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  • PaluluMan
    PaluluMan 1 hafta önce

    Thanks for 700k subscribers, you are awesome! I hope you enjoy this apex video, I had a lot of fun playing this game. This doesn't mean I will stop making PUBG videos.
    I will continue making videos of pubg and apex!
    Edit1: wtf guys, 800k subscribers in a few days! Thank you!! <3

    Edit2: Hi guys, I got a false copyright claim in this video for a song I didn't even use. Because of this I am going to upload another apex video in this month but this time shorter.

  • Heroicbunny
    Heroicbunny Biraz önce

    I aspire to be like you, shout out for you got me to make a apex video, not as good as yours but it’s still something!

  • わたあめ君
    わたあめ君 5 dakika önce


  • coolcoolmm m
    coolcoolmm m 5 dakika önce

    Longest 5 minutes of my life

  • Syslow
    Syslow 23 dakika önce


  • Kevin Urrutia
    Kevin Urrutia 23 dakika önce

    Where tf is my amazon prime skin?

  • Christopher Savary
    Christopher Savary 23 dakika önce

    nah i watched this for the first time smacked, this is hilarious

  • Marcelo Garcia
    Marcelo Garcia 24 dakika önce


  • Marcelo Garcia
    Marcelo Garcia 24 dakika önce

    Nice vídeo os Very funny

  • Qays Uchiha
    Qays Uchiha 30 dakika önce

    Love palulu 😉 always made me laugh with his vids

  • Eliud Vazquez
    Eliud Vazquez 42 dakika önce

    Te amo wey

  • Jeduraiya
    Jeduraiya 42 dakika önce

    Now THIS....

    THIS is the premium content I logged in for

  • Jackie Collins
    Jackie Collins 1 saat önce

    4:10...Two phuny

  • Wiso Caponi
    Wiso Caponi 1 saat önce


  • im not that funny -
    im not that funny - 1 saat önce

    Apex is trash

  • Francisco Carcamo
    Francisco Carcamo 1 saat önce

    subscribe to paluluman

  • Gianluca Artigueta
    Gianluca Artigueta 2 saat önce

    como se llama este estilo de videos? con memes y sonidos? era in a nutshell? o estoy ocnfundiendo todo?

  • Landon Tart
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  • Gabriel Abrego
    Gabriel Abrego 2 saat önce

    at 1:05

  • Gabriel Abrego
    Gabriel Abrego 2 saat önce

    what's that song when the bang falls off the platform in the first couple sec of the video

  • Ojjs copion
    Ojjs copion 2 saat önce


  • Allitoz RBLX
    Allitoz RBLX 2 saat önce

    so funny

  • teddy não bear
    teddy não bear 2 saat önce

    man, i love memes

  • Martiiin4323 CAB
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  • Wavefire
    Wavefire 3 saat önce

    Love u love u love u

  • Erlanda 01
    Erlanda 01 3 saat önce

    I like pubg.exe please upload :)

  • Bare Gas
    Bare Gas 3 saat önce

    Like if octane is op

  • iczeky
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  • Michel Stalyn Ayala Paucar

    is amazing ^ ,so happy don't stop laugh ahahhhhahahh

  • Crackfeet Gaming
    Crackfeet Gaming 4 saat önce

    Well this might be a perfect video 😅

  • monitohd R
    monitohd R 5 saat önce

    menudo editor

  • Tyler Blair
    Tyler Blair 5 saat önce

    That transition at 1:50 is amazing.

  • Tomáš Bracek
    Tomáš Bracek 5 saat önce

    What is that meme at 3:30???

  • HACM
    HACM 5 saat önce

    lol? 4:10

  • abdullah hamadeh
    abdullah hamadeh 6 saat önce

    0:25 .. Thats the perfect face lol

  • Mr_ice_tea 2 u
    Mr_ice_tea 2 u 6 saat önce

    1:05 Elfen lied op

  • John Galvany
    John Galvany 6 saat önce

    well it was only a matter of time before this video came out

  • Sanctus Umbra
    Sanctus Umbra 6 saat önce

    APEX zone of hackers forever game dead !!

  • Fortune A
    Fortune A 6 saat önce