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    BAISAKHI SETHI 47 dakika önce


  • BodaciousBeverly
    BodaciousBeverly 4 gün önce

    This is beautiful! Great tips! Thank you for sharing.

  • Profi-Sängerin Lila aus München

    That painting is SO adorable!!!!!! 😍🤗❤️

  • Ashley Mickelsen
    Ashley Mickelsen 6 gün önce

    Beautiful. You are so talented!

  • Dilshad Filmworks
    Dilshad Filmworks 1 hafta önce

    loved it.......Thank you for this awesome video

  • cristina bassa
    cristina bassa 1 hafta önce

    Genial, gracias ;)

  • Surekha Galagoda
    Surekha Galagoda 1 hafta önce

    Thank you. I like a fool dipped the pencils in water and colored. Thank you for teaching me to do it correctly.

  • Codruta Nastase
    Codruta Nastase 1 hafta önce

    you can definitely see its not it bled out...........

  • Paula Budinger
    Paula Budinger 2 hafta önce


  • laylah easley
    laylah easley 2 hafta önce

    Just came back from hobbly lobbly and entered my apartment then i see a video from you about water color penclis the i remember there was a 75% of sale at hobby lobby

  • Painting For Beginners
    Painting For Beginners 2 hafta önce

    Nice art

  • JaMiIiE PiLtOn
    JaMiIiE PiLtOn 2 hafta önce

    This is by far the BEST and most well explained and easily relatable tutorial EVER!! I've had these pencils for so long and haven't used them because every YouTube video I've watched has left me scratching my head!! Thank you so much I'll be sure to check out your site/patreon 👏👏

  • daisy3690
    daisy3690 3 hafta önce

    so nice ty for sharing

  • Andrea Kunze
    Andrea Kunze 1 ay önce

    Could you do a tutorial on how to draw magnolia flowers?

  • mvolestrangler
    mvolestrangler 1 ay önce

    thanks. Always struggle with Masking fluid to create the detail I want, and now just often resort to adding white highlights with a white-gel pen at the end. Will give this masking-fluid pen a go (just added to my basket),

  • Gauri Bodkhe
    Gauri Bodkhe 1 ay önce

    That's awesome

  • Dana Rivera
    Dana Rivera 1 ay önce

    Simply beautiful

  • wolfgangproductions7

    It sucks that there weren’t any flesh color watercolor pencils in the 36 set

  • Kim Henderson
    Kim Henderson 1 ay önce

    Thank you for this Kirsty. I have been considering buying these pencils. I do have the Arteza 72 Expert that I will try using for this. Is this tutorial on Patreon in real time with all the colors listed? I can't seem to find it.

  • C Miller
    C Miller 1 ay önce

    Wow!!! Stunning! Thank you for creating & I mean Creating; this is absolutely beautiful, delicate and exquisitely crafted. Thanks again for sharing with us. Cheryl

  • George Topping
    George Topping 1 ay önce

    absolutely fantastic, your video has helped a lot.

  • theskeletonfairy
    theskeletonfairy 1 ay önce

    So beautiful

  • Victoria Coyne
    Victoria Coyne 1 ay önce

    You are a Fabulous Artist!

  • Iluminada Williams
    Iluminada Williams 1 ay önce

    I am so inspired by this artist's work! Stunning paintings! I have to work as hard as her!

  • Dawn Finniss
    Dawn Finniss 1 ay önce

    Masking fluid...epic fail. Threw painting out cuz fluid wouldn't come off and stained paper. I'm thinking it was a bad batch but am returning to Michael's. Otherwise I love your work!

  • Asobimo
    Asobimo 1 ay önce

    You know what's hardest for me? To find stuff. Bcs in my country we like don't call them watercolor pencils we call them aquarell pencils. And when watching vidoes about art in english it's a bit harder to find stuff you are looking in your own language. Like when I ask watercolor paper (translated to my langague ofc) and the person at shop looks at me like I'm mad

    ANN FORLBY 1 ay önce


  • Gladis Ticona
    Gladis Ticona 1 ay önce

    Beautiful!!! More flower paintings pleaseeee!!! 😀😀

  • Carolina Gimbatti
    Carolina Gimbatti 1 ay önce

    What is the Winston art masking fluid for? I saw you mentioned on another video

  • Seval Boz
    Seval Boz 1 ay önce

    Is it true that watercolor pencils take less time finishing an drawing than normal colored pencils?

  • haifa dargham
    haifa dargham 1 ay önce

    you're an amazing artist

  • Karolina Angel
    Karolina Angel 1 ay önce

    Subtítulos en español porfavor , me interesa el tema , please

  • LearnTo Draw Art4K
    LearnTo Draw Art4K 1 ay önce

    great, thank you 💗

  • Fira Balayeva
    Fira Balayeva 1 ay önce

    İ have watercolor pencils but i don't know how to use it

  • Rosa Valdes
    Rosa Valdes 1 ay önce

    Stunning 🌹😍👍🏻

  • Lisa Quinlan
    Lisa Quinlan 1 ay önce

    You're crazy talented. Simple amazing.

  • Anat Maor
    Anat Maor 1 ay önce

    Hello, great tutorial, thank you. Can you kindly do more tutorial with water color pencil? and if possible to say the name of the color. thank you

  • No Name
    No Name 1 ay önce

    I bought a not too big set for €30 (which I think was quite a lot already)
    and guess what... I suck at it and I want to throw them in my fireplace now -sigh

    I feel like I should just go to an art school

  • Arthur Vining
    Arthur Vining 1 ay önce

    Great video!

  • Heidi Scarrott
    Heidi Scarrott 1 ay önce

    The pinks are so pretty