Why Kevin Durant deserves blame for Warriors’ losing streak | First Take

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  • Larrecia Shealey
    Larrecia Shealey 1 ay önce

    Molly zip your lips

  • Awesomevideos
    Awesomevideos 2 ay önce

    Even if kd has all this mvp and finals rewards it doesnt mean shit

  • Awesomevideos
    Awesomevideos 2 ay önce

    The problem is that kd does not have the same team chemistry as curry. Curry has better team chemistry then kd

    WHO DAT 2 ay önce

    i blame kd for thoes last 2 championships

  • John ventura Anderson Jr

    Where was all this talk at when Cleveland came back and beat them and Kyrie Irvin was breaking Curry got damn ankles and making big baskets after baskets how the hell you gonna blame Kd it’s a team effort shit and Kd even in the losses is putting up 40 plus point Stephen A Smith need to shut the hell up it’s a team effort Green and Curry is out

    SCORPION FIRE 2 ay önce

    Steph Curry can shoot your mother effing lights out! And KD cannot. No one can. That's the difference Steven A.

  • Paul Piper
    Paul Piper 2 ay önce

    Steff Curry is the greatest all time shooter and play maker. When he is strong the Warriors are strong because the team success is based on his lethality behind the 3 point line and his great strategy with the team . Durrant is just a super star player that can accommodate any team. There just isn't agood enough team to accommodate without Steff Curry. They can still win the championship.Dont write them off.

  • Xzaveyona Shenault
    Xzaveyona Shenault 2 ay önce

    Let be for real cuz there’s no blame but y’all Tb the king what they rank now you just can’t blame one person they lost as a team same as king james

  • Ibrahim Fall
    Ibrahim Fall 2 ay önce

    Now y’all better stfu cuz he’s averaging 40+ these days

  • Josh the GOAT
    Josh the GOAT 2 ay önce

    yes 100%

  • Santrio Beats
    Santrio Beats 2 ay önce

    Its not KD its overrated donkey ass draymond

  • Mike
    Mike 2 ay önce

    Golden States defense sucks. I do blame Steve Kerr first and Durant 2nd. They're only down one player and they're team is supposed to be the be championship contenders. Kerr should be able to coach this team to victory because he has a good enough roster.

  • Yusuf Sanad
    Yusuf Sanad 2 ay önce

    Y'all should be on steph kerr's ass more than KD's ass
    They lose because of lack of chemistry after curry's been absent so he should do some

  • matthew
    matthew 2 ay önce

    People are blaming KD but they need to actually look at the stats. He is playing great

  • Omen River
    Omen River 2 ay önce

    Steph and all backups has them 5 pts above everyone else???? GTFOH!!

  • Jeremy Dailey
    Jeremy Dailey 2 ay önce

    Lol I love Molly but it's like Stephen A and Max they never pay any attention to her when she tries to say something i be feeling for her

  • Dell Cartier
    Dell Cartier 2 ay önce

    The reason they are into a slump because Green disrupt the chemistry with his bullshit and selfishness. Basketball is a team sport and chemistry is a big part of success. SAS is dont know what the hell he is taking about he is only eye balling the situation.

  • Jasar Zvizdic
    Jasar Zvizdic 2 ay önce

    All this proved was just how impressive lebron getting another shitty team to the finals AND ALMOST getting a game. KD barely wins a game with Klay still on the team

  • James Baldisseri
    James Baldisseri 2 ay önce

    FF to around 1:05 or 1:06ish...STUCK for about 10 seconds!!!!!!!FADED!!!!!!!! STEPHEN A LAY OFF DA WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDAH!!!!! I mean I know its legal everywhere now bro, but you still gotta maintain stability on National TV. I mean I now question whether I agree with your opinion on KD being a lot to blame for the losing streak. Maybe the Warriors just decided to go through your dealer for once and got some laced shit? Not cool Stevie boy. Keep my boys outta your faulty supply. Maybe you got ESPN on knee pads for your slip ups, but we can't exactly tell the rest of the NBA to suck ours just because we decided to get laced baked off your shit. Don't gimmem no bammer weed, we don't smoke that shit in the SFC!


  • PoloQue05
    PoloQue05 2 ay önce

    I keep telling people Lebron James is the best player in the world. KD is not even the best player on his team.

  • Namkai Tshering
    Namkai Tshering 2 ay önce

    KD sucks as always.

  • Tracy Sharp
    Tracy Sharp 2 ay önce

    The warriors are getting away from what makes them grate! Shareing the ball ! They are playing iso ⛹ now!

  • Indivisionaire LLC
    Indivisionaire LLC 2 ay önce

    Y’all niggas sound stupid as fuck smh. How the fuck is Steph better than KD lol? Are y’all fuckin nuts? If KD wasn’t playing they would be losing, if a system is in place then anyone who leaves the system then it changes everything. They play 2 different positions so it’s not so much the player it’s the position in which they’re missing a piece. KD is best in the league on defense and offense, so unless you better than him on defense and offense then you not better than him you dumb fucks! You can have off nights, ask Lebron non free throw shooting ass

  • Taloot B
    Taloot B 2 ay önce

    Again curry takes a hit because he is small and that is it. If curry was lbj size nobody would win until he retired. He would be Jordan on steroids. Curry is the mvp an balls out in playoffs just check #'s almost a triple dub.

  • Color Free
    Color Free 2 ay önce

    This ish is all talk

    THEND 2 ay önce

    Wowsers, Maybe give OKC some credit. The Thunder are playing amazing ball right now, and will probably continue to.

  • Coolwhip
    Coolwhip 2 ay önce

    Wow Max I Agree! Steph Is The System!

  • King Chan
    King Chan 2 ay önce

    The white guy clearly knows nothing about basketball.

  • richard escobar
    richard escobar 2 ay önce

    KD got carried by the 2 best shooters in the game, and possibly all time. That's the only reason why he has 2 rings.

  • Video Superhero
    Video Superhero 2 ay önce

    1. Warriors could have won without Durant.
    2. Kevin Durant sound have never tried to assert himself and beat his chest in KC... He made the right decision to leave because it should have been Westbrook to change to make the team better... And he wouldn't. It's a team... Westbrook always drags them down to a glass ceiling of one on one basketball.

  • Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl

    HOW THE FUCK DOES STEPHEN A.SSHOLE SMITH KNOW THAT KD IS THINKING ABOUT LEAVING ??? Did KD tell him that ?? Why is this COON coming on TV speaking about what's in another man's mind ?? How the fkk does he know what KD is thinking ?? I am so tired of this COON. Smh 😒

  • jeffrey woodruff
    jeffrey woodruff 2 ay önce

    apparently everyone has totally forgotten when Curry was not playing in the early round of the playoffs and the Warriors were still winning. My point is that this is much deeper than Curry being absent. The ego and feels has officially reared its ugly head with this team. It was only a matter of time. It is their greatest challenge as a team. The warriors will overcome this adversity and win the 3peat this year with KD as the Finals MVP.........again.

  • Michele
    Michele 2 ay önce

    Do max have herpes

  • jeffrey woodruff
    jeffrey woodruff 2 ay önce

    The Golden State Warriors will win their 3rd straight Ring this year and guess who will be the Finals MVP again? Kevin Durant. The same guy who dragged Lebron James all over the court in the NBA Finals for 2 years straight.

  • jeffrey woodruff
    jeffrey woodruff 2 ay önce

    basketball is a team sport. when one your top players and leaders (curry) is out, it affects the continuity and chemistry on the team naturally. < fact. also, when a player like draymond green bleeds his insecurities on the court and the bench due to his feels being out of control about KD, it adds to the disruption of continuity and chemistry on the team. < fact. adversity is a part of life and nobody and no team no matter how great they are is exempt. ego will be the disrupter of this team and everyone knows draymond green has the largest out of control ego on the team. the media will also add to the disruption of this team with all the propaganda, opinions. Hopefully the players don't feed into the medias propaganda and agenda to focus on the negative instead of a more balanced perspective.

  • Ham Spam
    Ham Spam 2 ay önce

    Watched video Good

  • Antonio Jose Leon Fernandez

    Man u cant cut molly talking espn

  • john duran
    john duran 2 ay önce

    KDs career would never be the same after since he left okc

  • Felix S
    Felix S 2 ay önce

    now they act like they don´t wanna have KD on their team. but wait if they see lebron in the playoffs. then they will prauise him again and be thankful to have somebody who can match lebron in 1on1.

  • itsjustsarah17
    itsjustsarah17 2 ay önce

    Really though? Max is still gonna blame Curry even if he’s not playing. That’s fucking ridiculous. We’re talking about the warriors W I T H O U T Steph, and the fact that Durant can’t be trusted to lead the team or at the very least keep their shit together enough not to lose in double digits in their home court.