Facebook Freebooting - Smarter Every Day 128

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  • Edwin H.
    Edwin H. 2 ay önce

    I have recently been a victim of freebooting. I don't think people understand how frustrating it is to be freebooted.

  • MooTheCow
    MooTheCow 2 ay önce

    i read that book

  • Anuraag Gaddam
    Anuraag Gaddam 2 ay önce

    It's ironic that you have stolen the sheep story from the Bible without properly acknowledging it.

  • Jakob
    Jakob 3 ay önce

    It was commented on Mark Zuckerberg twitter account.. lol this was the reaction he linked to a youtube video of a porcelain tear catcher.. (lol that is cold). he dont care or have to care, he is a billionaire the rulez don't affect him or his interests..

  • Dawn Thomas
    Dawn Thomas 3 ay önce

    Do I understand this right?

    In simply sharing a video from utube ( any video, news, song or other content) on to FB,

    it is view/content stealing? Thats a long time and a lot of content shared. I had no ides.

  • Michael Miklos
    Michael Miklos 3 ay önce

    This is abhorrent Destin. I really hate copyright infringement and this is STILL going on. >_<

  • I like Green
    I like Green 3 ay önce

    I hate the fact that article 13 (now 17) isn't absolutely useless.

  • William Crosswhite
    William Crosswhite 3 ay önce

    Steal your own videos and upload them to Facebook

    Modern Problem require Modern Solutions

  • Qwerk y
    Qwerk y 3 ay önce

    do not do the 3 steps if the videos are from troom troom and those stupid lifehacks, let them burn

  • Kijas
    Kijas 3 ay önce

    This is why I am against piracy in all account. Downloading a movie or song from torrents from a rich company or artist might not seem bad. BUT it gets us used to stealing from other people. And the people creating content get screwed.

    EDIT: After watching this video I noticed my content has been stolen by a local TV network and there is no easy way to flag facebook about it. Thanks for making videos like this and all your vids.

  • Hugo Santos
    Hugo Santos 3 ay önce

    Hey Destin, has anything changed to date about this issue?

  • pranav walhekar
    pranav walhekar 4 ay önce

    Isn't youtube doing anything to protect there creators

  • Rod Rockettubes
    Rod Rockettubes 4 ay önce

    But im so sick fb doesnt have a customer service phone to call once they lock you up for no reason by just confirming your account they lock and no customer service to contact even a hard to find corporate email are auto answer with no reply only giving you instructions that doesnt work useless unless with scam contact.

  • Mac Kettner
    Mac Kettner 4 ay önce

    Really late to the party - is this still a problem?

  • troll shooter
    troll shooter 6 ay önce

    Question is, do you want this video to be freebooted to raise awareness?

  • Buzz Gallagher
    Buzz Gallagher 6 ay önce

    Destin is this still a valid issue as of May 2019?

  • Johnathan Ball
    Johnathan Ball 6 ay önce

    This is big business. Most big companies are unable to innovate and use small companies ideas and intellectual property for their profit knowing that the small guy is very unlikely to be able to do anything about it. They specifically watch patent applications with the sole purpose to copy, illegally, ideas of others. Patenting, the law process and business is built FOR big business. Thank you for your video.

  • Ava Chiller
    Ava Chiller 6 ay önce

    A the CEO Wonders why he was in court.....

  • sailing around the world

    sue these fuckers

  • Samuël Visser
    Samuël Visser 7 ay önce

    I just love you actually telling a Bible story on your channel! Thanks for that, made my day :) (the story is in 2 Samuel 12)

  • David Castro
    David Castro 7 ay önce

    That story is kinda from the bible

  • Andrew Jacob Sauer
    Andrew Jacob Sauer 8 ay önce

    Inb4 someone freeboots this video to see if anyone notices

  • AppleCider
    AppleCider 8 ay önce

    without Gordon slow mo sounds will never be the same :<

  • AppleCider
    AppleCider 8 ay önce

    CaptainDisillusion prevents free booting by inserting his name in his video.
    He shows this in his laminar flow video.

  • AppleCider
    AppleCider 8 ay önce

    time to copystrike fb :>

  • Uncountable Variety
    Uncountable Variety 8 ay önce

    I understand you, SmarterEveryDay. F*ck those freebooters. They deserve to get f*cked. I wish Facebook (and all the other websites) will f*ck those freebooters ASAP. Hope it doesn't happen to my channel (even though it has only 3 or 4 subscribers and 2 videos).

  • liberty 33254
    liberty 33254 8 ay önce

    Kevin Meredith
    Youve got the right idea, you gotta bring a giant to a giants fight-
    However well Youtube is doing for Google, they are not only allowing FB to steal ads revenue,
    they are letting FB f*ck their content producers, & i can name so many who've quit already, thats more lost future revenue

  • Michał Nie ważny
    Michał Nie ważny 8 ay önce

    I bet this video will be reuploaded it to facebook.

  • Alin Vina
    Alin Vina 8 ay önce

    Thanks for the video. Very well explained. I also got the free enders game book thanks to you. Cool stuff !!!

  • The Kitty kittys
    The Kitty kittys 8 ay önce

    i'm with smartereveryday
    my spell check is yelling at me

  • Paschal Uchubilo
    Paschal Uchubilo 9 ay önce

    This is sad but why put all the blame on Facebook and leave out the main folks uploading the videos to FB?

  • casesusa
    casesusa 9 ay önce

    BOYCOTT Fakebook, Google, Nike, Etc.

  • I live in a car
    I live in a car 9 ay önce

    Add a watermark.

  • Don Michael Corbin
    Don Michael Corbin 9 ay önce

    367 SCAMMING FREEBOOTERS have disliked this video......

  • Andrew Spohrer
    Andrew Spohrer 9 ay önce

    The only book series I've ever read in it's entirety

  • Ally Morcom
    Ally Morcom 10 ay önce

    Okay, here's what I need to know: Where did you get that Reepicheep figurine????

  • TacComControl
    TacComControl 10 ay önce

    It doesn't need a fancy word. It's not "Freebooting". It's Intellectual Property Theft, and Copyright Infringement.

  • prince daniel
    prince daniel 11 ay önce

    what happened at 8:00 of the video

  • Chaz Allen
    Chaz Allen 11 ay önce

    Here's an idea for Google... embed a digital watermark in all YouTube videos. When a Facebook video played in Chrome or on Android includes the watermark, redirect the user to its source on YouTube & automatically file a copyright claim.

  • Chaz Allen
    Chaz Allen 11 ay önce

    So... Facebook = ThePirateBay (but for streamed videos, and with much more active monetization)

    The only way to stop this is to go after Facebook (legally or financially).