Circumvallate Placenta

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  • We got some interesting news at one of our appointments. In this video I talk about Cirucmvallate Placenta. A rare placental abnormality that occurs in about 1% of pregnancies. At this point we have been told it's only partial - which is great news considering! I'll be sure to update on this particular topic throughout the remainder of the pregnancy. I would recommend speaking with a specialist if you have questions about CP vs looking to google.
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  • Birdman PB
    Birdman PB 5 ay önce

    Wife and I just were informed of this from our OBGYN. She said there was just a small portion towards the "top" as she held her hands together, was slightly arched away but not drastically on one side. she said she isnt concerned and staring at 28 weeks we will start doing growth checks every week from there. She just said the plan for now is the baby to be born a week early (wife also has slightly high blood pressure) and as of now growth looks fine but if growth ceases we would do emergency delivery.

    For those of you dealing with this. Yes it's rare, not a lot is known about it. Our doctor said it's nothing to panic about.

    Some additional research to maybe help you feel better. Once you reach about 28 weeks, the survival rate of a premature baby is very high. Just relax.

  • pranusha ravula
    pranusha ravula 11 ay önce

    Hey how did your pregancy go... even i heard today at 20 weeks that i have a circumvallate placenta..wanted to see if ur baby turned out well

  • Jonathan Higbee
    Jonathan Higbee 1 yıl önce

    There’s so little information condition, so this video will surely help others who might receive the same diagnosis yet can’t find anything relatable about it