iPad Pro 2018 - Watch This BEFORE Buying!

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    ZONEofTECH 3 ay önce

    I'm re-doing my Instagram! Follow me @ZONEofTECH - https://www.instagram.com/zoneoftech/ for EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes content & teasers for upcoming videos! 😁

  • Logan Radinovich
    Logan Radinovich 15 saat önce

    Love it!!

  • Eliza Johnston
    Eliza Johnston 6 gün önce

    As I student, I use my iPad pro to take handwritten notes and type papers on my iPad. I definitely use it more than my MacBook, but I still need my laptop occasionally.

  • Marshmallow Puff
    Marshmallow Puff 1 hafta önce

    I draw. I had a 9.7 ipad pro. It was good but I traded it in and got a Tab S. 4. purely because the new ipads were the price of a laptop and this was the price of a phone. I'm pleased I did because the drawing experience on the Tab S4 with q Wacom Digitizer is excellent. I think you would have to be a Leanardo Davinci to justify the price of these new Ipads for drawing.

  • Howie Rader
    Howie Rader 1 hafta önce

    Hey Daniel, thank you for this video. Interesting how close you were with your video from 2017 reference the iPad X. Just picked one of these up last week (11” 256GB) and I’m really enjoying it! Now I’m gonna look at the link for the PaperLike sponsor of this vid!
    For now continue on your channel!

  • Mr. Mj
    Mr. Mj 1 hafta önce

    Subscribe me!!

  • Chhun Hai
    Chhun Hai 1 hafta önce

    Apple sell their products more expensive and more expensive

    ERUS TV 1 hafta önce


  • Mannan iqbal
    Mannan iqbal 1 hafta önce

    Only reason I’m not buying this is cause I’m scared it will bend, for the price you pay, you shouldn’t be worried that the device will bend

  • roy shemtov
    roy shemtov 2 hafta önce

    The ipad need a new operatin system and then i'll buy it

  • tokkie dekip
    tokkie dekip 2 hafta önce

    Ik buy the iPad one day ago 😑

  • WLSH UrRahz
    WLSH UrRahz 2 hafta önce

    Is PaperLike Good?

  • David Gabrie
    David Gabrie 3 hafta önce

    My face log in doesn’t work, I still have to enter a six digit code then I get to my home screen.

  • Super PEKKA
    Super PEKKA 3 hafta önce

    No tablets can replace the computers but tablets can just have some qualities of laptop. I like iPads a lot and in my opinion they the best but much expensive so can't afford it.

  • Aseel Hamid
    Aseel Hamid 3 hafta önce

    if i want buy this tablet for gaming
    what you think about previous generation ?

  • Kevin Wheatley
    Kevin Wheatley 3 hafta önce

    I got the 256gb cellular model and I love it. I use it as a very expensive media consumption and shopping device. I don’t want Mac OS on my tablet. I ditched my MacBook 12” as this is way quicker to do mobile banking or whatever.

  • 陈旭
    陈旭 3 hafta önce

    wise conclusion,it’s still a tablet

  • Garry Larden
    Garry Larden 4 hafta önce

    it replaced my 2017 macbook pro

  • Gabriel Harfield Pinheiro

    The problem is that there is no tablet on the market right now that can replace a laptop ; Surface Pro could, but it has a shameless tablet experience so I consider it to as convertible laptop...

  • GopherCake
    GopherCake 1 ay önce

    The nice texture of the paper lite screen protector wears off after like 3 weeks. Then it’s smooth again.

  • Panache Automotive
    Panache Automotive 1 ay önce

    It's not as good as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 which can actually replace a laptop with Dex

  • Apple pro
    Apple pro 1 ay önce

    I saw the apple commercial on 5 reasons your ipad can replace your pc. I can come up with 7 reasons why it can’t replace your pc.

    1- iOS can’t handle simple tasks such as downloading a PDF file

    2- iOS is not compatible with most software products out there and the App Store doesn’t have lots of pc games or apps

    3- You can’t plug a flash drive into it

    4- It’s way to expensive and you can spend this much money on a good pc

    5- No headphone jack

    6- You can’t put disks into it

    7- iOS is just simply horrible and limits you so much on what you can do. I own a windows laptop and that’s a real computer experience. iOS is a kids’ experience.

  • Matias Michell
    Matias Michell 1 ay önce

    Why is Andrew Garfield making YouTube videos instead of acting? 🤔

  • rattlers87
    rattlers87 1 ay önce

    my ipad pro 2017 was great for college stlye work except for submitting assignments into blackboard. I was just type in google docs, then submit once i got to work. Everyone doesnt have a job like that, so thats why its not a replacement, but besides the submission. I loved the ipad pro

  • Lorenzo Cappai
    Lorenzo Cappai 1 ay önce

    Can’t afford it anyways... sigh

  • VinZ Dela Rama
    VinZ Dela Rama 1 ay önce

    Still waiting for optimization to games specifically mobile legend before I buy this. 😁

  • Peanuts4 Life
    Peanuts4 Life 1 ay önce

    You can use the iPad like an intuos tablet and draw looking at the TV

  • Jhuwareeyah Moosa
    Jhuwareeyah Moosa 1 ay önce

    And you can get your name engraved for free in the pencil

  • Ramd80mk1d _
    Ramd80mk1d _ 1 ay önce

    Watching this on my new iPad Pro

    VIDS WITH JEZZA VWJ 1 ay önce

    Anyone else watching this on their iPad Pro? (Third gen)

  • Kuldip Singh
    Kuldip Singh 1 ay önce

    It is outrageously overpriced iPad.

    MD REDWAN MOLLA 1 ay önce

    HELLO...,,, I want to know which tablet you recommend or choice for use Internet, playing game, use media, use graphics, latest, etc...........

  • michael
    michael 1 ay önce

    You look so cute with the new iPad in your hand. The greatest thing about the new iPad is that you can open up the box by pulling a tab rather then using a dangerous knife that could result in a trip to the emergency room....

  • Amor Evora
    Amor Evora 2 ay önce

    51 shades of space gray

  • Richard Irwin
    Richard Irwin 2 ay önce

    You have the best consumer tech website on youtube. I make a lot of my purchases based on your videos.

  • Rithik N
    Rithik N 2 ay önce

    Can I get one of u don't mind plZZZ because I am in love with it 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗

  • Joseph Kirschner
    Joseph Kirschner 2 ay önce

    My usb c block doesn’t have any of the stuff yours has accept for the actual usbc plugin

  • Mischa Mackenzie
    Mischa Mackenzie 2 ay önce

    Ok good I found a video that says ‘ WHATCH THIS BEFORE BUYING” I hope this is a good thing. Not bad...

  • Felrobert
    Felrobert 2 ay önce

    We’ll I love the square design and the Space Gray compared to that old soap design, I love how they adopted the YZ dock from the Mac now I don’t have that clutter of Apps in my screen that drove me nuts. The only thing missing is the mouse pointer then Apple can say it’s a laptop replacement. For viewing Youtube, shopping online and using MS Word it’s more than enough, if they wanna step it up they need to have a custom OSX that can read and write from external drives, rather than that it’s great for portability with desktop class browser support. Will I replace my 2016 i7 MacBook Pro 15’’ hell nO, I need that powerhouse laptop for Pro Apps like Serato and Final Cut Pro. The failure for this IPAD PRO for me is no mouse cursor and no support for the Numark NS7 2 in the Algorithm Dj App instead they supported low end non pro Dj controllers and no Serato App in the store, so it’s more like a mid Pro Ipad to me.

  • Koora News
    Koora News 2 ay önce

    i have the ipad pro 2018 but its not to replace it with a laptop