward yeet

  • charleen hopkins
    charleen hopkins 6 ay önce

    cool yea sweet spice and heat

  • Kimberly Bravo
    Kimberly Bravo 6 ay önce

    If I ever go to NY I'm definitely going there!

  • Lmgera Naeava
    Lmgera Naeava 6 ay önce

    They got on the lady's nerves sooo BAD! LOL!

  • Catherine Pagulayan
    Catherine Pagulayan 6 ay önce

    I like that the celebrity list started with Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes...

  • Mackenzie Hill
    Mackenzie Hill 6 ay önce

    Did anybody else get a perfume ad?

  • Felicia louisiana girl

    This place was way to fancy

  • bbg
    bbg 7 ay önce

    it would suck if one of u had a stuffy nose that day

  • xTameliax
    xTameliax 7 ay önce

    ooo you girls should get hypnotised :O

  • Dalton Snyder
    Dalton Snyder 7 ay önce

    Wait, when you were talking about the musk part...isnt that kinda animal abuse or animal testing things?

  • Angel Reyes
    Angel Reyes 7 ay önce

    Ok I love Erin but sometimes she's so childish we can never get to the point of what someone's trying to say..

  • Daniel Rios
    Daniel Rios 7 ay önce

    Did anyone see the Ferrero chocolate on the table while taking the test?

  • Maria Silversken
    Maria Silversken 7 ay önce

    This was kind of embarrassing. Erin and Lilly belongs to a completely different world than this sophisticated lady. She was trying hard to share some of her knowledge, the least one can do is to pay attention, not interrupting her all the time and not laughing at wierd private jokes.