Monster Factory: Forming a Super Group With Knife Dad's Family

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  • In the last episode, a legend was born — a legend made out of knives and, like, rat fur. But leveling up in an MMORPG takes too long, so in this episode we seek help from dozens of monstrous, heroic strangers. Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like Polygon on Facebook: Follow Polygon on Twitter: Read more at:
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  • marvelousspatuletail
    marvelousspatuletail 3 hafta önce

    I wish the brothers could have reviewed each one of the beautiful, horrible Kids individually

  • The Finest Sake
    The Finest Sake 4 hafta önce


  • Captain Energon
    Captain Energon 4 hafta önce

    lowkey i wanna download and play this

  • Kenni Raine
    Kenni Raine 1 ay önce

    so pure

  • Cromanti Cheer
    Cromanti Cheer 1 ay önce

    Is there a list somewhere of the members of the My Kids roster?

    Those were some genuinely rad heroes that I'd possibly love to incorporate as part of a story.

  • Loganix
    Loganix 1 ay önce

    knife dad said gay rights!

  • certified space bisexual

    how has this been out for 2 years and it still doesn't have 1M views

  • Clara M
    Clara M 2 ay önce

    Knife Dad just said gay rights

  • Penguin Fellow
    Penguin Fellow 2 ay önce

    Knife Dad could easily kill Thanos with the full gauntlet

  • Penguin Fellow
    Penguin Fellow 2 ay önce

    Imagine this squad meeting with the Second Life Campaign Party 😍

  • M12GProductions
    M12GProductions 2 ay önce

    9:32 was when the LSD kicked in.

  • M12GProductions
    M12GProductions 2 ay önce

    This was beautiful.

  • Goopy-Amethyst
    Goopy-Amethyst 3 ay önce

    Most wholesome raid

  • Prophet of Duality
    Prophet of Duality 3 ay önce

    -Find a cool superhero MMO
    -Download and play it
    -Make a cool looking character named Revolution
    -Live out your fantasies of being a superhero
    -Some weird looking monster dude approaches and you
    -Probably a troll but whatever
    -Play along with him for a bit
    -Alright he's gone I can play the game normally now
    -Game kinda moves along really slow tbh
    -Spend a couple hours doing random missions
    -Prison Break event sounds fun
    -See an entire army of players destroying the game
    -They're all screaming something about "Knife Dad"
    -They're all being led by the weird dude from earlier

    And that's how I met a cult leader

  • The Late Lord Kardok

    Every time one of the Monster Factory's creations summons their army of friends for aid, it reminds me of Gravity Falls' Weirdmageddon. Just a million unthinkable demons of multicolored madness being unleashed upon the realm.

  • James A Clouder
    James A Clouder 3 ay önce

    10:20 Alan Silvestri's Portals starts playing

  • mikey scooter
    mikey scooter 3 ay önce

    so this is what claarg looks like

  • Yolk •
    Yolk • 3 ay önce

    The new Incredibles looks different then I would have thought

  • Clusterfox
    Clusterfox 3 ay önce

    How do you know knife dads gay daughter is gay? Does she scissor?

  • Dubious Deliquite
    Dubious Deliquite 3 ay önce

    And they said end game was the most ambitious crossover ever

    I also really hope that from revolution's perspective he just sees this guy who he assumes is some little kid who doesnt know how to play at all, then he goes into the tower for like 20 minutes only to come out and see that same guy leading an army of 50 people into battle

  • oh no
    oh no 3 ay önce

    Do y’all think Griffin’s micro transactions are tax deductible

  • Ben Torren
    Ben Torren 3 ay önce

    knife dad said gay rights

  • Dylan C
    Dylan C 3 ay önce

    12:13 the final battle in Endgame ain't got nothing on this superhero team-up

  • William Yobani
    William Yobani 3 ay önce

    You ever watch the best McElroy Brothers videos back-to-back and realize existence is painful and should have stopped long ago?

  • UsotheMarshmallow
    UsotheMarshmallow 3 ay önce

    when griff said he had to pee he put in chat 'afk biobreak' and i feel like that bit of terminology should really have picked up by now

  • Joseph Madder
    Joseph Madder 3 ay önce

    Monster Factory community events are honestly the greatest

  • Cearul Carpenter
    Cearul Carpenter 4 ay önce

    Is this clan still active?

  • Am I ok? Absolutely not

    I fucking died when Griffin asked if bug boy and bug mom were a unit

  • Nate Church
    Nate Church 4 ay önce

    I love the comments of this particular video. "Bug Mom checking in, not related to Diaped Up Bug Boy." "Diaped Up Bug Boy checking in, don't know if Bug Mom is real mom." "Gart checking in, who want's a bench?" "Yo, this Scump Man, thanks for loving my ball of garbo." "PEPSIMAN!!!"

  • mintaka mothkind
    mintaka mothkind 4 ay önce

    What's up with the Kirby's Dream Land 3 music. I mean, I love it, but what's up with that

  • Jackson T83
    Jackson T83 4 ay önce

    This is actually kinda rad not gonna lie

  • Isaac Parker
    Isaac Parker 4 ay önce

    Sometimes I love the internet

  • Rogueish Tank
    Rogueish Tank 5 ay önce

    Knife dad needed those gains to help break down the gates of heaven.

  • Probably Anatomy
    Probably Anatomy 5 ay önce

    Imagine Knife Dad and all his children going up against All Might and all his children. There would be no living bystanders.

  • KevinNashiscool
    KevinNashiscool 5 ay önce

    Knife Dad: I have to go now. My planet needs me.
    (NOTE: Knife Dad died on the way back to his home planet.)

  • Will Cooper
    Will Cooper 5 ay önce

    were those all viewers or is griffin just that charismatic lol

  • Just Cos
    Just Cos 6 ay önce

    It's been two years and I'd like to know if that supergroup is still active and having fun XD

  • Beckett H
    Beckett H 6 ay önce

    knife dad said gay rights

  • pinkcat423
    pinkcat423 6 ay önce


  • Christopher Ellis
    Christopher Ellis 6 ay önce

    You’re the reason why I’ve recently started playing Champions online!