SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer Breakdown! MYSTERIO Explained!

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  • Corban Ignacio
    Corban Ignacio 32 dakika önce

    Its Spiderman Noir

  • Mayra Ramirez
    Mayra Ramirez 52 dakika önce

    I like it

  • Smudgy Buffalo
    Smudgy Buffalo 52 dakika önce

    I want multiverse but not a lot and I dont want it to be the whole movie I also want a second snap to kill captain marvel

  • Leighton Cepi
    Leighton Cepi 1 saat önce

    aunt may is bonable

  • Day Reldorito
    Day Reldorito 2 saat önce

    i always thought, from when the title of the movie was announced, that it'd be about peter inside the soul stone. i also saw the first title card for it, and the 'far from home' part looked like it was written in dust, similar to the snap.

    OGGO NINJA447 3 saat önce

    Orrrrrrrrr that building good bee king pens building

  • Morgan Rand
    Morgan Rand 4 saat önce

    spiderman 2019: peter parker vs the elements

  • Samuel Lams
    Samuel Lams 4 saat önce

    that black suit is from the ps4 game called incognito suit.

  • Aris warrior
    Aris warrior 6 saat önce

    Every person how died is in the soul stone

  • Cameran Strickland
    Cameran Strickland 7 saat önce

    Are we not gonna mention how this is the third different bedroom for Peter?

  • Narwalice __________
    Narwalice __________ 9 saat önce

    Thanos: heads or tails Thor?
    Thor: tails
    Thanos: you should've gone for the head!

  • Estevan Mendoza
    Estevan Mendoza 9 saat önce

    It’s probably the spider noir suit

  • Michael Mangraviti
    Michael Mangraviti 11 saat önce

    That's not an Inperial Star Destroyer on the shelf that's a TIE-X1, that's Vader's tie fighter. Some nerds you guys are, couldn't even figure that out.

  • FLUXX840
    FLUXX840 12 saat önce

    that black suit could be a nod to Spiderman Noir

  • RiptiiDe Legend
    RiptiiDe Legend 13 saat önce

    I think that all the villains will be the sinister six.

  • Disk Drive
    Disk Drive 15 saat önce

    Zephyr is the mistress of WIND, she’s not frigging Storm

  • Caleb Lauterbach
    Caleb Lauterbach 16 saat önce

    Remember the one timeline Dr Strange predicted they'd win?
    Theory time, the MCU contains multiple timelines (to tie up those bad release times) where a few of the events in Homecoming and all the events in Infinity War, next thing Thanos' snap destroyed half of the universe, here's a long shot, the infinity stones are alive! The snap tried to destroy them but they fought back, the reality stone was damaged and time was sent back, now we get to see the one timeline that they, don't defeat Thanos, but Infinity War never happened.

  • scooter thrills
    scooter thrills 16 saat önce

    On a scene of infinity war you can see a scar on thanoses eye what do you think that is from

  • The Visarch
    The Visarch 16 saat önce

    Why can't it be post endgame?

  • Vaughn Elrick Magsino Vesm013

    captain america and the group time traveled or go to another multiverse to save spiderman because they might need him
    boyyyyy.......thats my theory

  • Israel Filoteo
    Israel Filoteo 1 gün önce

    Thay was the noir suit

  • Nestoman 602
    Nestoman 602 1 gün önce

    There’s only one person I want in end game and that’s ghost rider

  • ClonetrooperWorkshop 179

    Time travel

  • noah Peters
    noah Peters 1 gün önce

    Not a star destroyer it's Darth Vader tie fighter

  • Subbtiles
    Subbtiles 1 gün önce

    Building is going to be the daily bugle probably.

  • Lazy Llama
    Lazy Llama 1 gün önce

    None I think it’s inside the soul stone

  • azar al abbas
    azar al abbas 1 gün önce

    I think the element monsters are one person

  • Tomi Krcsmarik
    Tomi Krcsmarik 1 gün önce

    I think maybe in endgame the avengers retrieve the infinity stones and turn back time with the time stone

    SHAZAM COOL 1 gün önce

    that black spiderman could be spider-noir you know we never know

  • starzie
    starzie 1 gün önce

    i think that the avengers may just go find thanos, and try to get the infinity stones. then, not go back in time, but bring everybody back? just undo the snap? like, everybody would still remember everything, but they just.. returned, maybe? i dont know.

  • BEEF
    BEEF 1 gün önce

    I think they go back in time and stop quill from punching thanos then they kill thanos go to wakanda and join everyone then win

  • Anthony Ramos
    Anthony Ramos 1 gün önce

    Obviously he is wished back to life by the dragon balls

  • CayPlays 1
    CayPlays 1 1 gün önce

    I have that comic poster in my room

  • Sartaaj Singh
    Sartaaj Singh 2 gün önce

    Theory: If they reverse the snap in endgame, possibly destroy the stones, than thanos would have never detected the stone, and the timeline would have no thanos.

  • ketchup016
    ketchup016 2 gün önce

    I think Endgame might involve the multiverse, maybe even with characters crossing over, but by the end of everything they're still going to be in the main MCU universe (616 if you like) and so will this movie. Endgame will either straight prevent the snap from happening (time travel) or "release" all the snapped characters from wherever they went (soul stone).

  • Lukáš Herman
    Lukáš Herman 2 gün önce

    Hi Erik :) interesting fact.. that "Prague" scene was shooted in different czech city called Liberec, I know this because my friend was part of the film crew.. Also I am from czech :)

  • 1Tr0nxz
    1Tr0nxz 2 gün önce

    I have a theory that the person who asks Peter where ya going could be a villain and bodega means store in Spanish if this helped liked

  • I am Jeff and This Is Me

    Oh... Maybe I should waych all the way through lmao at least we agree lol

  • I am Jeff and This Is Me

    Or maybe because none of the minsters are real and there made by Mysterio to make his self look like a hero because thats what Mysterio Dose right he was an illusionest hmmmm

  • Addison Berry
    Addison Berry 2 gün önce

    The villains are elements actually as you saw water,
    Fire, sand - or possibly earth 🌎