Special Report: Shooting in Thousand Oaks, California

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  • Lana Taylor
    Lana Taylor 2 hafta önce

    And why did she laugh?

  • Lana Taylor
    Lana Taylor 2 hafta önce

    Those girls aren’t crying

  • Jason Steelhead
    Jason Steelhead 3 hafta önce

    🤔 interesting ??

  • C
    C"mon man 2 ay önce

    Am I looking at the most recent shootingt? Just noticed comments are from a month ago? Either way it's the same shit differentl day. It's s big ass drill made to look real! They need us dsarmed to make It easier for the new world order. And its the Democrats doing all they can to help.

  • C
    C"mon man 2 ay önce

    Lol..they are just too predictable. I called it a couple weeks ago. The gun grab road show making an appearance in California? Oh! you don't say..??yawn... C mon Man

  • Tim Blue
    Tim Blue 3 ay önce

    They need to be more convincing!

  • C Standridge
    C Standridge 3 ay önce

    This is poor quality propaganda. Stop insulting the intelligence of your viewers.

  • Shahana Begum
    Shahana Begum 3 ay önce

    Rip to all of the innocent ppl who died 🙏🏽

  • Dhanyel Banks
    Dhanyel Banks 3 ay önce

    Our country is sick! It’s infected and needs to be healed!

  • 4000 Scoops of Steroids


  • ThePokerbrat626
    ThePokerbrat626 3 ay önce

    At least do a better job and get better actors. So staged and fake too funny
    .. there was no smoke grenades lol wow this is funny.... middle Easter lmfao umm he was white u racist fuk

  • Jess izthebess
    Jess izthebess 3 ay önce

    Without a shadow of a doubt this is Donald Trump's fault!!! #bloodontrumpshands

  • Jess izthebess
    Jess izthebess 3 ay önce

    Crisis actors ..... #falseflag

  • Tuffy Baxton
    Tuffy Baxton 4 ay önce

    Domestic terrorism, it's not that hard to say

  • Din MS
    Din MS 4 ay önce

    Gun got nothing to do with it. Bloody Christian terrorist.

  • Jason Cravens
    Jason Cravens 4 ay önce

    Look at the eye contact timing, the smirks... these chicks are anything but frightened. Strange slip of the tongue? Even after a few uncritical watches, still bothers me for some reason... "anything gets happened..." then filler, then keywords and specifics that a couple traumatized girls are, not by any fucking stretch of Forrest Gump's imagination, going to be pulling out for reporters; additionally the comments are not reporter steered. "could you tell what kind of weapon it was" She tried to put the "I'm prior military" comment in there to pad it, but it was weak at best. Then keyword central, "semi-automatic" "18-20 rounds at a time until i got out."

    Before this they are already contradicting each other with "I saw someone come in..." and then G.i. Jane over there saying "we didn't know where he was coming from"... as many comments stated, I am struggling to see even a single tear from either... This shooting had been over a couple hours during this interview, if the sergeant had "died about an hour ago" at the hospital... so why is someone being carried away right after that by regular guys, 2 of them with no shirts on... and in no way in the direction of the 15 ambulances; and then immediately I watch this guy do 15 good hard chest compression's in a row, through that ambulance window... my aunt was a lifeguard and i remember that CPR dummy and those stupid lessons, just saying.

    Then dude goes showing off his medical degree, or, i mean, the complete fucking lack thereof. "bloodshot eyes" oh so he's "clearly in shock". I really am the guy that dismisses all that conspiracy noise, but cannot ignore my intelligence...and I'm not naive to procedure and such. Before this, I watched a cellphone video that "allegedly" shows the start of the shooting, and there is no way one smoke grenade went off in that place, let alone, multiple. Did he get those smoke grenades at the bottom of a cereal box? Gunshot wound, singular, in this video (and she says its not totally confirmed but "appears to be self-inflicted" yet, you have an accurate count of the victims, but are unsure about that...). That cellphone video reporter just said 3 gunshot wounds to the chest. This video has gunfire in the audio, but that dance floor in totally empty, DJ is gone, I see nobody.

    This is extremely sketchy in A-LOT of ways. Especially the aggressive well planed psychological implant speech carefully steered by the 2 in the news room. "Think of this 'frightening keyword here' the survivors...blah..." "Think of what 'insert here' is gonna do" "Now he/she has to live with 'insert bullshit here' for all of their lives". "Those who haven't heard from loved ones, are running out of time..." What clock is counting down? I'm confused by that one....EXCEPT I'M NOT. "keywords" have evolved into "key-phrases" ...and the fact it didn't even try to correct my spelling on that second word was kinda creepy.

    And then, what is the "NEW" CBS This Morning video they are offering me up on the side over there other than: "Family of Alaina Housley, killed in Thousand Oaks, seeks change." Do you anti-gun individuals out there know the ACTUAL INTENT for the right to bear arms? This country was founded by puritans who were fleeing the oppressive society for the pure, strict and holy lives they held. We all know who has guns in the UK. An incredibly low percentage of residential firearm owners in all of Great Britain, especially compared to here in the States. Hence, their government does ultimately control it's population.

    That's all fine, well, and dandy until your next (ruler/president/prime minister/queen etc...) don't go quite as planned. Poland, about 1940, absolutely wanted their guns back. And those of us sitting here, oiling up our rifles, went and fucked them up for 'em, proudly. Everybody, fuck..the whole world, loved our weapons. So the Queen goes bonkers or gets overthrown or whatnot...what do you English folk do when they come to round you up? I learned doing a grade school book report that hiding in the attic had a fairly low success rate. Soccer Ball vs SA80.... good luck with that. To apply that perspective to this topic... These west coast kids are, not so indirectly either, promoting tragedy on such a larger scale...but they can't see that one. They don't even see how suicidal that is, they would never see the latter. Free food, Free Healthcare, Free schooling... "Democratic Socialism"? Who knows, but if you ever see a sign pop up that says "Free Showers", I'd watch out.

  • Pisces S
    Pisces S 4 ay önce

    Y the fuck are they laughing

  • Crystal Morrison
    Crystal Morrison 4 ay önce

    Look out to see submarine bombs launching in different countries underground in the ocean to bomb up the whole country or most of it

  • Max Arredond
    Max Arredond 4 ay önce

    Don't mean to be Racist, but white people are more privileged to shoot Nd kill then anybody else only because suspicion isn't really there

  • Withnie Jules
    Withnie Jules 4 ay önce

    And don't forget to vote , and speak to your representatives.

  • Withnie Jules
    Withnie Jules 4 ay önce

    It's really sad seeing this happen over and over again. I hope that we can all unite to make sure that this doesn't happen again. We must all together treat each other with kindness. And remember God loves you all. If you need to talk to someone and you have issues God is here. You can talk through God in prayer.

  • Joel Najar
    Joel Najar 4 ay önce

    This is why you don’t go to concerts or bars. There just places of evil doing so if you like going to these places then you get what you deserve for putting yourself in that situation. It’s going to be 2020 you need to realize that this shit happens all the time so your well aware that you can be in a mass shooting. Fuck Concerts and bars i hate people who drink I can’t stand people who drink.

  • thedebunkedpasta
    thedebunkedpasta 4 ay önce

    R.I.P Noel Sparks.... 😭😭😭

  • Kevin Napier
    Kevin Napier 4 ay önce

    Honoring Sergeant Ron Helus, a Ventura County Sheriff.
    Cops 4 Causes initiated a fundraiser to support his family.

  • juan aguilar
    juan aguilar 4 ay önce

    Sheriffs spokes men said there was no terrorism there...ask any one in there if they felt terror....lone gunman lol must have been a white man....so sweet the speakers words smh

  • ShawN TyleR
    ShawN TyleR 4 ay önce

    What's happening in the USA?.

  • Annie Andell
    Annie Andell 4 ay önce

    The two girls with the pink blanket were smiling because they were nervous! They had just come out alive from a shooting and people deal with fear differently. You could tell they were petrified, they were most likely dealing with different emotions at the same time. Happy and relived because they survived yet terrified from what they had just gone through. Please before you comment something try to see it from their own perspective

  • rumination
    rumination 4 ay önce

    hollywood needs to make movies that show kindness and go back to the basics of how humans should treat one another. enough of these violent and dehumanizing movies and tv shows! we need good role models!

  • Leesa doe
    Leesa doe 4 ay önce

    CAN SOMEBODY please inform me on how these underaged kids were able to get into that bar?bar negligence possibly? just wondering.

  • Oliver Holzfild
    Oliver Holzfild 4 ay önce


  • Oliver Holzfild
    Oliver Holzfild 4 ay önce


  • Oliver Holzfild
    Oliver Holzfild 4 ay önce


  • Trice James
    Trice James 4 ay önce

    While Trump is too damn worried about his “wall”, people are losing their lives due to shootings and the wildfire 😠 this is so so so sad! Prayers to all🙏

  • My Hero
    My Hero 4 ay önce

    Guns don’t kill people people kill people bad evil mentally ill and doped up people wether it’s dope off the street or medically prescribe dope even people that have PTS let’s not make this about guns people the same guns that these deranged people use to take out innocent lives are the same guns that protect us, let’s arm each other not disarm ourselves

  • Brandon Holloway
    Brandon Holloway 4 ay önce

    Wtf she says she's prior military ok next question what kind of gun was it answer idk which is ok i can understand that under pressure but then she says all i know is its a semi automatic you mean a pistol ya that one its semi auto do we need those banned too now like seriously sounds like an agenda being pushed no im not going to say this was staged or anything bc its a tragedy and i feel bad but come on if i was asked what gun it was i would say idk it was alot of firing and all i thought about was getting away safely sorry but i don't know i wouldnt say ya i know it was a semi automatic bc duhhh most guns are the only ones that aren't are military fully auto pump shotgun bolt action rifle. Oh by the way the ar 15 is not military grade its not fully auto sorry but my beretta 92 fs pistol is semi auto as well holds 17 rnds you want that banned too bc its a black semi auto 17rnd capacity gun

  • Brandon Holloway
    Brandon Holloway 4 ay önce

    Ok im a little confused on this one someone please help me out ppl in this area are asking for gun control ppl around cali and other states not mine tx is asking for gun control i thought cali already had strict gun control what more do you want

  • Francho Prada
    Francho Prada 4 ay önce

    Gun control is political. Period. You need to get it together USA

  • Kobie Johnson
    Kobie Johnson 4 ay önce

    GOOD JOB to the police!!!! They risk there life for other people! RIP Sheriff Deputy! <3 And the medics for trying there hardest xx

  • Beach YouToo
    Beach YouToo 4 ay önce

    looks so fake to me. anyone else see the discrepancies?