Cardi B Showed Ellen How She Got Pregnant

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  • Elizabeth Lucy De Branson

    Love Cardi B and her songs...

  • Sabreen Ashfaq Mohammed
    Sabreen Ashfaq Mohammed 21 dakika önce

    The beast gives birth to another beast.

  • Sabreen Ashfaq Mohammed
    Sabreen Ashfaq Mohammed 22 dakika önce

    She's an animal.

  • Herb Colon
    Herb Colon 24 dakika önce

    She is so unique Dominican style love her !

  • MoMmY oF 2 KiNgS
    MoMmY oF 2 KiNgS 1 saat önce

    New sub Miss Ellen 😉😘 would luv to meet u

  • Martha Elizabeth Ortiz
    Martha Elizabeth Ortiz 3 saat önce

    5:39 they sound like birds

  • Victoria H.
    Victoria H. 3 saat önce

    Where do these people come from. Is it any wonder the problems society have with the youth. This is their role models. Nasty chicks that have no respect for theirselves. Go back to the hood please.

  • Setsunna
    Setsunna 6 saat önce

    This is sad. She speaks and is being interviewed like she is 3.


  • ibrahim abbas
    ibrahim abbas 7 saat önce

    Baby name is...

    Cardy C purrre

  • Liela_ _Masucol
    Liela_ _Masucol 10 saat önce

    I can notice that cardi b's right arm is shaking. And wants to panic.

  • saysaybugg
    saysaybugg 14 saat önce

    Her personality is unmatchable 😍

  • Lena Martin
    Lena Martin 15 saat önce

    You can tell Ellen is a little uncomfortable and doesn’t know exactly how to handle Cardi ..............

  • Goblues1980
    Goblues1980 15 saat önce

    Ebola save us

  • JOY Valcueba
    JOY Valcueba 16 saat önce

    cardi b..

  • Emma Gd
    Emma Gd 16 saat önce

    It sounds like when u did okrrrrrrrr it sounds like a native New Zealand bird

  • Nsjdjsjsj Jejejdjdje
    Nsjdjsjsj Jejejdjdje 21 saat önce

    Is there even such thing as a Lamborghini truck 4:48

  • gloria hodge
    gloria hodge 21 saat önce

    She’s a real lady

  • Celestine Young
    Celestine Young 1 gün önce

    She should totally pay 2k

  • Johanna Abanda
    Johanna Abanda 1 gün önce

    Just came out from her hood seriously

  • Edgar Cardenas
    Edgar Cardenas 1 gün önce

    #$#$#$sb ca 805 nasa

  • 아수라
    아수라 1 gün önce

    her personality is so unique and she acts real if u know what I’m sayin..

  • vivian Jeptoo
    vivian Jeptoo 1 gün önce

    My love for cardi b will never fade

  • Ruby Sarkar
    Ruby Sarkar 1 gün önce

    "We were all curious and we didn't know how... so. And now we do! So, that's great." ROFL

  • Pepe Cruz
    Pepe Cruz 1 gün önce

    She act so getto but I like her.

  • flavian ayitey
    flavian ayitey 1 gün önce

    Cardi is absolutely hilarious 😆 ❤️ ❤️

  • Emmy D
    Emmy D 1 gün önce

    She is as autentic as Cardi can B

  • Kiyanna Lopez
    Kiyanna Lopez 1 gün önce

    Lol sound like birds

  • Sasha Ramirez-Robles
    Sasha Ramirez-Robles 1 gün önce

    You heard it from Cardi

    She's a professional Passenger

    A P.P.

  • Midnight Moon
    Midnight Moon 1 gün önce

    Whys her voice squeaky

  • chris Barnett
    chris Barnett 1 gün önce

    What grade did she drop out of?

  • Tara i love you mom OSullivan


  • Dog Head gaming and vlogs

    My aunt is just like cardi

  • jane doe
    jane doe 1 gün önce

    I need a friend like ellen🙄😩

    AKSHIT MITTAL 1 gün önce

    Plss bring Poppy to this plsssssssss....

  • Lowkey.aniya 2008
    Lowkey.aniya 2008 1 gün önce


  • soso lolo
    soso lolo 1 gün önce

    Her way of speech is unique

  • Cookies Way
    Cookies Way 1 gün önce

    I love them 💕💕

  • Calvin Majholm
    Calvin Majholm 1 gün önce

    Who can’t u like Cardi?

  • jayla vanison
    jayla vanison 1 gün önce

    i knew cardi cause she was on love and hiphop

  • Ronald Abad Panana
    Ronald Abad Panana 1 gün önce