Linus got hacked!?!?!? - Honest Answers Episode 3

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  • What's up with Amazon Associates, the hack, and more here on Honest Answers Episode 3! iFixit link: Use offer code LINUS to save $5 off a purchase of $10 or more at Massdrop link: Buy Amazon Prime: Discuss on the forum: Affiliates, referral programs, & sponsors: Join our community forum: Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: iTunes Download Link: Artist Link: Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High Sound effects provided by
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  • Dan dcunha
    Dan dcunha 1 gün önce

    8:10 rip Chanel super fun stopped at 639k

  • Mick.T. Shaft
    Mick.T. Shaft 5 gün önce

    3:33 couldn't stop laughing at that shit?

  • Cesar Javier Barbosa 2 Acid Green

    5:16, I know boogie2988.

  • Lambshark Xo
    Lambshark Xo 3 hafta önce

    That h3h3 jab = o o f

  • Drew Jackson
    Drew Jackson 1 ay önce

    even three years later, this is a good video. now sim swapping hacks are very prevalent. sucks. its real.

  • zelda tube
    zelda tube 1 ay önce

    I know this video is a little old but cell phone fraud like this happens a lot, and I work in a phone. if I ever get uneasy feeling about someone trying to get phones I turn them away, but the amount of fraud case I have handled in terms of directing them to the appropriate people is insane.

  • Bernd Eckenfels
    Bernd Eckenfels 1 ay önce

    What was the issue Amazon had with the trailers?

  • Aramis Anasazi
    Aramis Anasazi 1 ay önce

    Wow you like have not aged a day this is from 2012 and you look the same, whats your secret ?

  • quadripedman
    quadripedman 1 ay önce

    Over 3 years later and SIM swapping attacks are still prominent...don't use SMS as your multi-factor auth, folks!

  • Daniel Martinek
    Daniel Martinek 1 ay önce

    Lets go for 10M

  • Piyush Agade
    Piyush Agade 1 ay önce

    Shots fired at 5:02

    SSD WIRED 2 ay önce

    7:50, Hmmm. I do love Dennis...

  • Marco
    Marco 2 ay önce

    Speaking of hackers, protect your accounts with dashlane! What a missed oppirunity for a sponsor

  • Junior Ndangi
    Junior Ndangi 2 ay önce

    We've discovered a hole that sends you $3651 without bothering just go to here:

  • NX-LEM
    NX-LEM 2 ay önce

    I just found the old one that was Linus got hacked!
    Look at this site :

  • Clayton Johnson
    Clayton Johnson 2 ay önce

    Get a Fido2/U2F key and quit using your fucking cell phone.... YOU'RE A TECH VIDEO GUY. Why the hell you using old tech? lol It's been known for two years that a phone isn't an appropriate safeguard anymore. So you DIDN'T have appropriate safeguards in place.

  • Olivia drinkwine
    Olivia drinkwine 2 ay önce

    I know this is old but never do sms 2fa use something like google authenticator instead

  • Luke Perry
    Luke Perry 3 ay önce

    you should do a video on how to make lemons from lemonade cause I really want to know how you manage to turn a liquid into a solid fruit :P just saying

  • Wouter vanR
    Wouter vanR 3 ay önce

    8:09 Still waiting Linus ;)

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 3 ay önce

    So basically you got hacked because you're just too lazy to use a VoIP phone number( Try Google Voice, it's free) and someone did a SIM swapping? Jesus least use a burner

  • Ian Oliver
    Ian Oliver 3 ay önce

    This makes me glad I've never trusted SMS as an authentication factor. I've always used TOTP (Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Sophos Authenticator, etc.), which doesn't send anything from the server to your phone during login. (You can get a code anytime and the server won't even know until you type it in.) TOTP was available earlier than SMS on most websites, and it's no less convenient once you've set it up (which is simple). Unfortunately, some websites (including a bank I have to deal with) only support (and force!) SMS, not TOTP, which is an even bigger inconvenience than just not trusting it, because I don't have a phone with phone service currently, so I can't receive text messages.

  • Zetabite
    Zetabite 3 ay önce

    Wasnt 3:31in Hacknet?

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924 3 ay önce

    "Same with e-bay... You'd invest your time in and then someone else from a trusted link would make you see a screen with your friendly zero refunds. Okay, then?! Is online investment a thing once you're quoted environment goes off?!" 🗨😏💻⛳📧〽️

  • 2001 zen
    2001 zen 4 ay önce

    Linus got sim swapped lol

  • True Chaos
    True Chaos 4 ay önce

    Looks like linus got attacked by the anonymous 🤣😂

  • Steve V
    Steve V 4 ay önce

    Love the gold on that shirt.

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera 4 ay önce

    So apparently IfixIt has no repair guide for a 8k red camera? So why don't you write one?

  • PG Plays Video Games

    I still reference this video as proof that sms 2FA is simply garbage and should be scrapped altogether. RSA or google auth is more trustworthy.

    As for "lost password" gibberish, sending password recovery email to another email address (which also requires 2FA) to me is safer than just letting some single point of failure SMS/authentication call (i'm looking at you, paypal) resolve the issue.

    I also hope that whoever screwed up by handing over a sim card to a random third party got fired

  • Josua Robson
    Josua Robson 5 ay önce

    I should get better security

  • abs • Jinx
    abs • Jinx 5 ay önce


  • Kristopher Griffin
    Kristopher Griffin 5 ay önce

    Did you guys give up on channel superfun?

  • Royce Konkel
    Royce Konkel 6 ay önce

    H3h3 is awesome

  • The XP Guy
    The XP Guy 7 ay önce

    you have something in common with general goerge mclellan : a serious napoleon complex

  • Mark Lanier
    Mark Lanier 7 ay önce

    I just got hacked recently. Ty for this

  • imark7777777
    imark7777777 7 ay önce

    SMS is not Authentication and while we're at it nist standards have also removed regular password changes

  • Caracol Caracolito
    Caracol Caracolito 7 ay önce

    Sorry for the late reply: people should know not to touch your Sh*t unless you are invited 😤😤😤😤

  • Jack C
    Jack C 7 ay önce

    Bell doesnt give a fuuuuuck about security, you could probably ask the operator for their personal info and they'd give it to you lol.

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 7 ay önce

    has that new account really been approved with all the stealing linus does?

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 7 ay önce

    he said speculated in the video