Duke’s confidence shaken by Gonzaga’s zone defense – Stephen A. | First Take

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  • BudSmokin Pandaz
    BudSmokin Pandaz 1 ay önce

    Barrett is a volume shooter and that's the only way he can get his points

  • The life of Adeun Adeniyi

    Lol Stephen a knows not bout reddish

  • Carlo Ramos
    Carlo Ramos 2 ay önce

    Duke lost... it's not the end of the world. Who cares?

  • Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones 2 ay önce

    Its almost comical how fucking stupid Stephen A is & how little he knows about that which he speaks. Zags played maybe 5mins of Zone the entire fucking game, lol. Also, the "But c'mon Max, they're usually the 1seed out West" in reply to Max saying Zags have advanced to atleast the Sweet16 each of the past 4 tournaments,(Only program in CBB who can say that, literally nobody else has done the same, not Duke not UNC not nobody) when the Zags have only been a 1 seed twice in their 20year run, their average seed annually is around 6, they've made 4 Sweet16 trips as a 10seed of lower the last 20years. I mean this idiot is paid to supposedly know wtf he's talking about...and what a shocker he knows fucking NOTHING.

  • Ybn Juan500
    Ybn Juan500 2 ay önce

    Any episode that SAS admits he actually said something & admits that he's wrong

  • David Parsons
    David Parsons 2 ay önce

    You guys are not sport casters your puppets for the politics.your acting like a fool the pay is to good to wake-up and understanding your a cone articles for the scrips keep reading off from the screen your a puppets.

  • Dakid015
    Dakid015 2 ay önce

    Run offenses through Reddish more often and watch your lead margins explode

  • Carlo Hardley
    Carlo Hardley 2 ay önce

    listen people. The Zags will never be shit unless them and St. Marys get football teams and join the pac12 to make it the Pax 14.their football teams will suck of course but let's see whatbthe Zags can do in a real conference. not the WCC weak competitionless conference .if you win the Wac 15 years in a row your competition SUCKS. which is why the get to the NCAA tourney and win by an averagevof 6-8 points and end up losing if they make it past the elite 8.if you want to be the best beat the best. I guarantee if they werevin pac 12/ 14 they would SUCK Real talk. Oregon.,Stanford,ucla,cal,az,az state usc, need I say more teams? yeah exactly they will stay in the Wussy Cupcake Conference. mic drop

  • Tlducken
    Tlducken 2 ay önce

    These guys are having such a hard time giving Mark Few credit. The guy took over a program nobody heard of 20 years ago and now they are constantly in the national conversation without the recruiting power of schools like Duke. Give the man some damn credit!

  • Bill C-16
    Bill C-16 2 ay önce

    “Stephan A, you said your penis was 14 inches long erect, did you overrate your PEN15?”
    “Yes, but I didn’t say it was 14 inches long on an average day, I said if Zion YANKED my wee wee with all of his 285 pound frame that it could stretch 14 inches from base to tip. That’s #1, lets be very very clear.”

    BIONIK BLACK 2 ay önce

    Reddish was doing his thing from deep, but then Coach K sat him down.....

  • Kevin Schart
    Kevin Schart 2 ay önce

    molly really knows how to fuck up the flow of the conversation....we get it you're bored, you don't want to be a moderator anymore. but you're not the talent, you're not a sports analyst...shut your trap and allow these two to do their jobs.

  • Supa Rio85
    Supa Rio85 2 ay önce

    Duke is str8.... Coach K just gotta check RJ Barrett..... and wake up Cam Reddish..... Let the offense flow threw Zion and Reddish and teach Barrett how to pick his spots..... Duke will be fine ....

  • James Nwachukwu
    James Nwachukwu 2 ay önce

    It’s November and we still can’t nut

  • David Toomalatai
    David Toomalatai 2 ay önce

    Shut up molly

  • chris paul
    chris paul 2 ay önce

    Lmao, hair dye doesn't even coach his players anymore, ask any coach who has been around the game for 40 years.

  • bjr816
    bjr816 2 ay önce

    They lost by 2pts relax

  • tyler dyke
    tyler dyke 2 ay önce

    But reddish is also still recovering from an injury 😂😂😂 Stephen A thinking he’s saying something coach K doesn’t realize the man knows that Cam still isn’t 100% you can tell when he runs down court.

  • Ross JP
    Ross JP 2 ay önce

    Coach K definitely failed to make the needed adjustment to get his team the win. With that said they were playing a very talented, well coached, more experienced team.

  • The Osidan
    The Osidan 2 ay önce

    They really don't be checking Molly mouth🗣️

  • James Davis
    James Davis 2 ay önce

    this man need to shit his ass duke is a way better team every team has a nad game no matter how good they are just wait duke taken everything

  • Manny Vids
    Manny Vids 2 ay önce

    That game was Barrett’s lost! I’ve never seen a college player take more shots than Westbrook! What the hell is Coach K doing! Zion is the best player on that team! Barrett took all the final shots and couldn’t close it! Next time give the ball to Zion!

  • Mathea Ang
    Mathea Ang 2 ay önce

    Coach k got beat by zone defense

  • Miguel Miguel
    Miguel Miguel 2 ay önce

    They where getting hacked

  • Gator Mckluskey
    Gator Mckluskey 2 ay önce

    How about the fact that Gonzaga is a better team than Duke right now anyway!

  • soy cubano
    soy cubano 2 ay önce

    they lost by 2... I don't think its that bad

  • Caleb Altizer
    Caleb Altizer 2 ay önce

    1 loss on an off night and their overrated alrighty then casual fans alright

  • Mr Ramirez
    Mr Ramirez 2 ay önce

    The zags are your team if

  • JAZ Drummer
    JAZ Drummer 2 ay önce

    Duke isn't overrated.... Gonzaga is ALSO really good. Kansas is also really good. Duke may win it all but we witnessed a great team (Gonzaga) win a really good game. Barrett needs to take 5 less shots and kick the ball out to Reddish who should be taking 5 more. The two drivers need to realize they have Reddish, White and Jones along the perimeter for open shots. When they figure that out, Duke will improve. It's also super early still so there's room for everyone to get better. Also... free throws. FREE THROWS.

  • humanman1
    humanman1 2 ay önce

    It's college basketball. Any team can beat Duke with proper coaching.

  • ProgrammingNewbie
    ProgrammingNewbie 2 ay önce

    I have to agree with Stephen A......Coach K and staff needs to have these guys understand how to move the ball amd run more offense plays. With that much talent, you have to hold it together. See what happens when you let some ball on their own.....you can't do it all. You have to coach those moments and players need to know when to do what....turn it on and off, but Reddish is No Joke he can knock down those shots!!

  • Lee A
    Lee A 2 ay önce

    The boys are talented but they still have to mature as a team. Duke will run into other teams at their home and have problems because of the zone defense.

  • Chris Watkins
    Chris Watkins 2 ay önce

    Said it from day people hype up a new phone

  • b shaw
    b shaw 2 ay önce

    NO... you were RIGHT!!! RJ is a ball hog!! he needs to play more TEAM ball... CLEARLY duke should have won that game!! #3 is your PG.. RJ needs to clearly understand his role not try to create so much!! its a lot of 1 on 1 ball being played and initiated by RJ when it clearly shouldn't!! it should start in the paint if its open!! more high percentage and that's with Zion!!! or Reddish!!! NOT RJ!!!

  • dukeh8sunc
    dukeh8sunc 2 ay önce

    Jones is the most poised player on the team.

  • Jon Hendrickson
    Jon Hendrickson 2 ay önce

    I have never seen more delusional fans in all my life. Duke is a very good team, but they are not the greatest of all time. Chill out people my god

  • Christopher Brownlee

    He is right about Cam Reddish though

  • Christopher Brownlee

    They did not play zone but for at most three possessions. Gonzaga played man to man and he is missing the point that they played pack line gap defense 95 percent of the game.

  • Rob Sanderson
    Rob Sanderson 2 ay önce

    The Cavaliers whacked the Sixers good tonight. I guess duke beats the Sixers too. Respect the pro game

  • Buck Futtler
    Buck Futtler 2 ay önce

    was duke overrated??? no, Gonzaga is just THAT good....and MISSING their 2nd best player....fucking east coast bias at its BEST/WORST.